Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Abusive, Criminal Nature of Kripalu Maharaj is Self-Evident forThose Who are Not Blinded by the Lies

The Nature of Faith Often Causes People to Shut Their Eyes to the Truth — And Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Has Profited Greatly by this Glitch in Human Psychology and Religion

There is so much proof of Kripalu Majaraj's criminal and abusive nature and his long-running spiritual con game. I have presented all I have found on this blog and in my book -- "Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus." But there is no end to the excuses people will make if they don't want to believe the truth, because they want to believe the fantasy.

Last week, I received another request from someone asking for help to get a friend out of the clutches of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

I would love nothing more than to save another soul from this abusive, criminal cult. However, the power of this organization to lure in certain vulnerable people and keep them there, like many other cults, is sometimes insurmountable.

Simply stated, if a person wants to believe what JKP is selling, there is no proof on earth that can convince them otherwise.

Often during a dialogue with a distressed person, who is anxiously looking for a way to save their friend or family member from JKP, they ask me for "proof."

For example, the person who wrote to me last week at one point wrote:
“I’m helpless at this point because it is very very very difficult to make her understand all this. Can you provide me with any SOLID proof, you can save someone’s life. Please help.”

I hate being in this situation, because I understand this dichotomy oh so well. There is already plenty of proof — but the person simply does not want to believe it.

The Painful Truth — Any Amount of Proof Will Never Be Enough for Some People

I too was once someone who believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that JKP (then called the International Society of Divine Love and Divine Love Mission) was the “only true path to God”  — which is one of JKP’s deceptive catch-phrases.

As I wrote in my book, Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus, at one point I even saw a letter written by concerned former members of Siddeshwari’s group of followers in Oklahoma. They were trying to warn others about the possibility of their daughters being raped if they traveled to Kripalu’s ashrams in India.

I tore up the letter and tried to forget about it. Why? Because it contradicted the reality that I wanted to believe.

I wanted to believe that I was on a pure spiritual path that would ensure my ascension to God’s divine abode before I died (this is the key promise held out like a carrot on a stick by Kripalu and his gang).

It wasn’t until I experienced Kripalu’s sexual activities in his darkened bedroom, witnessed many other disturbing incidents, and began listening to more and more women’s and girls’ stories of sexual abuse, that I was finally able to open my eyes — and accept the painful truth.

Not only is Kripalu not God, he is the diametric opposite of God.

Once I opened my formerly blind eyes and brainwashed mind, I accepted all of the overwhelming proof that already existed about Kripalu — people’s shared stories, the newspaper articles, and the documentation of his arrests for rape.

How Much Proof Does Someone Need?

On January 12, 2013, someone going by the name “Inquistive Soul” wrote the following comment on one of my blog posts about a woman's first-hand story of sexual abuse:
There is no proper evidence against shri kripalu ji…… why r u blaspheming him … it is very sinful…. if u have any proper evidence like video then only u can expose….. what happened in the case of Nityanand of south….. but i know u don’t have any… their is no worth of just listening from anyone …..

On January 18, 2013, Sriganesh S. wrote a comment in reply:
Dear inquisitive soul,

Followers will always boost their leaders no matter how corrupt they may be, as far as philosophy is concerned no pious man will claim himself as God as Kripalu does, it’s a very big deviation from shastra and by common sense one can understand that God can not be arrested and taken into prison house. Like above there are many stories from many many people I heard, everything can’t be fake.

I am from South I know about Nityananda and his followers, like you they also say those videos are morphed and fraud videos. For a believer, any true evidence will become fake since he/she is implicated in that way. But those people who were insiders who came out and suffered so much will understand how dangerous cult it was.

Even though for a moment if we assume no cases are there against Kripalu, but still we can’t accept him on the grounds of shastras since he claims himself as God and don’t have any Guru which is mandatory as Lord Krishna Himself said. He proclaims that Kashi Vidvat Parishat has given him Jagadguru title but no one from Kashi Vidvat Parishat came forward and defended Kripalu when he had been arrested.


Sriganeshji could not be more correct when he says, “For a believer, any true evidence will become fake.”

Even if I had hundreds of videos of Kripalu engaging in his sexual activities with women and girls, those who don’t want to believe the truth would say all of the videos are fakes.

Or, as in the case of the person I was exchanging emails with last week, at one point the person wrote this about the friend, who said this:
"Even if all what you stated is true she is ok with it, because god cannot be wrong."

This comment exposes yet another reality of the JKP con game — even with all of the irrefutable proof in the world, a die-hard believer is only going to say, “So what? He’s God. His actions are divine.”

Proof that Kripalu is a Con Man is All Around You

Yesterday, on April 8, 2013, Sobhuji posted the following comment on the same article:
You can’t get any evidence like a Video or something reg So called fake Gurus… Once you enter inside their empire ur trapped. There are thousand numbers few innocent blind follower n few cunning culprits..they wud brain wash you or live u no where. Even politicians, business tycoons, celebrities work and support them.

People should open up their eyes and understand the Indian philosophy, it no where says God demands money for aarati, money for Sadhana, money for everything.. Even a small organisation spend some money for advertising his products to gain more money .. Same way these money making guys do some charity (hospital, school) as a part of advertisement strategy to expand their business, in return make money in multifolds.. And we fools instead of thinking to do something gud for the country continue doing gud for such ‘ money making guys,

…. A visitor of the Ashram.

The reality is that the proof that JKP is corrupt and Kripalu is sexually abusive, a child rapist, a thief, and a con man is right in front of your face — you just have to be able to see it.

UPDATE: Please take a minute to read a new comment on an old blog post. Today (April 10, 2013) Sobhuji wrote a very interesting comment about his first-hand observations in one of Kripalu's billion dollar ashrams.


  1. Now a days there is a flood of swami jis, jagadgurus, mata jis. and it is very difficult to discriminate between true spiritual master and a fraud, from there teachings/ preachings. Because whatever they preach is always good, because it is from the scriptures.
    There is no harm from even a guru which is not self-realized, if he/she remains restricted to the preachings only. The real problem begins when they ask for complete surrender of a devotee to themselves (and that should be done with great caution on the part of the devotee).
    In the path of spirituality, Shrimad Bhagwad Gita guides us at every step to the right direction. In Bhagwad Gita it is written that a True God realized saint, never wants any worldly pleasure, for him insult and felicitation are equal, for him enemy and friends are equal, for him gold and stone are equal. Such a saint never goes after the money, and never get attracted by the worldly pleasures, greed and lust.
    And if keep these points in mind we can easily identify a fraud guru. (certainly a person with the above mentioned weaknesses has never have attained God). There only interest may be to collect huge money, and to exploit the ignorant devotees.

    Sometimes these charlatans may be very knowledgeable, for example even Ravana was having a good knowledge of shashtras. therefore before surrendering to these masters we should judge there life style, if they have greed for money, and their behavior is not up to the mark, we should not accept them as guru.

    And for God realization it is not necessary to remain always with a guru. If being with Guru is so important, one should ask themselves that how many of the disciples of a guru have attained self realization.

    In the case of JKP, even if i assume that there is nothing wrong, and the charges of rape and indecent behavior, then also it is a hard truth that even the topmost disciple of the organization (Prakashanada) is not God - realized. Because a true saint would have never run away, whatever may be the conditions. Because Bhagwan Krishna himself says in Bhagwad Gita "Sukh-dukh samau kritva, labha-alabhau, jaya-ajayau" (those who have realized me for them victory or defeat are equal, and luxury and suffering are also equal). He was there till the point he was being worshipped, and in difficult times he ran away. It simply concludes that he is not God realized.

    Finally the one point which is very irritating is that, the JKP swamis commands the disciples to treat themselves equal to God (and even the cite a verse from veda).
    There is no denial from the fact that a disciple should himself give respect to his Guru. But it is against customs if the Guru himself orders for the same.

    For a moment imagine that in future if you luckily realize God, what would be your priority. Whether the devotional service to your beloved God, or receiving service from your followers, and replacing God by yourself.

    May God lead us to the right path, saving us from the wolves in the skin of sheep.

  2. In my opinion people believe Kripalu ji because of the following:

    1. They are ignorant of their own scriptures.

    2. His knowledge of vedic literature. People may think that it is not possible for such a learned man to commit such heinous crimes. (But they forget that being knowledgeable and being noble are two different things. And a person should be judged by his conduct and not by his knowledge. Even Ravana was very learned, even then he kidnapped Sita ji).
    3. Popular belief, that if they dishonor a true vaishnava, that will be a great sin and obstacle in their spiritual progress.
    4. Kripalu's disciples say so many things about his supernatural powers. i personally heard many of such stories from a close disciple of him, who was a colleague of mine, and no doubt was a noble lady. But interestingly those incidences were not her first hand experiences, she learned those from the elders in JKP. (Why people forget here that possessing supernatural powers also does not guarantee that the person has attained God, it is mere an obstacle in spiritual progress. If a person remains humble after attaining the powers, he is on right path)

    5. Finally the certificate from the Kashi vidvat parishad, and about a half century old stories of defeating other renowned religious people. for which there is no means to testify the authenticity of those stories.

    And above all when a devotee surrenders to someone assuming him/her as a true god man, his intellectual faculties are shut down.

  3. Thank you Dharmendraji for this wonderful insight.

    I myself witnessed so many things related to money and Kripalu including:
    - I saw him scream at his preachers who did not bring him enough money
    - I saw him brag about collecting 1/2 million dollar from a man in England for "hospitals" which he used to help build one of his massive temples
    - I saw him brag about doing over 80 "room visits" on Mother's Day in Barsana Dham which cost devotees $640 each (for him to be in your room for two minutes to do arti)
    - I heard he charged people who lived near Barsana Dham anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to visit their homes
    - I saw him say that no one could watch him swim in the pond at Barsana Dham unless they paid $500 U.S. dollars
    - I saw him collecting anywhere from $50 for a t-shirt to $2,500 to watch him eat a meal
    - I saw the Excel spreadsheet kept my Chirag Patel (current manager of Barsana Dham USA/ Radha Madhav Dham) of how much money each person "owed" Kripalu during his 2005 and 2007 trips
    - I heard the preachers make announcements to pay their "seva bills" preferably in CASH
    - Just minutes before he left Barsana Dham USA in 2005, Divakari was totally up how much he collected in "seva" during his 4-week say: $1 U.S. million dollars!!

    He repeatedly said: "Love me, love guru." And reciting scripture to back it up. I was so sick of hearing it. I kept thinking: "I don't want to love you. I want to love God."

    Then just before he was arrested for rape in Trinidad, he spouted the most telling comment of his entire career as a con man. He said: "You cannot judge the guru, even if he commits actions worse than the the most worldly person -- because he is God and you are just a human." This statement gives him the license to do whatever he wants no matter how sinful, vulgar, or criminal.


  4. Hi Dharmendra,

    I know these scum bags. If you confront these guys directly, they will use every vedic injunction twisting its meaning which suites their deeds - and in final will say 'Buddhi mat lagao' means dont use your head when dealing with Guru Kripalu.

    I will not keep quite. At-least I am happy I alerted my own family and my friends. Some of my friends are angry because I spilled the beans. I dont care.

    Ajay D

  5. "‘Buddhi mat lagao’ means dont use your head when dealing with Guru Kripalu"

    Oh boy -- that is exactly what they say -- because they know if you do use your mind, you'll see the scam for what it is.


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