Thursday, August 30, 2012

Former Insider Makes an Offer to All Victims of Kripalu Maharaj, Leader of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

The following comment was posted on this website in the comments section by a concerned person who knows the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP) organization very very well. Please take his message seriously and spread the word. Let's see what we can do to expand the message and get to the bottom of the complete truth of JKP, Kripalu Maharaj, Prakashanand Saraswati (wherever he may be hiding), all JKP preachers, and anyone who helps them commit their crimes, which include child molestation. Thank you.

Thanks for your good work.

I would like to reflect upon a comparison of two organizations with similar, though not identical situations. Both are cult-like environments. Both have a glorified leader who is viewed by adherents as a god man. Both have aided and abetted enduring child molestation by leaders of the organization.

I am talking about Penn State University and Barsana Dham / Radha Madhav Dham / JKP. Though a comparison with the Catholic Church might also be appropriate. Maybe another time.

But let us look at how both organizations have handled the situation.

Penn State has managed, at least, to finally openly adjudicate the crimes of their past leaders in a reasonably fair and transparent manner. They have acknowledged the failings and are preparing for the consequences.

BD/RMD/JKP , on the other hand, have covertly helped their convicted leader to abscond and have taken an Orwellian approach to wiping out his past existence, in their preferable view of history.

Both of these reactions provide us with real evidence about the true nature of the respective organizations. Such an analysis will yield a result that is fairly close to the real truth. We can say that Penn State does have a core democratic and legal administration. We can say that they are truly interested in the future of their academic community.

We can also clearly discern that BD/RMD/JKP are totalitarian organizations where complete adherence to the organization’s dogma is required for participation. The facts include substantial and undeniable evidence of a long history of sexual abuse within the organization. Criminal proceedings against both primary the leaders of the organization have been prosecuted or are pending in several countries. There are claims of financial exploitation against the organization.

This shows us that BD/RMD/JKP are very clearly criminal and dangerous organizations. BD/RMD/JKP neither recognizes nor adheres to the laws and constitution of the nations in which they operate, including the U.S. Their greatest victims are their very own adherents, who are blind followers that have given up any hope of survival outside the organization. There is a significant attrition within the ranks, and those leaving the organization after having witnessed the criminal and offending acts. This means that BD/RMD/JKP must constantly recruit new people.

Therefore, in an effort to prevent any future damage by BD/RMD/JKP, it is imperative that those who have been expelled come forward and tell their true stories. I will gladly offer to provide and arrange legal counseling for anyone who steps forward. Your full discretion is guaranteed. The goal is to record and catalog testimony from a large number of individuals from around the globe. Those from outside the U.S.A. are also encouraged to get in touch.

Thank you.


  1. Would you be able to correct the Wikipedia page? For any lover of justice and truth, this is urgent. It seems the organization keeps falsely embellishing the jagadguru title, which in turn reflects poorly on Hindu friends and traditions.

    1. Hello,
      Unfortunately, JKP has a large army of computer people who will immediately go in and change any negative comments on Wikipedia. It takes an army to maintain a lie.
      They even keep hounding me on my blog and recently tried again to steal my password and delete all of the posts on this page, because they tell the truth.
      They are relentless in keeping their lies going and fooling the foolish for sex and money and power.
      Thank you for caring.
      Best regards,