Thursday, November 16, 2017

One Woman Tells Her Story of Being Groomed as a Child to Have Sex With Kripalu Maharaji

I just hit publish on an explosive first-hand story about a young woman groomed for years to become one of many of Kripalu Maharaji's many sex toys in his 60-year career as a fake guru running a secret sex factory.

Just before I hit published, I found out that this is the anniversary of Kripalu's death. I was shaking when I hit publish, because I realized that this is yet another example, among many, where Radha Krishna directly guided my mission to expose this evil twisted sex cult to the world.

Please read Karishma's story in the spirit in which she wrote it — to be an opportunity to help prevent other people from being caught in the snare of this cult and to help other young girls who were sexually abused in JKP to heal — and perhaps, one day, find their voices, too.

My Life as a Young Girl in the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Sex Cult

By Karishma Blancett
The Beginning

My family came to know Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat and its leader, “Kripalu Maharaji,” through one of its preachers—Gopeshwari Devi (aka, “Didi”). At that time, she was the main preacher in Fiji Islands and some parts of New Zealand, since her family is from there.

We held a huge three-day program at our home. Gopeshwari talked about her so-called “Guru,” telling us he gave up his “golden seat” to give India something it needed. She also explained that he had spent time out in the jungle performing “tapasyas” (austerities). When he came back, he was this “godly being,” who wrote many books and songs ....

Read the whole story at this link:


  1. ye log cheater hain aur rapist bhi.
    mai unhi ke ashram braj gopika dham me rahetee thi isiliye mujhe unki bahut saari baatein maaloom hain.

    1. Hello Mamtaji,
      Thank you for sharing. If you'd like to share more secrets, it would help a lot of people.
      Best regards,

      PS - here is the translation:
      "These people are chatters and rapists too. I used to live in his ashram Braj Gopika Dham, that is why I know many things about him."