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An Open Letter to Kripalu Maharaj, Leader of Kripalu Maharaj Parishatand Self-Proclaimed Jagadguru of the World

Can You Hear The Sound of Our Voices?

Kripalu Maharaj collecting cash in the Barsana Dham ashram in Austin Texas in 2007 just before his arrest for raping a woman in Trinidad.

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is heralding the commencement of a “historic” event this evening, according to the organization. The organization’s leader is giving a lecture from Vrindaban that will be broadcast around India on several television stations. Likely millions will hear him and be impressed. Many of these people will know nothing of the real Kripalu Maharaj, a man who has raped, molested, robbed, and pillaged millions in his 60-year career as a “guru” and self-proclaimed “jagadguru.”

Kripalu Maharaj, whose real name is Ram Tripathi, comes from northeast India near Manghar in U.P. But he found his fortune as a “guru” starting in Vrindaban, when he opened his first ashram. His organization has gone through several name changes, the latest of which is the eponymously named Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP). Now he owns the largest and likely most expensive temple in that holy city, from which he will speak tonight.

For decades, concerned Hindus and Westerners in India and the U.S.A. have made significant efforts to warn people about this man, and his unscrupulous and criminal behavior, which includes his most despicable crimes: raping underage girls. But his immense gang of preachers and ardent (some say brainwashed) devotees work tirelessly to bury the bad news and exalt their leader.

While they have the money to put into massive marketing and image campaigns around the world, the people who have been hurt are left without a voice. This document combines many of the voices of the people who have tried to warn others about Kripalu over the years. Their message is important because it can help people learn the truth and save themselves from the clutches of Kripalu’s dangerous cult. These voices deserve to be heard.

1. A Letter to India's Prime Minister

On August 31, 1990, someone, who was too fearful of JKP to use his or her real name wrote the following letter to Mr. B.P. Singh, Prime Minister of India in New Delhi.
Dr. Mr. Singh,

I had been thing to write you for a long time but could not do so. Today I have decided to write you with the hope that something will be done to stop the corruption and abuse played by so called Sadhus of India. When you came to power there was and is a hope that corruption will be wiped out.

In U.S.A. there is a lady who calls herself the DiDi Parkari but her real name is KumKum G. Sharma. Her Guru is Kirpalu Maharaj and he has an Ashram in Mangarh near Allahabad up. Kirpalu calls himself a Jagatguru. This DiDi has collected huge sums of money from here and is envolved in Gold smuggling.

We Indians will appreciate it very much if an inquiry is made against this DiDi and Jagat Guru Kirpalu Maharaj. There has been threats on the lives of people by this sect. That is why nobody is coming forward to write directly.

We are enclosing all the documents we have here, and hope something would be done to curb the moves of this sect.

With Regards

Yours sincerely,

Indian People

2. "The Hedonistic Sadhu" India Newspaper Article

Image of an article written in an India newspaper after Kripalu's arrest for raping two underage girls.

Enclosed in the packet of information sent by the author of this letter were several articles published in India newspapers after Kripalu’s arrest for rape in 1991 with headlines like: “The Hedonistic Sadhu,” “The Cunning Kripalu Maharaj,” and “The Hypocritical Kripalu Maharaj.” The articles have been copied and shared so many times that they are difficult to read. But here are excerpts from one of them published on September 27, 1991, after Kripalu was arrested for raping two underage. He had been running from the law for months when he was finally apprehended by law enforcement.
“It was morning at Nagpur airport. Ten (10) police from Delhi went to the airport at 11:00. Inspector Takhur went to the airport for Tripathi. When the plane landed they were looking for one passenger whose name is Ram Tripathi. The police identified him as soon as he came out from the airport. He was apprehended and taken to the police station. People were saying that he was an ‘all-rounder’ saint, meaning the one who says he ‘knows everything.’ Yet Tripathi (aka, Kripalu) he didn’t know that police were waiting for him.

“After arresting him at the police station, he was taken to the Nagpur court before First Grade Magistrate, Kureshi. They stated his crimes and said they had been looking for him for the past five months. He was being accused of raping and abducting two underage girls named Meera and Hema, and keeping them in his ashram. He is not a saint; he is a shame on humanity. An investigation had found that he was arrogant, fake, and a womanizer. He had touched many ladies and many young girls. Many people in and out of the courthouse were shouting that this Kripalu was fake and arrogant. They said: Give him the death penalty.

“In his life, he had access to a lot of young devotee ladies. He gained their faith and trust, so they will do anything he asks. So whenever he wanted to indulge in his desire for sex, he found a way. He could get his sexual desire satisfied at any time. An organization gave him the title of jagadguru. One time he gave a lecture sitting on a silver throne. He announced himself that he is the descension of Bhagwan Krishna and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He said: ‘Whoever is present here I am your guru. I am already above everything. You accept guru as a higher position; sometimes more than even God. I am every man’s father and every woman’s husband. Whatever I order, you have to accept. Otherwise it will be meaningless.’ Devotees accepted whatever he said.

“While giving this lecture he saw a beautiful girl in the lecture hall. And told his servant to take that girl to his bedroom. When she was in his room. Kripalu closed the door. He ordered the girl to take off all her clothes. She got scared and asked why. Kripalu said I am giving you prem dhan.’ (This means ‘gift of love,’ and is used here as a euphemism for sex.) All your disease, misery, and pain will be gone. She said: no I will not do that. Kripalu said: If you don’t do it, something bad will happen to you. Think about it. Whatever I’m ordering, you do it. Then she got scared and took off all of her clothes. He raped her. This was in 1970.

“In this way, Kripalu gave prem dhan to many young girls. Educated young girls were also getting caught in the trap to get the prem dhan. There was a line to get the prem dhan. He made Mangarh the main center for prem dhan. At the time of his arrest 84 girls were gathered over there to get the prem dhan. Also, in Vrindavan where he built an ashram, other girls were waiting for his prem dhan. The manager of his Vrindavan ashram was his elder daughter. He was not able to give all the prem dhan to all the women who wanted it. So he got some of the devotees to do some of the prem dhan. He gave them the opportunity to do, such as Priya Sharan.

“In July of 1984, in a small village near Phat Poor, there was a young man name Priya Sharan, who became his devotee. Kripalu selected him to help do the prem dhan, and he did it four years. He then left Kripalu, went to his own village, Sarovari, and opened his own ashram.

“Kripalu has many devotees in many cities. But very important ones in Bombay included: Jai Shankar Maphur, Kantibai Patel, Bhagwan Shaw, and Videsh Jain. They were in the clothing and diamond businesses. He had devotees who gave lots of money. Some devotees were actresses and politicians. Kripalu’s fame was going to the ditch by February 1991 when he went to Nagpur where one of his devotee’s requested him to give a lecture on 16th February 1991. While giving the lecture, he noticed two very beautiful girls, Meera and Hema. They came with their father to listen to the lecture. Once he saw them, one of his devotees escorted them to his bedroom and Kripalu convinced them both to give him prem dhan. But one devotee created trouble.

“One young man named Niteen Pandey was a trusted devotee servant and very faithful. He thought of Kripalu as God. Kripalu changed his name to Swami Nityanand. One of his duties was talking care of a cooler outside one corner of Kripalu’s bedroom. Nityanand didn’t know about prem dhan. After the two girls had passed many hours alone with Kripalu, Nityanand thought, let me see what this prem dhan is and why it takes so long. He climbed on the cooler and from the window crack he saw things that shocked him. Kripalu and the two girls were all naked. He saw Hema and Kripalu naked on the bed and Meera naked on floor. He ran away from that place. He later found out that Kripalu went to Mangarh and at the same time the two girls disappeared. Then when he found that the girls were in Mangarh with Kripalu. He went and told the father the whole thing. Once he found out exactly what kind of person Kripalu really was, he got very very angry.”

3. Legal Documents About Kripalu Maharaj's Rape Charges

One of the articles also speaks to his legal troubles: “With the help of a politician he got out on bond after his arrest for rape.” Presumably, he paid off even more officials, because eventually the case just went away. Here is a description of his rape of these girls, from official documents in India:
On 10th May, 1994, Shri Purushottam Wasudeo Deshpande lodged report with the Police Station, Dhantoli, Nagpur, alleging that his two young daughters, namely Hema and Meera were kidnapped by the applicant No. 1 Priya Sharan Maharaj in connivance with one Sharvaridevi and Suhasini Narkhede. He further stated that his two daughters were attached for the last two years with the movements of Sanatan Dharma Shri Krishna Bhakti, under the auspicious of the applicant No. 1 i.e. Kripaluji Maharaj of Sadhna Bhawan Trust at village Managarh, District Pratapagarh (U.P.). On the basis of the report lodged by Shri Purushottam Deshpande, P.S.O., P.S. Dhantoli, Nagpur, registered an offence on 11-5-1991, punishable under Sections 363 and 366 of the Indian Penal Code, against the applicant No. 1 Shri Priya Sharan Maharaj, vide Crime No. 149/91.

During the investigation, the statements of Hema and Meera came to be recorded. From the statements of these two girls, it is revealed that the applicant No. 2 Kripaluji Maharaj is highly immoral man so also greedy of money. Those who attended the discourses, used to be persuaded and prompted to bring their wives and daughters to attend the discourse of Kripaluji Maharaj. The applicant No. 2 has two female disciples or agents viz. Neelu Chourasia and Sarasvati Yadao, who used to entice the women and girls to attend the discourses as well as pursuing the women and girls to appear in a lonely place before the applicant No. 2. These two agents used to impress on the girls that the Maharaj is the incarnation of God.

In the lonely place, according to Hema and Meera, Maharaj was most immoral and vulgar person who perforce (by physical coersion) used to commit sexual intercourse with the women and girls. Maharaj committed intercourse with them perforce. It was also impressed on their mind that it is nothing but a ‘Prasad’ of God and they have been blessed accordingly. In spite of this, the girls continued to stay in the vicinity of the Ashram and thereby they had no other go than to succumb to the desire of the applicant No. 2. Therefore, according to these two girls named above, the applicant No. 2 Kripaluji Maharaj exploited the religious sentiments of the innocent girls in the name of God.

4. Alert Sent Out to Warn Citizens of India About Kripalu Maharaj

Notice written and distributed by concerned citizens of India to warn people about Kripalu Maharaj.

Sometime after his arrest, someone sent the following warning notice on a flyer out in India.
Alert. Alert. Alert.

Here is information about the human demon — Kaliyug Chaitanya Mahaprabhu — the fake Jagadguru — Kripalu’s deceptive conduct. This notice is for all of the religious person in this area to inform them that a man calling himself a “Jagadguru” is living here and there in these places (Raigurth, Vilaspur, Mugali, Raipur, Rajnundgav, and Bhatchara). This Alert is to inform good people about him. A pundit from Kashi was contacted to confirm this information.

Kripalu does kirtan and has a little knowledge of Sanskrit. So people go to hear him. It is known that during one kirtan in Kanpur he claimed to make a girl feel like a gopi and himself to feel like Krishna. Then he kissed her and engaged in immoral behavior with her (had sex). When this happened many people got angry. So someone threw acid in his face during a ras leela. The skin around his eyes was damaged, but he got treatment. However, there is still one small spot from the acid below his left eye. That is the mark that identifies him as the one who performed these immoral activities (with underage girls). He tried to pretend that that mark is some disease.

He has used the title of “Jagadguru,” which he had never received, but with which he’s trying to cheat the people. According to the Kashi Vidwat Parishat (who he claims gave him the title), he was never given the designation of Jagadguru. He made it up. He artificially awarded this upadhi (title) to himself. Related to his man, on the 28th of February, a journal article (page 853) was published to inform the world (about him). The title of the article was: “God Save Us From this Extremely Demonic Mahatma.” A journalist received a letter that was written by one devotee and it’s described here.

The person who wrote the letter one time saw this mahatma doing kirtan, during which he became unconscious, fell on ground, and had tears coming out of his eyes. So the man became impressed and accepted him as his guru, and he (Kripalu) accepted him as his devotee. But later he saw on he man’s true character and behavior and was shocked. Then he started thinking all kinds of thoughts about him in his mind; then he got scared. He felt that if he told anyone he would be committing “guru aparadh” (a transgression against a guru).

At that time, Kripalu was staying at many rich people’s homes and giving a lot of eloquent lectures, and he was impressing the people. But he was playing with the people’s emotions and stating that he himself was the avatar of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

When that devotee (who wrote the letter) was staying with him day and night very close to him, he realized his character and manner of dressing, which was exactly like family man. But his lustful behavior was at a peak level. During the day, he was eating 100 pan with nicotine. And he was raping beautiful pious young girls and taking their virginity. All these things he saw with his own eyes and quit his association and went away from him.

After three months this devotee wrote the letter. At that time, the guru was staying at a lawyer’s home. The devotee wrote to Kriplau: He stated that his behavior is not that of a real mahaprabhu and he gave the example of a true mahaprabhu from Gosai Chalissa (Ram charan punkaj anurag …)

Because of his eloquent lectures, people were becoming impressed and inviting him to stay in their homes. But at that time he was taking advantage of the innocent beautiful young girls and destroying their virginity after telling them: “I will destroy your material desire and I will reveal God to you.” Innocent girls did not understand, and under his influence were having sex with him. Wherever he was staying, his sexual behavior with the girls was getting worse and worse. Those innocent people were not recognizing his behavior and were thinking about guru aparadh and so did not expose his behavior.

You can check out this particular article and whatever is described here in the “Kalyan Journal.” It was published in Gita Press. After noticing this article, it was made public. Now we are sharing this information to alert people about this bad demonic person. If you go for kirtan, be aware of the true nature of this “religion.” Do not let your mothers and sisters anywhere near this deceptive person, who has obsessive sexual desires.

You can identify him by the mark below his left eyes.

5. Warning from Kashi Vidwat Parishad

Someone posted the following message on a blog about fake gurus following the arrest and conviction of Kripalu’s “foremost devotee,” Prakashanand Saraswati, who fled into Mexico following his conviction for child molestation. It addresses Kripalu’s claim that Kashi Vidwat Parishad gave him the title “jagadguru.”
It is nothing new to hear sex, rape, harassment and sexual abuse scandals of the so-called “Jagadguru Kripalu Maharaj” he is an all-time sex and fraud Guru. I remember reading a leaflet about him released by “Kashi Vidwat Parishad” printed in 1940s, the text was (translated):

“To let everybody in India know that so called “Jagadguru” Kripalu is misusing the title “Jagadguru" pretending that we, the “Kashi Vidwat Parishad” have given it to him. This however is wrong and a lie. We did not give any title to this fraudulent man and he should not be using this title at all on the name of “Kashi Vidwat Parishad” as “Kashi Vidwat Parishad” do not know him and have nothing to do with him. With this misuse of the title and our name he cheats the innocent public of India on the name of “Kashi Vidwat Parishad”.

Signed, Kashi Vidwat Parishad

6. Letters from People Abused by Kripalu Maharaj

Since I launched a Facebook page called The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP, many people have written to me and detailed their abuse by this organization. Further, since the launch of my book, Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus, this year, I have heard from many more. People write to me with shocking and heart-breaking stories of sexual molestation, pressure to give vast sums of money, and the intentional and unrepentant tearing apart of families. Here are a few of their voices:
Dear Karen,

I was a JKP devotee from Turkey since 5 years, never visited Barsana Dham but went to India 3 times. Since my first moment I entered the ashram in Mangarh, I sensed something very wrong, something very contradictory with spirituality was happening there. As the boyfriend of a 10 years devotee, trusting her spiritual senses, I tried hard to understand the spirituality behind what my eyes were seeing. Each time I failed, all I could see there was a crazy effort to make us give whatever we have and the guru's hedonism. I even witnessed kripalu replacing a young girl's hand on his privates during charan seva as they started to allow men to this seva to prove it was OK. One day a didi asked me (we told them that we were married in order to stay in a room together) if my wife would like to make a very special seva with maharajji. I think my look told her the big NO WAY, she told me to ask her and think about it. Now I know what it would be.

Best Regards, Arman

Hi Karen,

My wifeis currently involved with Barsana Dham and has been affiliated with them for the past 15 years or so.  The contents of your book resonates with what is going on with her and I really appreciate you writing about your experiences.  Hopefully I can get some insight on how to pull her out of this mess after reading the details of your book.  She currently is in India to attend the ceremonies for the new temple there. She’s been under the influence of these people and they've basically brainwashed her to the point of extorting money which I've been saving for the past 30 years for our retirement.


Hi Karen,

I read your book & the story is eerily similar to what I have gone through for 17 years of my life. Unfortunately my parents ignored me when I told them about the story when Maharaji was in US in 2005. I was called one morning to go to his room for the “private time” & was molested by him. I also saw many other girls from the Bay area & also girls who were visiting from other parts of the country including Canada go in & come out crying & devastated. This all happened without the knowledge or any parents. I could not believe myself.

Last year my brother took his new wife to see Maharaji for which I had warned him in advance to not let her see him in private. He knows what goes on too because his ex girlfriend actually slept with Maharaji. The devastating part is that he STILL believes in this person & his organization.

I just hope that I am able to get my family & extended family out of this. It is uphill battle trust me. There is just way too many lives destroyed. There are kids who were involved in this organization with their parents have end up drinking heavily, doing drugs or getting involved in gangs. This HAS to stop. This is a battle for me with my parents & brother mostly because I have gone through this & don’t want to quit.

Thank you for listening.

It's Time to Hear the Voices of those Abused by Kripalu Maharaj

Millions of people tonight across India will hear Kripalu’s voice. Can you help them also hear the voices of the people he has abused?

Thank you from those who have regained their voice and stood up to tell the world the truth about Kripalu Maharaj, and from those who are still too afraid of JKP to speak out.


  1. Dear Rishika.
    You are really a brave girl. I salute from the core of my heart. You are in a very pious mission to save the innocent devotees from these conman. I am always with U in your mission. Please recall me incase of any need.


  2. Hello Krishnaprasad,

    There have been many people who have helped support this cause, and I am eternally grateful for the support.

    If you can think of anyone to get the truth out, please let me know.


  3. This news is truly disturbing - taking gods name in vain is one thing
    what this demon is doing is totally another!
    I always got a negative almost demonic feeling from him - my parents are besotted with this fraud!
    I hope one day, a young girl he tries to molest manfists as the wrathful kali or dhumavati and puts an end to his evil hedonistic way!

  4. Hi JK,

    Thank you for sharing your views. It's refreshing when someone understands the true evil perpetrated by Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. It's so sad to see so many fall for the congame, and then see so many support this horrible organization.

    I wish Kripalu would pay for his sins now, but it looks like it will be in the afterlife. Meanwhile, on this earth, his family will carry forward his disgusting legacy.


  5. I think all this is baseless and scrap. I don't believe in all this. It will be better not to pass out such falsified information to all devotees.


  6. Hello Ravi,

    Just because you "think" its baseless and you "don't believe" it, doesn't make it any less true. Denying is one way people deal with the painful truth.

    Unlike you I won't deny the reality of sexual and monetary and emotional abuse in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

    Sharing this information is a way to help warn people before Kripalu gets his claws in them. Many people have thanked me for helping prevent their families from getting hurt in this cult. You may want to wear blinders, but many people don't.


  7. Hi Karen,

    I have read the leaflet in Hindi visible through the link appended below

    First of all ,it has not been published by Kashi Vidyat Parishad

    Secondly the Writers, who have signed off at the end are not associated with Kashi Vidyat Parishad

    As per the leaflet, the person who published and distributed it had a conversation with a learned man (name again not disclosed) from Kashi, who informed that the Jadguru Convocation event did not take place

    Hence, this pamphlet CANNOT be considered as any kind of proof towards the “Jagadguru” Title being fake



  8. Krishna,

    I did not say that letter posted in the article was from Kashi Vidyat Parishad. I said it was from concerned citizens in India warning others about Kripalu Maharaji's ongoing molestation and rape of young girls.

    As for his self-declared title of "jagadguru," I said JKP created a photograph, which they doctored in photoshop, to try to prove he received this title

    It seems you didn't read the article carefully enough.

    So many people like you are always asking for proof, yet you ignore all the proof that is out there.

    How about you share actual proof that Kashi Vidyat Parishad elected Kripalu as jagadguru -- not a fake photograph.


  9. all devotees
    Pl do nto belive such fake articals.
    maharaji is honerable personility and yess (inifity ) he is a real jagat guru.
    if u can not respect such personility u do not have any common sence , mand miend has become totaly dustbin. u r not a authority to write such abusive language aganist god head personility.

  10. Hi Vijay,

    I'm an authority to write the truth about the fake "guru" Kripalu, because I've seen first-hand how corrupt he is and I've talked to many of his victims. I'm sorry you are trapped by the lies.


  11. Hi Rishika
    At least we must respect the knowlwdge and age
    I m actively involed with this trust from last 8 years and as per my knowledge trulley i have not come across any nusence .There are cult mind peoples among us are trying to insult the personility . Rishika i m that u might have heard from the peoples , but dont u think that -ve attitude peoples are making such fake stories. Think +vely . Half glass of water can be pronounce in both ways 1.half empty ( -ve attitude ) and half full is +ve attitude , so both type of peoples are there in this world , use ur own brain ???

  12. Vijay,

    My knowledge of the behind-bedroom-doors activity within Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is based on a combination of personal experience, discussions with many people abused by Kripalu, and a secret 10-month investigation while I still lived in the ashram.

    There are many people in the dark such as you. You just don't know where to look or whom to talk to.

    As regard Kripalu's age and so-called knowledge, what does that have to do with a life-long rapist and conman. He's a fake, a fraud, and a criminal who got away with his many crimes. Future victims deserve to know this, and current victims deserve a voice and support. I care about them, not him.


  13. hi rishika
    as u mentioned u r still living in ashram but u do not have any reason to live in ashram after knowing the facts behind the door ?? Rishika he is divine personility pl dor not be misguided . he was awarded jaggat guru by kashi viduit parshit. i do agre with u there are fake baba's but u have to identify with ur own knowledge / power. do not weigh all in one catagery. ur distraced from divine path. vijay

  14. There were people like you when Jesus was there you might rishika one who has nailed my Jesus

    This is warning to you rishika your mind is polluted so please in this life do not commit horrible sin without others experience same

    You are suppose to be sent to mental hospital I feel very pity and fools with poor intellect encouraging you

    You are devil in the age

    Wake up and wash your sins by shedding yours bags of sinful thoughts



  15. Vijay,

    I think you should read my book -- you don't seem to understand my story. I know you don't understand the corruption driving Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. My book will help clear up a lot of the fallacies you are building your life around.


  16. A true Kripalu devotee will laugh off this,he knows people also spread same things when Ram and Krishna came on earth,they were ONLY respected once gone.:P..I pray you people realize it soon and can benefit with the golden opportunity of a true saint on earth,i know you will rate me as a BLIND believer but i don't mind it MY SUGGESTION TO ALL BEFORE BELIEVING ANYTHING..GO VISIT MAHARAJ JI ,OR NEAREST PLACE OF HIS ,STAND THEIR SPEAK YOUR CONCERNS IN YOUR MIND AND WAIT :) JUST TRY ,IT WON'T COST YOU ANYTHING,PLZ..ELSE YOU ARE A FALSE BELIEVER OF ANYTHING YOU READ,TRY AND COME BACK AND EDIT YOUR COMMENTS,if you feel.


  18. Rajeev,

    What you failed to understand is that all of the people who have told the truth about Kripalu have met him. They know him all too well -- they know his dark black secrets, because they experienced them.

    We also know you -- and we know how you have been deceived. Because we were all deceived at one time to. However, we chose to open our eyes and face the reality. We chose to leave the illusion that Kripalu and his gang create. You are still trapped in the illusion. But it's never too late to escape too. I hope you do.

    He's not a saint, or jagadguru, or God incarnate. He is a con man, plain and simple.


  19. No Rajeev, We won't speak out concerns in our minds -- because that won't help anyone. We are helping people my warning them about the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat cult and it's conman leaders.

    I'm sorry that you -- and others -- have zero compassion for the many, many victims of rape, sexual abuse, lying, emotional abuse, and robbery.


  20. Rishika
    u have made volcano in ur mind agnaist maharaji . as mr rajeev mentioned speak out concerns . Rishika try to solve the problems which are in ur orbit ie do nor listed fake stories , rest live it on God . By abouseing again and again ur trying to convenence ur self , this will not solve ur problem , collective falls statments has become a volcano in ur mind , Rishika time heals , u have gone through the bad experience by just listening anti humanity peoples . one day tihings will clear by the grae of GOD . Can u mail me ur book ?? .

  21. Vijay,

    I don't exactly know what your expression "made volcano in ur mind" means.

    But I will say again: I am fully committed to informing people about the Kripalu Maharaj con game. I saw it. I lived it. I was lied to. I was abused. I listened to many many stories of people deeply hurt by him and his organization Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

    Now, I will not keep quiet about this man and his corrupt organization.

    I am sorry that you and others do not see how important it is to get this message out of the darkness and into the light -- so people can be helped and warned.

    I am curious, if you truly believe that Kripalu is so great -- God incarnate, Radha Krishna, and all that -- what in the world does it matter what I say about him?

    What I think is that your comments and those of many others speak clearly to one fact -- you do not want me revealing the truth about a very dangerous and sinister con game. You and others want to keep the con game running -- for your own reasons.


    P.S. You can purchase my book on Amazon. Just type the title into the search feature.

  22. Dear rishika
    "made volcano in ur mind" - by listening and geetting -ve things against any personility can made a nasure ( volcano ) . rishika these are all man made stories , i have come across lot many peoples who are connected with jkp has never explore such things . i dont under stand with whome u r infulance ?? its ur wish , but u r deviated from the truth .god bless u

  23. Rishika
    what u speaks and write it dosen't matter for any follower.
    I had gone through the complete details - as mentioned the book cost is $ 19 or so - it is purely a money making busniss and trying to distrace the followers . if at all ur the victom then u can always speak ur conserns but it is not so ??

  24. Vijay,

    You don't understand, because you don't want to hear the truth.

    I have not deviated from God -- quite the contrary. I am guided by a higher power.

    I hope you and others face the truth before you die wasting your life on a foolish and arrogant old con man, who has harmed thousands and doesn't care a twit.


  25. Vijay,

    Believe me, I fully understand the blind faith of the followers. I've never had any illusions of helping them to understand the truth. They don't want the truth. They want fantasies -- and that's exactly what Kripalu has given them. He is a supreme salesman, that's for sure!

    Of course, there is a price for my book (a very modest prices), which took me five years to write and a lot of pain to relive. What author doesn't charge for their books?

    To say that my purpose in telling Kripalu and Prakashanand's secrets is a money-making operation is exactly the kind of thing blinded followers tell themselves to make themselves feel better. Meanwhile, Kripalu is fleecing you all for hundreds, thousands, and millions of dollars. I ask you: Who has the money-making operation here?


  26. Please help,

    One of my friend Ritika is much involved in this kripaluji maharaj and is now ready to live entire family don't want to marry also and her family is also in full support she wants to go to the seva of kripaluji maharaj. Please help she believes a lot and blindly in this maharaj.

    Sajan PATEL

  27. Maharaj Ji is not an ordinary man. he is a real/original guru equal to God. Actually god comes as guru on the earth for giving real ghyan to the people according to the "Bhav" of "Jeev" . Who do not believe this , they are victim of kalyug. God bless them.

  28. Naveen,

    No, Kripalu is not an ordinary man. He is a pathological sociopath -- completely and utterly a cruel, selfish, despicable con man.

    He's no more God incarnate than any other person on this planet.

    People who realize this truth are free from the time-wasting illusion he and his gang perpetuate.

    People who believe in Kripalu are victims of his cruel, long-running con game.

    I have seen it ALL -- from both sides! Life is so much better as far from Kripalu as you can get.


  29. rishika,u r absolutely right.this chutiya so called jagatguru kripalu is a rapist,smuggler,womanizer and many more,people should not trust him.if people believe in lord krishna but not kripalu as he say so,all of these idiots like vijay,naveen,rajiv and others should first read the bhagavad gita.its the only way to see the fake of fake kripalu and other so called Swamis.there is nothing like kripalu in gita.anyway,im with u,go ahead and make it large. to hell with this kripalu.

    best regards,

  30. [...] reality is that the proof that JKP is corrupt and Kripalu is sexually abusive, a child rapist, a thief, and a con man is right in front of your face — you just have to be able to see [...]

  31. dear rishika,

    I really applaud u for taking this facts in lights,most of the people(religious) dont really know what religion is all about?for instance,religion is for your own spirit and may not tell by yourself like kripalu and many other swammis.they just want to be gods and its shameful for those believers to be that stupid to do so.there was nothing like Guru in Gita.they all made it up to fulfill their desires.
    And pls dont back down,me and our generations need people like for me, i dont even believe in religion but i can tell all those idiots like naveen,vijay,rajiv misra and others one thing "if u believe in god,dont drag in these gurus.they will ruin your life and your should be only between u and god".some might say people need guru to understand Gita, so tell me who taught Gita to kripalu?
    u r really brave Rishika. ill come back after a few days and explain those idiots briefly.

  32. Thank you so much for the support Roshan.

    Your words speak volumes: "It should be only between u and god”. That is ALL I wanted in the beginning. I never wanted a guru. I accepted one (Prakash) as my teacher, who was not even talking about Kripalu in those days due to his arrest for rape in the early 1990s. I only wanted a teacher -- but then slowly they revealed that the whole JKP "religion" was about worshiping Kripalu. I never did worship him. I couldn't -- there's nothing about him worth worshiping.

    It's a sad shame that so many are so deluded. I never stop being amazed by those willing to ruin the lives God gave them on this earth by giving so much to a con man.

    I won't stop speaking out -- because I believe it's my dharma.

    I look forward to more of your comments.


  33. Dear Devotees,

    No wonder about the words that have come from Rajeev, Vijay n other devotees of Kripualu. They speak the same, not their own voice it is the voice of Kripalu. Karen, you stayed in Ashram, so you might have noticed, all the devotees speak the same, the voice of Kripalu, and run by Kripalu's mind..they just suppress their mind and thought process.

    The Below statement makes funny explanation:

    "A true Kripalu devotee will laugh off this,he knows people also spread same things when Ram and Krishna came on earth,they were ONLY respected once gone. "

    A true Kripalu devotee will laugh at us thinking we are "knowledge less" in their view and We will laugh at "true Kripalu devotees " thinking they are brain less bloody fools who have sold out brain to a cunning person...all these are individual perceptions..

    Now coming to Ram & Krishna and a comparison Kripalu and Hindu Gods:

    1. During their life time, Ram & Krishna has saved many people and killed demons, what Kripalu is doing to end the crime going on around him, except making money.
    2. During the childhood days Krishna played on the head of dreadest snake and killed it, can Kripalu do that ?
    3. Kripalu make money by making it visible to public his day to day activities and the program called "Leela Bliss ", any one heard of any Hindu God or any Guru advertise himself such a way ??
    4. During Draupadi's Vastra harana, Krishna saved her, leave about saving at the time of rape, he himself being accused in many rape cases.

    Its not that Ram & Krishna are recognized as Lord only after they left earth, since birth they are recognized as incarnations of Gods.

    Kripalu using his Vedic knowledge to make money in the same that we using our own knowledge to make money, few in a honest way without harming others and few looting others.

    Have anyone heard any Hindu Lord, Guru or saint charged money for Sadhna (meditation), Aarati, for marketing his day to day activities noooooo..but Kripalu does..

    Somebody here commented Karen making money from publishing book, being a writer she is making money using her writing skills, nothing harm on it, she is publicly released the book using her own name and dared to show few facts..if anybody denying it with facts and figures then go ahead, proof her wrong and ban the book.

    Then I would say Kripalu is making money in millions and billions of times as compared Karen, everything is sold at Kripalu's Ashrams...Books about Kripalu, Books written by Kripalu, Shawls printed with Kripalu's name, CDs of Kripalu's activities and many more such things and devotees say "all these are God's things, so how it can be available free " just as Salman auction his dress for millions....

    Has any Hindu God, true saint ever did such body shop to earn money never, as this is just a business to make money and saints are much above to this, they dont need money..they are never receivers, just givers...Kripalu believes in give and take policy as a normal human his "Vedic words" and takes "money ".

    If somebody wants to argue, please deny my words with facts and proofs...

  34. dear vijay,

    shame on you to say such things.i wont even talk about kripalu,but if u really understand about religion,u will never say such things and never believe in those self called swamis.u need to get matured and see things with ur own point of sight,not by some hypocrites.
    i really feel pity for all of kripalu followers that people can be that stupid.
    and i dare u to get in reality and dont talk nonsense about your views.

  35. hey u naveen

    what u know about man,guru,god,bhav,jeev? go and read some religion books.and in that case you will also find that even the gita is perfect and unpractical,
    u must b a special kind of fool to say so,,,,,haha

  36. I have emailed Sajan privately. Can anyone else help him save another soul from the clutches of Kripalu and JKP?

  37. its a blessing of kripalu ji maharaj on the ones who are accusing him that they are able to attach their minds towards him howevr they choosed the way of accusing him
    like kans making krishna as his enemy

  38. Oh.My.God.
    This is so hilarious. I heard this same propaganda so many times while I was in the cult.
    Shashank - You've just provided more evidence of the limitations of weak-minded people to follow con men. Congratulations.

  39. Oh.My.God.
    This is so hilarious. I heard this same propaganda so many times while I was in the cult.
    Shashank - You've just provided more evidence of the mental limitations of weak-minded people who follow con men. Congratulations.

  40. Hello Shashank,

    I could not stop laughing at your statement and couldn't restrict myself to give few words to the thought came to my mind after reading it..Believe me, you made my day by making me laugh after a hectic day.. So here it goes... I am accusing Kripalu as a Parasite sucking people to make money just as Kans was accusing to Krishna and now wait for Kripalu to come and kill me Just the way Krishna did to Kans (in your words)...The day I stop writting here, assume your Krishna has killed this Kans(Me) ...Gud Luck to your Krishna...

  41. hai your blog spelling is wrong.... that is rashik.. not rishika....

    surely we all are going to hell who read this blog... including me...
    guru ki ninda padna aur sunna naamapradha hai...

    maharaj ji mujhe maaf kar dijiye... cahe jo saja de dijiye..

  42. There are few things that people should think about before judging Kripaluji. He is an old person who is weak and has health problems. His age is over 90. So any girl can beat him up if they want to. He also has a pacemaker in his heart and has a doctor with him all the time. His brain is very sharp as he knows many of the scriptures verse by verse. I find these allications disturbing as it is clear someone wants to kill his image. He also does a lot of charity work as he has created a hospital and many schools. Yes he does do a lot for helping girls just because he sees that women are tortured in society. In the past he was framed with similar charges and then dropped. People have said he was framed by cults who were loosing devotees and joing JKP.

  43. Hello Ishwar,

    Comments like yours always make me wonder how much you have already invested in this cult. People who have invested their time, money, and faith frequently will make an endless number of excuses for Kripalu. I've heard everything you said before.

    Just because you refuse to see the truth, does not make the truth any less true.

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble -- but Kripalu is a very dangerous, corrupt, perverted, and abusive man -- no matter how old he is. The damage he has done in the past 70 years could fill volumes of books.


  44. Wonderful Sobhuji,

    You have blasted their arguments in a scriptural way, as we go with real Acharyas like Rupa, Sanatan goswamies who have preached if bhakti conducted not in accordance with shastras should be considered as social disturbance and JKP claiming Kripalu as God and stealing money from the innocent people has created lot of disturbances.

    Before accepting anything a person should have proper sensibility and common sense, these foolish people compare Lord Rama and Krishna with Kripalu. When Duryodhana wanted arrest Krishna, Krishna has shown His Virata Rupa and proved who He is, but Kripalu arrested many times. Whenever there was an arrested happened, JKP promoted Kripalu as an old man, has many health issues couldn't even stand properly like this but God shouldn't have these defects since God is above birth death, old age and disease. Finally it's a money game. JKP devotees themselves are the victims of Kaliyuga, we feel pity for them.

  45. dear rishika,
    i do not know , you will show this mail on your site or not, but i am writing this in the capacity of an hindu only.

    your all information may be right, he may be the most sexual person in india.

    but this is also fact that what he speaks about the fine things of bhakti, gyan and karma is based on the vedic philosophy and that has benifitted the hindus .

    the hindu philosophy is :
    take the knowledge even from the dirtiest place.
    i can not write hindi letters otherwise i would have quoted the exact text of the couplet.

    ashok gupta

  46. Hi Sriganesh,

    I am not against any specific Guru or not a follower of any Guru. For me no person in this world is my Lord and all such persons are my Gurus from whom I have learned a bit - my parents, teachers, every person I come across in my day to day life who teach me something and which helped me in certain way to enhance myself ( to be good human being or to enhance my personality or in any way).

    However I feel bad from the core of my heart when I see a person looting others by his intellectuality, good impressive speech say Kripalu, Nityananda, Satya Sai, Ramdev baba ...list goes on. All are indulged with some or other scandal and its not proved wrong. All the Gurus these days sailing in the same boat. What they earn by looting others is incomparable what they do good for the society. Everybody has his own empire, a group of followers and making money in some or other form.

    I know God has many forms but they dont make their own empires and group of followers, they are one form..say Lord Shiva, Bishnu or Allah or Jesus, nobody said this is my group or that is your come to me, I will show you the path to God. I believe a Hindu can worship to Jesus or a Christian can worship Krishna. God is not saying no if somebody worship with clear heart. Its we human being who has differentiated Ourselves. With my little mythological knowledge, I would say nobody of us even heard that Krishna Devotees say Lord Shiva is bad or Shiva bhakta saying Krishna is not God, they know all are some or other form of Universal God and respect each other in the same way that we cant say who is superior ..Father or Mother. Then how come today's Gurus preaching something different to their disciples, all busy in body shopping in websites about their scope, it all seems business to grap a group of new customers and retain old customers. As Pepsi n Cola fights to grap the business, today's Guru's fighting. It really wonders me, howcome these Gurus not taking some step together to reform the society rather busy in expanding their empires and collecting money. Coming to their charitable activities, I would say many NGOs doing so, if we really do recognize those and helping the real poor. No becoz all the devotees think their Gurus only can do charity in the right way. They hesitate to give a single penny to a poor starving to death but dont mind giving millions to Guru, to them a single penny to poor might be mis-used. The Devotees are brainwashed in such a way that they scared of going to hell or a problematic life in next birth so they doubt about their own activity, they solely rely on the Guru. If giving few rupees to a poor starving death is not the right thing then Sita might have thought a lot if the Vikshya she giving to Ravana will be mis utilised or if the person at her door is a right or wrong person. There are many proofs in mythology where we dont deny to give any poor who comes to our door seeking food or something, but in today's world, follower of Gurus dont find right to give few rupees to the poor thinking they might not be able to judge "what is satpatra dana ", this being taught by their Gurus...RIDICULOUS. Guys I would say please open up your eyes...Do something to the poor who starve to die...rather than making rich richer.....


  47. Mr. Gupta,

    With all due respect, I have spoken to many many Hindus -- and they do not approve at all of Kripalu's secretive dirty behind-the-bedroom-door activities and his money corruption, which is nothing but robbing people blind in the name-only of "charity."

    Frankly, I'm shocked that a Hindu such as yourself doesn't give a flip about the thousands of people, including many many children (underage girls), this man and his corrupt organization has hurt deeply and permanently. Is there no place in your Hinduism for the victims of abuse?

    I am personally disgusted by your suggestion that merely because some man dressed in orange learned to mouth scripture he is more important than the thousands of people he has hurt.


  48. Hi Ashok,

    Dont you think your statement is annoying and ridiculous.

    What do you mean before putting the below statement :

    ****"your all information may be right, he may be the most sexual person in india.

    but this is also fact that what he speaks about the fine things of bhakti, gyan and karma is based on the vedic philosophy and that has benifitted the hindus ." ******

    Do you say, a person (whoever he will be) if masters in Vedic knowledge is eligible to RAPE, If person doing benefit for Hindus by his Vedic knowledge then would it mean he does benefit only to Hindus and all GIRLS not HINDUs, So he can taken it for granted to have sexual relationship with any Girl ??? Or you mean to say if a person very good in Vedic knowledge if do such activities is above being accused or can be excused. Though you are not at all answerable to my question but please for heaven sake ask your soul n mind which is not run by any such Guru before making any such statement.. Crime is Crime, Sin is Sin irrespective of your intellectuality, knowledge... Knowledge in Vedic Shastra doesnot teach you to make such Sin, A person having true knowledge in Vedic Shastra and a true follower of Veda would never even think of being indulged in such activity.

    My messg to all the readers (Devotees can ignore) :

    Please use your God gifted brain before following any Guru.
    No Guru can take you to God, Can anybody here proof even the Gurus ever could reach God, if it were the truth, no Guru would have been suffering as they today..everybody being accused of some or other scam. If such Gurus leading a painful life (needs to visit doctor often because of heart problem, cancer, old age problem ) then how they can take us to a peaceful life before or after death ? Our mythology says even during old age Hanuman had showed the same energy and defeated Bhima. True saint or an Ansh of God will be much more above than all such dreadest disease or old age problem. So Gurus are just teachers, follow them for the good, however don't give your brain in their control. Judge for every activities you do. Even before making donation make sure where your hard earn money is going, is it truely going to the specified purpose, if yes then how many percentage of it, it should be declared. Don't blindly donate to one organization, rather judge carefully and donate in parts, atleast 50% of your hard earn money might go to good cause. Anyways its just few words from the core of my heart for you all to think about it.


  49. Kripalu and his menon's - will say and spread the word of he being the supreme guru of this century.. But the truth is already known to many on this forum and countless others who know it now. This worthless creep - who is a dark mark on the glorious vishnava tradition will die anytime as his end is near. But after his death, there will be number of new caged monsters will be unleashed (Hari das, Mukandanand, Rasheswari etc etc). I think we have a long fight ahead. Thanks Rishika for keeping this site running. I read your book and its amazingly well written. I felt your pain and be rest assured, people like Kripalu are not the true proponents of sanatana dharma. In our life time we will see this JKP will be dismantled. It will be done.

  50. Hello Ajay,

    Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to me.

    And thank you for reading my book. I greatly appreciate that.


  51. this all are fake story about kripaluji maharaj every one knows,i am not a devotee of him, nor any of the saint, but this all are fake story,he is not a god,but servant of god,who has come to distribute knlowledge of devotion among us,this can be prove by his bhajan and nam sankeertan,his bhajan pad keertan make every one feel god near us,is only due to jeleaus some people trying to EXPLODE him. in time of chaintaiya mahaprabu, jesu christ same thing happen,so pls ,i am not saying to beleive him as true guru,but dont belevie anyone without knowing facts by ur own,because our today media is corrupted.

  52. hello friends,i have personley invested every things,and i came to know that some fraud saints,politicians whose business where droped due to the true knowledge of kripaluji maharaj,so they hire some girls and from political support,they make a fault pls dont beleive in all nonsense.he is the true saint of this age,and this will be proved very soon,and that time we all were crying for our mistake.

  53. Jai,

    You apparently haven't read very carefully -- because I am "knowing facts by ur (my) own." That's why I'm warning others -- so they don't have to find out the horrible truth of the wicked JKP con game first hand.

    Whatever you are saying just more of the same JKP propaganda.

    And for the record, he most definitely does say he is GOD - Radha Krishna in human form, to be exact. Check your facts.


  54. Thanks for more propaganda Jay.

    Your claims of not being involved with JKP sound highly suspicious.

    Your lack of concern for the many victims of JKP's abuse is astonishing. You should be ashamed, because I am sure God does not approve of this abuse in his/her name.

  55. Nisar,

    Rishika is a girl's name meaning "saintly." I chose it to make a statement: I am more saintly than the so-called JKP saints.

    For non-Hindi speakers, his statement means: "Criticism to listen or read about Guru is a big punishment. Maharajji please forgive me or you can punish me!"

    I believe that if there is a hell, Kripalu will most certainly be there. Maybe he'll be the jagadguru of hell -- he certainly has created a hell on earth.

  56. Still he is better then evil in me :-)

  57. Really Anubhav?

    Have you raped thousands of underage girls, stolen millions from people in many cases taking all of the money, lied, cheated, and claimed you are God incarnate? If so, then yes, you are as bad as Kripalu is. Otherwise, no.

  58. Hello Karen:

    Thanks for taking effort in the direction of truth. It looks like some of us have a similar opinion about the thug and while doing our research on internet came through your article. I am deciding to purchase your book soon but I do have some questions which are a little personal in nature to put on a blog.

    Can you please email me back and I can continue on the same? thanks a lot for all this help.


  59. Hello Dnanaji,

    Yes I will email you.

    To all, feel free to email me at anytime. I often receive private emails on the subject of JKP. I'm happy to help anyone learn and understand the true nature of this corrupt cult.

    My email is: rishikaxcult at gmail dot com.


  60. I think Sobhu,Rishika or any XYZ , you guys have all the knowldge of vedas ,shastras ,gita and any spritual books .
    So why dont you guys become spritual master by getting these knowldge rather than wasting your time for such a great personality . A person who is thief thinks others also as thief . So its your eyes problem how you see the world which are your own sanskars .

    Do you know how much charity does happen to run hospitals , and to build such temples and ashrams . He doesnt have single penny in his bank everything goes in trust .

    I hope god would have given some good mind to you guys so as to understand cause of charity . As per you guys understanding there should not be any charity , because you guys dont want other people to have good knowldge about god .

    Can you run any of hospitals where in cancer people are treated free of cost , Widows are given shelter ,Girls are taught for free.
    In past also whenever there was a saint tulsidas ,Saibaba ,Guru Nanak doing such cause, there were non sence people like you who are still getting reincarneted to make
    such statements.

    Thinkings of people are like that . That can not be changed you just see one part of truth .

    I really beg god to give some intelligence to you guys to understand the causes behind seva


    1. Bull the charity directly to the poor why through the ashram, where 3 sluttish daughters are being pampered 2 goon sons are leading a lavish life..

    2. Well said.what you wrote is completely true

  61. Hello Ashish,

    Once again I find myself replying to a brainwashed soul.

    Here are a few thoughts for you -- if you care to respond, I would really like to know your answers to these questions:

    1. You said that me and some others "just see one part of truth." Okay -- which part of the truth do we see?

    2. How is Kripalu a "great personality"? Please share your evidence. And please spare me his highly suspicious title of "jagadguru" -- please give us some REAL evidence.

    3. Have you ever calculated how much JKP spends on its ostentatious temples and Kripalu's homes, cars, helicopter, etc., and also how much JKP hides away in its trusts, versus how much it actually spends on so-called "charitable activities"? You calculate this difference and let me know how much actual charity they do -- and here's one number to get started on your calculations. Prem Mandir costs at least $1 Billion U.S. dollars. Also please tell me why that billion dollars could not have gone to build a hospital for the poor instead of an lavish and unnecessary temple to glorify Kripalu.

    4. Why are you advising me and others to become con men and women like Kripalu?

    5. How do you know God hasn't directed me to help expose the truth nature of Kripalu? I was a pure-hearted devotee living a pure, celibate life and I had dedicated my entire life to Krishna for 15 years -- He knows this, so how do you know he hasn't decided to use my experience to tell people the truth about a demon who is raping women and underage girls, lying , stealing people's money, and exploiting their faith?

    I'm looking forward to your answers.


  62. Hey Ashish,

    A big smile :). Each of your words seems to be so rude and harsh not even symbolizing a good human character, all this what you learnt from so called Vedic Expert ..your Guru...He taught you to be so harsh when somebody throws some words at you ?

    Just repeating your statement "So its your eyes problem how you see the world which are your own sanskars ." So being so rude in your words is the Sanskar given by your Guru...Then I would say an ignorant in Veda like me is far better than "Guru made Reform holy Soul" like you.

    I would not argue with any fool however an open question to you, do you deny that your Guru is living a lavish life like a Emperor, then how he can have money in his bank account if all spent to give him such a lavish life as Marble Made Empire (in many places), Foreign imported Mercedes n other such vehicles. Why he is going out in his Mercedes ?? Why this money is not utilized for any good cause, why cant he get a normal India made vehicle instead to move around ? Why he does not stay in a small house like others instead ???

    One more thing, I guess you are handling all his bank details so you are very well aware of his savings. Then you must be knowing how much his Marble made Empire Costing, his Ornaments, His imported vehicles, Travel in helicopter to nearby City and many more...

    In your Gurus term, even looting money is a SEVA, Rape is a SEVA, then every body should be intelligent enough to understand the meaning of such SEVA.

    Expecting Boomerang from you, I have all the answers to your questions. Thanks, Sobhu.

  63. my all dear brothers and sister who are supporting and who are against kripalu ji maharaj, in this whole discussion i want to say just keep yourself away from this discussion .suppose kripalu ji maharaj is a great lover of lord krisha as many people think ,so than to blame him will be called "nama aparadh" against God and i want to make one point put the history on each and every person and even God people always put their views. Because in this world to blame someone is easiest job. i also watched tv and pravchana of different gurus i never heard that kripalu said he is incarnation of "Krishna" he always said to give full devotion and love to supreme god krishna.

    yaro meri mano to jo bhi bolo phir usko toto "kyoki ishawar ke bhakt ko dukh dena "
    matlab iswar se hamesh ke liye door ho jana.

    Jai Jai Shree Radhe

  64. my intention was not to hurt and anyone and i don't want to impose my views on your's but i wanna say just read original religious book and don't blame anyone without scrutinize all facts because fake rape charges against any person is not a very difficult job believe me my dear friend just think deeper and analyse.

  65. Rudra,

    You seem like a God-loving person. However, your good faith is greatly misplaced. You have sided with evil incarnate.

    My concern is not for a demon and his helpers; my concern is for his victims. For some reason, unknown to me, thousands prefer to treat Kripalu and his helpmates like they are above the law and above uman decency. Meanwhile these same people will not give a care or shed a tear for a child raped by them, a family torn apart by them, or a life-savings stolen by them.

    For non-Hindi speakers, his Hindi statement translates to: "Friends you have to listen to me whatever you say. Giving pain to God's devotee is like going away from God itself."

    Well, I was a devotee of this man and I have never felt such a pain as learning who Kripalu really is. So what do you say to the people like me who have suffered in great pain because of his abusive, sociopathic nature? A personality that he has ensured his many preachers also possess -- and will thus continue his legacy long into the further -- to the detriment of mankind.

    What do you say to the people he has harmed, Rudra? These are not figments of anyone's imagination. These are living and breathing, flesh and blood people. And just because you choose to be blind, does not make their pain any less.


  66. Rudra,

    Well the facts have been scrutinized and are fully available. You just do not want to see them.


  67. Hey Rudra,

    I am from Cuttack. I was part of the troop who went with Mukundanand to visit Mangarh from Orissa in year 1993. What I want to highlight is what ever Karen written in her book is absolutely true. Let me say what I observed then:

    1. Kripalu is only obsessed with himself. When people from Orissa asked if they can pray Mukundanand as Guru - this guy jumped on stage and said 'all his swamis are not yet ready and they will fall we others treat them as guru'. Basically he forbade others to do any puja to his swami or swaminis. After saying this - he immediately went to a fit - as if he got some maha bhav. The end result is no one ever again asked if they can do puja to his chelas.

    2. On our first day in Mangarh - we had a meeting with Kripalu in evening. This is kind of our first meet. This guy comes in a some kind of wheel chair - zooming around and then goes to the dias. There I dont remember what exactly he did - probably spoke for few minutes - and then he went for a maha bhav.. peice of shit sat in same poze like we see now in pictures. There I also saw Prakashanand (now a fugitive) running around with a big camcorder to record. Then all these dumb chelas started singing 'Sri rama chandra kripalu bhajaman...".. And then some followers started crying, dancing and the whole scene was kind of some great Bhakti Mela. This guys turned into as if Lord Rama descended. Many poor fellows in our troop totally blown out of their wits and thought he is god. Now I think back and very clearly see - this kind of crap goes on and on when the followers are stoned their mind and intellect. I was no exception. I think Krishna to pull me out of this junk organization.

    3. Everyday there was a darshan time - we used to buy plastic mala's sold by his stall for 50Rs to 1000rs.. We buy those malas and go to have his darshan. He will be on his luxurious bed (same pic what Karen has on this site) same poze - the guy smiles and we put the mala. The mala is again after some time back in the stall. You know - this guy was conning then on a small scale - now its in much larger scale.

    So many things happened on that trip.. man you don't need to be a genius to see this con in action. There is so much to write - as I recollect I will put them here. But on other hand, Karen did a fabulous job with her book describing so vividly how these guys operate. The dirt is all over the place. Just dig diligently and find truth for yourself.

  68. Hello Ajayji,

    Thank you for sharing. And please do share more of your experiences as you care to. The more voices the better.

    Many people are not convinced just in me telling -- especially because if anyone brings up anything from my blog or book to any JKP preachers, they just bad mouth me, saying I'm crazy. I'm not the first one they tried to besmirch -- they've done it to any ex-devotees who speak out about them. It's the only weapon they've got to try to shut us up.

    Your stories bring back awful memories for me -- they are so real. I completely know what you mean about the small con turning into a huge con. But still, though Kripalu has millions, he still wants the pennies too. They still resell the plastic necklaces. Also people give him presents all the time -- and he sells those to foolish people, calling it "prasad."

    Yet people keep falling for this game -- and for years. Now you tell me who's crazy?


  69. I am a regular observer of this site.I wonder how people can close their eyes and switch off brain when it comes to any such Guru. People are not able to see the Saint living in Marble made house, rides imported costly vehicles, living more luxurious life than any emperor.

    What bothering me is such Gurus eating Public fund for their self gain in the name of God, where ever we find kids starving to death, begs food in roads and other public places. Last time while traveling in a local train I found many such kids, I got them food by spending couple of hundreds and found those money is worth of it. I dont find that satisfaction when I donate to such ashrams, I feel its adding luxury to a man (might be a God). But if God is the ultimate owner of all the money, then why do I need to give him, why not to those creation of God who really need it.

    Any body thinks multi billion dollar temples or Sadhana hall being built to pray is worth, God never says that. Mythology says many saints reached God praying under a tree, none of them lived in any marble made Mahals or prayed in billion dollar temples. These multi billion dollar creations are to multifold the money by making people more crazy and fool.

    Again in these temples and Sadhan bhavan the idol and pics of Guru Kripalu , why it is so, to represnt that Kripalu true lover of Krishna or incarnation of Krishna ???

    Either Kripalu and his Organization should declare all the funds in and funds out (for charity) and gap should be null else should declare their organization a PROFIT MAKING BUSINESS UNIT and stop making people fool in the name of God.

    I feel its only in Hinduism, all such Gurus exists and misuse the Vedas and mythology to turn their organization a money making unit. Have anybody seen such in christian or muslim community, No.. as these communities never support such upcoming Gurus. I believe there is something lacking in our own understanding of Our God, Our Mythology and Our Vedas which promoting such Gurus to make business in the name of God, its great insult to pious form of God which is being misutilised for self gain.

  70. Sobhuji,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    I too continually wonder at the gullibility of humans to fall for such a scam. There are so many reasons to doubt -- and the money collection is the most visible in JKP, as the sex happens behind closed bedroom doors. But the money corruption is so obvious -- because, yes, why in the world would a "guru" need such lavish temples and why so many of them. Even a true devotee of Kripalu once said to me, "Why does he need to have so many temples?"

    The whole notion of JKP being a "charitable" organization is debunked in plain site -- just look at the over-the-top temple, homes, and lifestyle. Yet, these are one of the keys to his power -- because silly humans are so impressed and political people are very impressed that someone could rake in so much money. So they will pretend support of such a powerful person who can fool so many.

    As for religious con games, there are many in Christianity too. They may not be set up the same way -- with a guru -- but they certainly have big missions with lavish facilities and lifestyles that people blindly give their hard-earned money to.

    it's just so sad -- and disheartening to know there are so many foolish people on the planet.


  71. India is a fertile breeding ground for self-styled godmen. The whole band of these thugs used religion only as a mask to deceive innocent people.We demand independent inquiry of their ashrama's and other businesses running under different trusts.

    Revolutionary Sociologist Activist

  72. SPS,

    I agree. But how can this happen with JKP? This cult has tons of other people's money and lots of political people in their back pocket.


  73. You are totally stupid. What's your motto? I know you are against hinduism and you hate hindus, and so you are doing all this. If you dont know about Shri kripaluji so why the hell do you write articles against him. He is most genius person in this universe. I feel bad reading all this. My religious sentiments are hurt.

    1. Prashant - You don't even know me. It's funny you think you can say what I hate and what I'm against. Please show me where you've gotten this information.

      What I am against is rapist conmen and women pretending to be "divine" while abusing people and ruining lives. You should be ashamed of yourself for closing your eyes to the truth -- and allowing lives to continue to be ruined by a rapist and liar.

  74. You would attain god as kansa did. Keep on hating shri kripaluji atlest your mind will remain attached to the godly personality, and finally you will attain GoD.

    1. I don't hate Kripalu. But I do love his victims. And I feel sorry for you ruining your life by supporting an evil entity. I have learned that in Hinduism, followers follow their gurus to their destination. I hope you like heat!

    2. Don't worry... You keep writing this... He'll still save you from hell... At least you think of him so much :D

    3. Radha, You are part of the problem of rapist gurus. Congratulations. I hope you are proud of yourself spouting nonsense into the world.

  75. no guru can give the divine and true lecture about connection between human and God like kripaluji..writing these much won't affect the truth..if it had to,it would have right after the allegations were made true and kripaluji was arrested.I appreciate your research,believe me I was the same.but when I went deep,I had to accept the reality that there is nothing like that which u think.God bless u.

    1. I am sorry you didn't look deep enough, Niku. You have to be persistent to find the truth -- they hide it in the darkness. Not everyone has the guts to keep looking. You have to be a warrior for the truth. I am sorry to hear that you are not one.

  76. These are all conspiracy by Abrahamic religion such as Islam and christian to defame Hindu religion and malign Hindu Gurus. This website is funded by Saudi Arabic people who wants India to be a Islamic country. PEOPLE this FAKE.

    1. You are using a very lame excuse to try and stick up for a child-molesting guru. No one running this blog is involved with any of the religions you cite. Wake up. Turn on your brain. And learn to identify the truly fake gurus you apparently support. You are pitiable.

    2. your religion is money , you just want to earn some extra money by defaming gurus and writing books on them. lol its funny how you claim to know everything and say that content on wikipedia was produced by followers of kripalu , and officials were paid off to get off of his crimes !
      Even jeasus christ was accused of being drunk by many people ! Even I was arrested by police once on the basis of suspicion but later I was released because I was innocent and police didn't have any evidence against me . it doesn't mean I am a criminal

    3. And what do you say to JKP which has over one billion dollars hidden away in a complicated network of India-based trusts - all money collected from blind devotees, both rich and poor. Where's your concern for those innocent suckers?
      Regarding Kripalu being a criminal - you're not the first brainwashed person I've encountered. Your opinion doesn't change the facts.

  77. NAGPUR: Every saint has a past; every sinner, a future, goes a maxim. Kripalu Maharaj, an 85-year-old Hindu spiritual guru, charged with raping a 22-year old Guyanese woman in south Trinidad Sunday, has a similar case pending against him in the high court here.

    Setting up an ashram near this city in central India in 1984, Kripalu Maharaj, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, attracted considerable following in the region. All was hunky dory for the swami until an elderly man filed a complaint against him in 1991 that Maharaj had kidnapped his two major daughters.

    Following the complaint, the police came to know of at least two earlier cases of rape in which complaints were not registered, public prosecutor Prashant Sathiyanathan recalls.

    The police filed a common first information report (FIR) against the swami putting together all four cases of kidnapping and rape allegedly committed over a period from 1985-91, Sathiyanathan told IANS.

    The swami contested the charges, first in the high court and then in the Supreme Court, which asked the police to file a separate FIR for each case in the lower court.

    The two major sisters, meanwhile, stated in the court that they stayed and had sex with the swami regularly of their own volition, that he was the incarnation of Lord Krishna and that they were his disciples.

    Even as another case of rape on a minor girl was filed against the swami, the two disciple sisters quietly retreated from the ashram and, it was reported subsequently that they were happily married.

    The 12-year old girl, whose father had complained of unnatural sex and rape on his daughter, too testified in the court that the swami had sex with her every time her parents took her to him.

    The court wondered how a minor girl could go to a man again and again if he had sex with her and how come it didn't hurt. The medical reports too went in favour of the swami, who was acquitted of all the charges.

    The high court, before which the prosecution has preferred an appeal against the acquittal in 2005, had the swami deposit his passport, restraining him from leaving the country.

    Later however, the court allowed the swami's application seeking permission to go abroad citing ill-health. The case awaits final hearing for which the date is yet to be fixed, Sathiyanathan said.

  78. I wish you had done enough researches before making this blog .
    read about kripalu ji here

    and also read this

    1. Aryan - You do realized that you've just linked to information produced and published by Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, right? Don't you think they are only going to say good things about themselves, including making up lies? If you, then you are truly gullible beyond redemption.

    2. I didn't know that wikipedia and liveIndia website is run by kripalu ,

    3. Who said that they run those sites? Can you read? I said that they produced and published the information.

    4. see ,I don't know weather kripalu is guilty or not , his lectures does make sense to me and that's why I love watching his videos. But if you have proofs against him and his organisation you must go to police and file a case against him and his organisation. Now don't say that police is also biased and takes his side , when powerful people like aasaraam and ram rahim can be convicted then why not kripalu

    5. People have gone to the police. He was arrested two times -- and both times paid off officials to get off of his crimes. Please read my book - which is available on Amazon in India to know the whole story - Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus.

    6. he paid off officials and officials told you about this right?

    7. I have a functioning brain and can put two and two together - unlike followers of fake gurus.

  79. you show the alligations only , but did you research about if those alligations were right or wrong?
    a 12 year kid , who went there over and over again to get raped and she didnt even tell anyone!
    and medical reports were also in the favour of kripalu ji.

    can you please tell me your religion?

    1. You haven't done your research. Because if you had, you would know full well that I did mine. You are apparently gullible and just want to spout off nonsense, because everything you said is a lie. Do. Your. Research.

    2. What about the Nagpur sisters..
      "The two major sisters, meanwhile, stated in the court that they stayed and had sex with the swami regularly of their own volition, that he was the incarnation of Lord Krishna and that they were his disciples." their admission in court had helped the accused go free... But look at what is stated.

  80. If kripalu ji wad a bad person , then may he and his followers perish in hell. If he was a good person , then may god take right action against those who are trying to defame him.

    1. Aryan - your simple analysis doesn't do one single thing to help the victims in this world in this life. Wake up!

  81. Hi All Critics of Kripaluji Maharaj. You have kept so much efforts in cooking up the article. Well there is no big deal that every one should like and follow Kripaluji however first please answer some basic questions with your intelligence, reasoning and convensing power....

    1. Do you have proofs that you were born and brought into this world unless some one tells you and you have believed... don't you require proofs for this very basic question if you can reason very much about Jagadguru
    2. Kashi Vidvat Parishat has not existence and significance in Kaliyug unless Kripaluju states this organizations name to the World otherwise will you ever care about what Kashi Vidvat Parishat is ?
    3. Kashi Vidvat Parishat does not have or carry that much of devine knowledge that Kripaluji is distributing to this world and hense I feel It is not fit to Certify Kripaluji Mahraj as Jagadguru, but with His grace Kripaluji has provided this status to Kashi Vidvad Parishat Today in this Kaliyug where all humanbeings are corrupted so much (the above blog is best example of corrupted humanbeings)
    4. Achcha Leave it, forget about the above topic one basic question about the Nature that we are living and Science we are using now a days...
    1. What is the source of energy for binding Electrons, newtrons and protons together in an atom
    2. Why different animals, plants use different methods of reproduction or even a combination of reproduction
    example: if you take a bunion tree or mango tree it can be reproduced using seed as well as branch of the tree where as some tree are reproduced using seeds and some using branches and some using leaves and some using flowers
    Leave this.. why does the state of your mind changes so past you might have criticized Kripaluji, now you may become devotee and tomorrow you may change to enemy day after tomorrow again change back to best of the devotee who loves him more than your life....
    Why all this happens... what kind of proofs that will help us to prove every change in nature and in our mind.... what kind of arguments can make us peaceful and satisfied....

    I request every one to think very seriously on my views, I am neither criticizing nor supporting or merely throwing a thought process that may helpful in thinking what good we have achieved by de-faming saints.
    Well in History don't we know even the most cruel personalities like Valmiki Turned to be great Saint who wrote Ramayana before it happened. Tulasi Das or Surdas Turned out to be very pious saints. At what state of your mind you are at currently you will visualize a person in the same way and as soon as the state of mind changes your perspective on the same person change in our daily life.
    Try to understand the subtle science about your mind, your nature, your character, your desires, your perspectives, your goal...because you can never understand other's mind (even your wife or man or kid or parants or friends ) how can u understand the minds of great saints

    1. AS Chakrapani - I only allowed your ridiculous comment to be published so that I could show everyone how a real gullible brainless person thinks. All of your questions are stupid and no one is going to take the time to answer them. All I see is a man who is going to suffer in uncountable more lives because he is so deluded by his ego and fake gurus who are pulling all kinds of tricks -- and the wool over your eyes.

      Please don't let anyone believe this man's BS.

  82. Dude you don't even have proofs...
    Writing things like "someone"said and "someone" warned... Do you really think we'll believe that...
    You're just a hater who cannot get anything...
    But you know what... Love him or hate him... You're always thinking of him... And that might get you somewhere in life...I'm sure he'll accept you like this and grant you some brains...

    1. Radha - I have plenty of proof. You just willfully choose to ignore it. You are one of many blind, dumb, and deaf followers of a twisted con man. It will be you who follows him straight to hell. I hope you like the heat.

  83. Whatever has been said against Mr Kripalu is 100% right. He preached to destroy the happiness of innocent people. His philosophy is in question and about money extraction, He loots like no one.

    Extracting money under some pretext or the other, His deviji's , they all are very harmful and dangerous. They suggest "Udhaar Sewa" viz the worst and funny thing that can be taught to Hindus. Its very shameful how good Hindu families and smart people get trapped under him and they don't get anything from Him, they lose their Parents, Siblings, Hindu social status, money and above all Hindu moral values.

    Such victimized can't respect parents and elders in society and there is fight and quarrels in Families. Small kids are also being deprived of rich Hindu culture. And all this is a very serious situation which needs attention, but its also true He is brutal and knows no Humanity !!! ...

    Think what is His Tattvagyan ? ...when Humanity is missing in Him! Hope people understand the Truth and stop visiting such Rascals who destroys human birth making it completely Futile.

    Sad how so many are trapped and how much families suffer. Newly born Hindu kids are also in danger.

    Wonder part is, He is exploiting even after He is dead, with the support of his so many victimized people who don't know his rascaldom.

    1. Hello Seemaji, Thank you for sharing the truth. Telling the truth is the highest spiritual action a soul on this earth can take. I hope people will listen. Jagadguru Kripalu Parishad will only lead people to pain and despair. They have no higher capabilities, because they all have evil intent. Bless you.

  84. fake blog by a fake blogger
    Read about legal document about kripalu's rape charges here

    evidences provided by you to support the rape charges on him are laughable

    1. Well it's a real blog and I'm a real blogger - so maybe you are a fake commenter. Anyway, Kripalu is a child rapist whether you can accept the truth or not. Your opinion does not change facts.

  85. who wrong ,and who is right, who can prove, so i think we should go to temple, to worship god, over there is god ,s vigrah, he can not rape any one, now a days like Asha ram bapu, gurmeet ramrahi , rampal, virender dikshit etc are in jail, all in rape cases ,so we should think about GOD he is everywhere, no one has birth or death expence, same God has no image, please donot say anythingh about jesus or krishan or ram, that time has gone, past time is always seems good, but its not, so remember God as you wish, God is right there, who awakened will not run after sex and money, these are desires , if we are salave of desires ,then how can someone can be TRUE PREACHER, THEY OPENING ASHARAMS ONE AFTER ONE WHY, IS IT NOT BUSINESS, SPRITUL SAINT WILL NOT GATHER PEOPLE AND PREACH AND TAKE THEIR MONEY AWAY, THATS MY POINT OF VIEW

  86. Hare Krishna !
    You look to me biased more than anybody. You are not ready to listen to anybody. You are passing judgements without complete rationality. Anyone supporting your post you thank him whether statements made by him make sense or not. But anyone who has been positively influenced by him, you say there statements are laughable. You see our Indian culture has given many ways to increase our spiritual strength. That is the what we should strive for. You must know that increases spirituality can attract people. We should focus on that rather than stopping people who actually are going in correct direction spiritually. Moreover, has any rape allegation against him proved in court of Law? Is it easier to make blog posts like this and put allegations on somebody than actually proving it in court of law? Tommorrow, people who don't like you may put many allegations against you. But does this prove anything? I have been to his ashram and not observed any such activity. All he talks is wrtten in our scriptures. You know what is the way to fight in our Indian culture. We fight on the basis of knowledge from our scriptures. It is called Shastrarth. If you had such investigation, why did not you file a case against him and actually prove it. It would help your cause much better and you would serve Indian Anyways, people who are spiritually powered will not even be bothered by this post. Since I am an ordinary student in India learning Nanotechnolocy at one of the best places in World, I request you to be don't be worried about people of India.Nothing can happen to spiritually developed people. There is no danger from anybody. So many years of Islamic rule and British rule, still India preserves its culture. This is the power of spirituality. In fact, it is the lack of spirituality in west that so many people have found their spiritual masters from the east. In fact, what you are trying to do is defaming. Let actual victims tell the truth and people decide. Otherwise, you do as you wish. But, my personal suggestion, read Bhagwad gita and try to implement it and then you will come out of this blame game forever. Hare Krishna !

  87. Disgusting So Called Kripalu Maharaj he should go to jail.

  88. It is unbelievable truth but it is truth . Pl have faith only in GOD not in agents of GOD there is no franchise shop offered BY THE GOD .THANKS

    1. I agree - I always want to worship God directly. Kripalu and his preachers want to be worshiped, because, in truth, they care nothing for God — they just want your money and sex.
      Best regards,

  89. I dont Support Kripalu,buut please dont Target Hinduism on basis of this Idiot

  90. Hi Karen,
    I can't comment on this blog but can only tell about my personal of our relatives was associated with kripalu ji maharaj. When we had all with our families gone to mysoorie on a vacation,She told us that her guru was also there and she wanted to meet him. We all went to the building where he was staying, but his care taker ladies told us that currently he is busy as he is watching india Pakistan cricket match and asked us to come in the evening. I wondered a spiritual guru interested in cricket, it was baffling for me.