Book Exposing the Truth About Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is Already Helping Ex-JKP Devotees – Support is Wonderful!

When I started writing my book four years ago, I had one primary goal: To reach out to people hurt by this cult and help them get out and heal from their experience. I believe that no one should feel isolated as a result of their involvement in JKP. We should all come together and be a support system for each other. I am happy to report that the book is starting to achieve this goal.

I launched my book one week ago today and I have already heard from many people who have thanked me for telling the truth about the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat cult, Kripalu Marharaj, and Prakashanand Saraswati. Many of the readers so far are ex-devotees who have felt used and abused by JKP. Some are relatives of people who have been lured into the cult. Both groups want to read the book to learn about the JKP cult – either to heal or to help a family member get out.

The emails I have received have taught me how important it is for people who have been hurt by a cult to reach out to others who have experienced the same thing. Every person who was conned by this cult has a story of pain, estrangement, and grief. But now they also have a source of support from other ex-members. Every letter breaks my heart that any of us had to experience the awful experience of JKP.

I would like to share a few of the heart-tugging emails. Here are excerpts from just some of the people who have written to me in the past week:

Hi Karen,
One of the JKP preachers has been in my life since I was 10 years old. In Barsana Dham, I was called one morning to go to Kripalu’s room for the "private time" & was molested by him. I also saw many other girls who were visiting from other parts of the country go in & come out crying & devastated. This all happened without the knowledge of any parents.
I was 22 when I was molested the 2nd time. To be frank I was like a child too because I could not do anything about it. I felt like It was a MUST to be spending time with maharaji because that is when you know that you are going anywhere in your spiritual life.
Even my family members are devotees. The only way I can get my parents & my brother to even listen to me is when I tell them about children being raped & assaulted in this organization. There are kids who were involved in this organization with their parents and have ended up drinking heavily, doing drugs or getting involved in gangs. There is just way too many lives destroyed. This HAS to stop.
Thank you for writing the book & exposing these people. I spite people who do ANY harm to kids especially.
Thank you for listening. I truly appreciate it.

Dear Karen,
I was a JKP devotee since 5 years, never visited Barsana Dham but went to India 3 times. Since my first moment I entered the ashram in Mangarh, I sensed something very wrong, something very contradictory with spirituality was happening there. I tried hard to understand the spirituality behind what my eyes were seeing. Each time I failed, all I could see there was a crazy effort to make us give whatever we have and the guru's hedonism. I even witnessed kripalu replacing a young girl's hand on his privates during charan seva as they started to allow men to this seva to prove it was OK. I congratulate you about your book which also helped me believe in my own feelings at the first place.
Best regards.

Hi Karen:
Well, I just finished your book. Can't believe I've read through it in less than two days but it's a subject I think emotionally I needed to dive into. I was introduced to Prakash when I was 21. I was young, very spiritual and very impressionable. A month later I attended one of the annual intensives and Prakash began his tactics of recruiting me. Giving me loads of attention, requesting I speak to him in private, etc.
When Kripalu’s first visit to BD was announced I jumped on the band wagon and got tickets to stay in residence for 4-5 days. I arrived at BD the day after he touched down. That was the start of my decline in devotion. Here is how it went: I had not even walked through the front doors of the temple when an Indian man approached me and asked me who I was, where I was from and how I know Kripalu. I briefly explained and he grabbed my bags, whisked me onto a golf cart and took me up Barsana Hill to the top. There he stopped, turned around and looked at me and I'll never forget what he said: "You're going to see a lot of money being thrown around the next few days, a lot of money being waved in front of Maharaji and you are expected to give as much money to him as you can. This may seem a bit strange but this is how in India devotees pay respect to their Gurus." I never went back to BD. After 10 years of blind devotion I realized that something was very wrong.
Much Love

Hi Karen,
My wife is currently involved with Barsana Dham and has been affiliated with them for the past several years. The contents of your book resonates with what is going on with her and I really appreciate you writing about your experiences. Hopefully I can get some insight on how to pull her out of this mess after reading the details of your book. She's been under the influence of these people and they've basically brainwashed her to the point of extorting money which I've been saving for the past 30 years for our retirement.

Dear Karen,
I just finished reading your book last night. All I can say is wow... and amazing. You have clearly exposed the inner dealings of the JKP, and the true personalities of Prakash and Kripalu. As you said in your book, they are truly Rakshasas, Demonic Entities who have manifested in this age of darkness to feed upon the innocent minds and faith of countless people. I applaud you for this. By exposing them, and publishing this book, you’ve clearly illustrated that they could never have broken you, rather you have broken them. I just hope and pray that more people will read your book, and that their intellects will awaken, and that they will learn to discern truth from falsehood.
Good Luck! Much Peace and Light.

I hope to expand this message of hope and healing out to the entire universe of ex-members who have left JKP alone, hurt, and afraid – and those who have not yet left, but who want to. I am here to tell you that you are not alone – you can leave the abusive world of JKP, and you can live a wonderful life!


  1. please produce this book in hindi language - that vl help lot of people to understand the truth (if so)

  2. Thank you Karan -- I plan to publish all or part of the book in Hindi. I am looking for a reliable and reasonably priced service who can translate from English to Hindi. People should be given a chance to know the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, before they get hurt by the wicked con game.

  3. Thank you Karan — I plan to publish all or part of the book in Hindi. I am looking for a reliable and reasonably priced service who can translate from English to Hindi. People should be given a chance to know the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, before they get hurt by the wicked con game.

  4. So funny, So many people complaining but none going for medical tests and police and prime minister.
    That is called misuse of Internet.
    A guy saying that his wife is getting raped and he is just writing a letter here?
    Oh God , help me.


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