My Story — In Seven Parts

As I developed the outline of my new book, I realized that the story of my journey into and out of a wicked cult fell into the following seven parts:

1. In the Beginning — For the Love of God

2. In the Ashram — The Razor’s Edge

3. In the Dark — Curiouser and Curiouser

4. In the Cult — Losing My Religion

5. In the World — Divine Intervention

6. In the Trial — Truth and Consequences

7. In Hindsight — Deconstructing the Guru Congame

The book has 128 chapters, each one providing a piece of the puzzle to a life lived only for God within the gates of an insular and abnormal world that was created only to satisfy the gurus’ insatiable lust for women, girls, and money.


  1. Wow, 128 chapters! I admire the dedication that you have had to do such a thorough job in exposing this group for what it is, a greedy cult preying on the souls and bodies of people whose only fault was a sincere, but misguided, quest for a more spiritual life. I wish you luck on finding a publisher and sharing a story that needs to be told.

  2. Thank you Holly! Each chapter is short, usually from two to four pages. So combined they create a normal size book. Each chapter is its own little stand-alone story. For example, titles of a couple of chapters are: "Epic Blast — The Guru's Wrath" and "The Wicked Flee — Kripalu Returns."

  3. Its a commendable effort. Your writing skills are very good. Please keep up the good work. God speed in getting your book published. Interested to buy your book. Do you plan to sell the pre-published version? Do you plan to share the contents on this blog?

  4. Chandra. Thank you very much. Nice to meet you online recently. My plan for the book is to wait for a publisher to publish it. I have no plans at the moment to sell a pre-published version. I might share a pre-published version with a select group for review purposes. I might share some portions of the book on this blog to get feedback from everyone. i will keep everyone posted on my progress. Thanks Rishika

  5. You are welcome. Same here. Please do count me in for the review of the pre-published version if you feel I qualify for the select group.


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