Every Person Deserves to Have a Voice — Speak Out Here

On May 23rd, 2008, I started my first blog called "My Life in a Cult" using the nom de plume, Freedom Writer. It was my first time being completely free to speak out about my years inside the cult. After making 13 posts, I decided to block the blog until after the criminal trial of Prakashanand Saraswati. I will repost all of these blog posts here as an archive. The following was my first blog post on "My Life in a Cult."

May 23, 2008 — Many people have been hurt by a professed spiritual organization known as JKP-Barsana Dham. JKP stands for Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. Many of us have tried to tell our stories and share our thoughts on other blogs recently, but have been abused, ridiculed, and drowned out by the JKP damage-control machine.

This will be one place that we can tell the other side of the story of this organization — the one it doesn't promote in its brochures or on its many Web sites. This will also be a place for people who didn't experience the dark side of JKP, but who have doubts or thoughts to share. It will not be a place to merely badmouth the organization: But to share real experiences, constructive criticism, and helpful advice to recovering abuse victims.

I was inspired to start this blog by the people who recently tried to share their thoughts about the other side of the JKP-Barsana Dham story on other blogs. Some of us were discouraged when a couple of the blogs (but not all) were shut down. I will regularly post my thoughts and knowledge about JKP-Barsana Dham and any news that is out there. I will manage all comments and keep out all of the abusive comments,  JKP self-promotions, and JKP blind defenders — after all, we've all heard enough of that.

Please share here. You deserve to have a voice — and we owe it to ourselves and the world to tell them the other side of this story.


yojimbosanjuro: I’d like to hear more of your story if you feel you can post it.

FreedomWriter: Hello Yojimbo, Thank you for visiting my new blog — and for your interest in hearing more. Yes, I will definitely be posting more insights in the weeks and months ahead. In fact, May 25th, 2008 is the anniversary of a very important day in my life — it was the day I knew for sure that I was in a cult. It’s an interesting coincidence that I have started this blog so close to this event. Send me your questions knowing that we are free to talk here without interference — thank God almighty, we are free at last!