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A Former Youth in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Speaks Out


According the the three greedy Didis, you all can just die for all they care. The only thing they are leaders in is perpetuating the evil started by their dad.
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Many youth have contacted me in the past several months. They have told me their stories of being abused in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. They feel better having someone to speak to who understands exactly what they have gone through. Most have no one else to speak to. But also, many are too scared to tell their stories. They have seen how JKP treats people who speak against them and it has made them afraid. Every so often, however, one ex-JKP follower has healed and in that healing they have regained their fearlessness and wish to speak out and share their experience so that they can help others understand the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat — and its fake gurus, fake preachers, and fake “saints” — which include the three wicked sisters of Kripalu Maharaj. 


One of these youths contacted me very recently. This person is now ready to tell their story. They were lured into the cult at the tender age of 19. Here is his story.



A Former Youth in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Speaks Out 


When I joined JKP, I was a young, vibrant, and healthy boy. JKP preachers came to my town. I was drawn to them mainly to learn how to attain God, as that topic really intrigued me since my childhood. Soon after joining JKP, my body started to become weak due to the insufficient diet we were offered, the lack of sleep allowed due to the grueling schedule, and an overall poor attitude toward properly taking care of our body that was encouraged. 


In Kripalu’s lectures, which they play over and over, he tells people that the body is transient, and we’ll just leave it behind. These kinds of teachings make devotees think they need to negligent their physical body to find God. As a result, no one gets enough sleep, we spend hours in meditation and physical seva from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The diet they feed followers is mostly rice and water vegetables. No one who works there full-time can even afford to purchase extra food is they are hungry or low on energy or feeling sick. Anyway, if we ever have money, which I did, they wanted us to give it to the trust, which I did.  


As a result, all the devotees have physical issues due to this brainwashing. Almost everyone there is sick with things like leg pain, stomach issues, headaches, and mental imbalance. It’s all commonplace there. 

During my last year as follower, I spent almost five months straight at various JKP ashrams during their programs. During those months of grueling labor and poor nutrition, my eyesight, my digestive health, and my energy level all dropped down to scary low levels. In fact, I was in such a bad shape, I decided in October of that year to visit a doctor in my hometown.


On the last day of Sharat Poornima Sadhana Shivir I left the ashram to return to my hometown. On the same day, four devotees left the ashram, all dedicated young followers, to drive from Mangarh to Vrindavan to do the work for a Sadhu Bhoj celebration. The car crashed at a high speed. Two sadhaks died on impact. The other two in the car were badly injured with broken arms and legs. Had I not gotten sick, and went home to see a doctor, I would have been in that vehicle and either been injured or died.  


The two sadhaks who died had been with that preacher since they were little kids. They spent their entire life doing seva at the ashram for JKP. I was so shocked. I felt so bad for them.


When I returned to Vrindavan, I felt very evil vibes for the first time. Instead of being sad at the loss of two life-long devotees, I found out three didis  (Kripalu’s daughters) are having a perfectly grand old time. They did not give a f*** that two of their oldest and most loyal sadhaks just died in a car accident. What’s more, I learned that the accident was caused because the driver was exhausted from a schedule of unrelenting work for the ashrams. He was doing hard physical labor day in day out. He had not gotten proper sleep for more than a month. 


The three didis’ only commentary about their deaths was: “Maharajji called them. They died doing seva so they’ll go to golok now. We should not feel sorry for them. We should be happy for them.”


Vishakha Didi told me to my face, “Had you not gone for treatment out of Mangarh, you would have also died. Maharajji saved you.” She did not bother to explain how both scenarios are lucky — death or near-miss of death.


The two followers who were badly injured got treatment at JKP hospital in Vrindavan. They were only given care because they were assistants of Kripalu’s oldest preacher, Manjari didi who is 70. She maintains a good relationship with three sisters, so they are nice to her. While many other preachers have bad relationships with the three sisters and no longer come to the ashrams. When other sadhaks or ashramwasi need medical care, the three Didis make it clear that they will not bear the expenses for healthcare. They tell  everyone to make all necessary arrangements themselves, because the trust will not take care of their food and medical expenses. 


I realized all three sisters are heartless and evil people. They have no decency, no manners. They just spout whatever evil thing that allows them to avoid taking any responsibility for the people who give their lives to them.  


I was a just kid only and they were telling me that I could have died but Maharajji saved me hit me really hard. Deep inside I had a feeling that I was saved — but not by Maharajji. By something greater. I had a bigger purpose in life than to serve and be under these bas****s.


These events messed me up really bad. I realized that these people have no heart. They are not gods or even avatars of gods. They are crazy people — and I never want to be like them. I thought to myself, if God-loving people are so heartless to a person who gave his life for them, I don’t want anything to do with God. Rather, I am happy to live in a mayic world where people at least shed few tears for a dearly departed and appreciate what they’ve contributed to society and family. These bast***s have no regard for human life whatsoever — except their own. 


I spent my last couple of days in Vrindana, then went to Barsana. All of the time, I was really disturbed. Didis and their loyal followers were living as if nothing happened. This really troubled me and I knew something is not right with these people. 


I went back to my home. I connected with my friends and family whom I previously had not had close relationships, because I didn’t talk to them. I instantly realized these people are so much kinder and more loving despite Kripalu’s claims that world is selfish. I realized that Kripalu’s teachings were nothing but bull****. 


Then I read your blog posts again. Although I had read your blog posts before when I was a sadhak, at that time, I thought “this is all fake and it’s namaparadh to read these.” But now, at this time, I realized you were telling the truth. 


Then I watched the Netflix documentary about Osho, Wild Wild country — and I connected the dots with Kripalu. They both were same — evil fake gurus.


I told my parents what I read in your blogs posts about that Kripalu and how he is a child sex molester. My mom , who had once been a devotee, said, “Yes, I know. Many  aunties that have slept with Kripalu. And those aunties used to tell me, ‘Too bad you joined after Kripalu died. Otherwise you would have gotten his divine bliss through sex acts, too.” That’s how f***ed up these women in JKP are!!


I was in a really bad shape after all this happened. It took me many sessions with my psychiatrist and coach to build myself back up to the confident person I had been before nearly ruining my life in JKP


After years of diligence, I am now perfectly healed and strong. Now it’s time to spread the light and share all that I know. 


Monday, March 14, 2022

Who is a True Guru Today? My Advice

Several people have sent me messages asking me who I think is a true guru today — as they are searching and come across Kripalu and JKP and almost fell into their trap. 

Of all the gurus I've read about so far, the only one I who has passed the test of time and who I think is pure and truly divinely wise is Paramahansa Yogananda. Although he's no longer with us in person, he has left many very good resources for learning many of the secrets we need to know to advance on the spiritual path. 

You can learn more here:

I would highly recommend his world-famous books as a starting point:

Autobiography of a Yogi


Metaphysical Meditations

Also for chanting and meditation, I have found this chant to be the most meaningful — there are many versions. Here are two that I like:

Gayatri Mantra

I will share more gurus, books, and resources as I find them. I'm very cautious about recommending gurus, as I have to make sure they don't have dark secrets.

All my best,



P.S. Please excuse my absences from this blog. I plan to share more about the dark secrets of JKP very soon, but I always find I need a long break, because the place is so filled with dark energy. I need time to recover whenever I put my consciousness on it. I only do this work for the good of my fellow spiritual seekers and the victims (especially the young girls who have been abused).


Sunday, February 20, 2022

Kripalu’s Kids Hate Each Other (allegedly) — Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Now Run by Vishakha and Eldest Grandson (more spilled tea)

I meant to post updates to this JKP saga every day until I’ve covered all the new information people shared with me, but honestly, it’s so painful to think about these horrible people. I always need a recovery period. But, nonetheless, my dharma dictates that when I learn new insider information about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), I must share it — as a warning to the innocent. So here goes another “spilling the tea” update


I’ll continue with the two brothers — who, as I explained in my last post, only received a pittance when their father died (or was *cough* murdered *cough*). (The Three Greedy Didis pocketed a cool 1,000 million — $1 billion — which they never spend, because people keep giving them more money and paying for everything!)


As for Kripalu’s two sons, you can image they don’t think too highly of the Three Greedy Didis. In fact, the five siblings rarely have any interaction anymore, or so I was told by a dependable informant (aside from the three sisters, who are strangely glued at the hips for life).


One brother is in Bombay, where he lives in the house he was given when his dad died. He has a wife, one son, and one daughter. He is apparently giving lectures these days along with his son, although I don’t know exactly where. Apparently, he has little regard for the Three Greedy Didis, especially the lady-boss, Vishakha, who he says spends all of her time chasing after money — which I've already revealed. (Apparently, she doesn’t know his true feelings for her.)


(Also, I was told that this son, Balkrishna believes Vishakha helped kill Kripalu and he is totally against her and also against Kripalu’s philosophy.)


The other brother, Gyanshyam, lives in Vrindaban. Apparently, he opened his own little ashram called Maa Kripa Dham and give talks and chants there every night. I’ve been told that he often bad mouths his sisters and Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat as a whole under their leadership. Apparently, he still has regard for his dad, which is bizarre as Ram Tripathi (Kripalu) is the monster who started this whole sick, twisted, criminal con game. The sisters learned everything from him.


Gyanshyam has a website and Facebook page. It looks to me like he’s trying to imitate Kripalu in style and dress. I hope that he isn’t also a pedophile. (If anyone knows anything more about him, please let me know.)


Gyanshyam has three sons, but apparently no contact with them now, because — wait for it — the three grandsons support the Three Greedy Didis. In fact, I’m told that the whole focus in JKP now is on the eldest twin, Ramananda along with Vishakha. (Oh boy – all of the three grandson are as materialistic as they come based on firsthand evidence of their trip to Austin Texas — they participated in more worldly things and shopping in one month than I did in my whole 14 years there! Spending other people's money, of course.


I can only imagine why the grandsons are working side-by-side with the Three Greedy Didi. Is it because they are the ones with the megabucks — and, after all, who is going to get all that money when Three Greedy Didis die!? Certainly, JKP will never part with a single rupee to, for example, help the poor in India. I guess they love the power of being billionaires with ill-gotten gains.


More on the twisted JKP saga soon. 


Here is the whole Kripalu Gang of greedy materialistic thieves and sex offenders (and murders?) — some more evil than others (maybe an innocent one or two?).


This report is for educational purposes only — it's to help followers and guru shoppers know that all may not be as it seems on the surface at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

What About Their Two Brothers? The Three Greedy Didis Keep $1 Billion Dollars for Themselves

One would think that an (allegedly) spiritual organization that has raked in at least $1 Billion U.S. dollars would be able to spread the wealth around a little bit — even among its five children — if not for the good of humanity. But no.


Do you know how much of that wealth the two sons of Ram Tripathi (Kripalu) got when he died? I’ll tell you.


Each son — the brothers of the Three Greedy Didis — got the following:


·      2 crores — about $500,000 U.S. (one-half a million)

·      A car

·      A home


Multiplied times two that’s maybe $2 million total for BOTH SONS.


That’s like pennies compared to the what the Three Greedy Didis got.


Do you realize that $1 billion dollars equals 1,000 MILLION DOLLARS!!! And they gave the 2 brothers each about 1 million!


This doesn’t even count the fact that Three Greedy Didis continue to collect more money from gullible people. Every. Single. Day. (See yesterday's blog post.)


And that $1 Billion dollars is all hidden in a “complicated network of India-based trusts.” That is code for they are hiding black money from the government. 

Black money = Black heart. 


(Fun fact: I was in the room in India when Kripalu and Prakashanand Saraswati were discussing driving to Delhi with the Three Greedy Didis the next day to sign those trusts. At that time, I had know idea it was $1 Billion Dollars! I figured it out later when Kripalu was bragging one day.)

Look at them — surrounded is gold — just like their bank accounts. Not doing one single bit of good for humanity with all of their ill-gotten gains.


*This report is for educational purposes only — it's to help followers and guru shoppers know that all may not be as it seems on the surface at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

More on Vishakha — and the Band of Three Greedy Didis

At Ram Tripathi’s death (aka Kripalu), right away I believed it was murder. Now, apparently so do many followers. And they think the chief murderer was Vishakha, the oldest of three daughter of Kripalu — which naturally begs the question, why are they willingly following a murder? But then they willingly followed pedophiles, so ...

As promised, I’ve got more tea to spill today — and it’s all about the Three Greedy Didis.


As I mentioned in the last blog post, there’s been a general rumor going around that Vishakha is the person who is primarily responsible for Kripalu’s death — whether by her hand or her direction. Apparently, it’s now common knowledge throughout JKP, and believed by most people (even one of her brother’s mentioned it in a speech, I've been told). Allegedly, she had help pushing him down or something, such as from her own servants.


If true, he and her sisters, Shyama and Krishna, were likely greedy to get control of all the money. It’s estimated that Kripalu raked in about $1 billion US dollar once he got a bunch of rich westerners to hand over their loot.


Why do these people need so much money anyway. After all, none of them can ever spend it even in one lifetime. And they are supposed to be divine — that means spiritually focused, not materially. But their money con game just keeps running — and gullible people keep handing over the cold hard cash. Every. Single. Day. (I'm not exaggerating, based on what I've been told.)


Among their many money-making schemes is holding a couple of daily Zoom calls with about 200 wealthy followers around the world. In them, they primarily just ask for ... (wait for it) MORE MONEY for some new project or other — another statue, another mandala, another temple building. It. Never. Stops. They are as greedy and pushy about money as Kripalu was. (I was told a lot of Austin devotees attend these calls – what a bunch of suckers!) Not only do they ask for donation, but the calls themselves aren't even free. There's some $ticker attached to them as well.


Also, every day they post two or three videos of themselves living their lives — I can only imagine it's something like the “Daughters of Vrindaban,” ala the Housewives of Orange County. Can you image how boring that must be? And you get to pay $27 US a month for the privilege of being bored to death. It’s all on some paid website and paid app with monthly or yearly subscriptions, like Netfix or Hulu. But the only content is all about them. Excuse me while I yawwwwwwwn.


Along with be a recurring revenue source, the Zoom calls (and the donations they browbeat out of followers), are also how they keep devotees brainwashed — because they are controlling their minds just like Pavlov controlled the dogs in his science experiments. 


But that’s not all, folks (as they say in the infomercial business – haha!), the Three Greedy Didis are regularly collecting small and larger sums from the zombie-like followers. They’ll gladly sell you a five-minute DVD for $2 or a half-hour video for $40. They charge for everything!!!


Did I mention that if you are local Indian resident, they will apparently ignore you? Allegedly they only care to spend their “valuable” time with the big fish — Western devotees and non-Resident Indias who are wealthy. Sorry the rest of you suckers, but you’re poor!


That’s all the tea I’m going to spill today. Tune in tomorrow for more juicy gossip — and it’s all free of charge. I won’t charge you anything. You for sure won’t find anything free anywhere near the Three Greedy Didis.


(This report, including content and images, is for educational purposes only — it's to help followers and guru shoppers know that all may not be as it seems on the surface at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.)



Look at them! Greedy as hell, for sure. Smug as can be. But murders? Maybe. (JKP devotees think so, allegedly — and are apparently fine with it.)




Tuesday, February 15, 2022

I'm Spilling Some Tea (or Should I Say Chai) on the Cast and Characters of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

Do they have this expression in India: "Spilling the tea?" It means that you have heard some very interesting news (aka juicy gossip) and want to share it with others.

Well, I've got some tea to spill about the inner workings of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. I heard it all early last year from a very dependable source — and I have been sitting on it, because I wanted to do some follow up research. But now is the time to share. 

I'll spill a little tea here everyday for the next few days. 

First up, Vishakha Tripathi.

What I have heard from a very good source is that she is, allegedly, acting like the Queen Bee now — and everyone is treating her the same way they treated Kripalu.

Apparently she sits on a singhasan, throne-type thing, and about a dozen servants are always at her beck-and-call. 

One of my sources said: "Even for the slightest of things like drinking water people hold her glass. Even though she can walk, she acts as if she can’t and tries to walk like Amma."

You may recall I reported that right after Kripalu died, that I was told that Vaishakha and her two sisters (the evil triad) said: "It's all about women power now!" 

Sounds to me like they were a little too excited about that prospect, perhaps. 

Which is interesting, because another bit of tea I was told is that there is a rumor swirling around that Vishakha herself killed Kripalu. How interesting. I had heard and always thought it was one or both of the two brothers who handled Kripalu's money back in the day. But if people in India are saying Vaishakha did the deed, well, where there is smoke there is usually a fire. 

My best guess is that maybe it was all three of them — maybe they created some plot together to off the old man. They certainly took a round about way of getting him to a hospital — plenty of time to let him bleed to death on a bumpy road from Vrindaban to some small hospital in the middle of the night.

They probably wanted the old man dead and gone because he had become an annoying liability (you know, after that whole being arrested for rape scandal, and all). I think the three sisters wanted to start being the Queens and to enjoy the billion dollars Kripalu raked in before they themselves kick the bucket. 

After all, their name were already on the trusts where all the money was hidden — as a lawyer told me, "They have a complicated network of India-based trusts."

Speaking of which, yes, Vishakha has been very ill since the old man croaked. I've heard a few things — like cancer. My thought is maybe there is some karma in there somewhere, who knows? 

By the way, this report is for educational purposes only — it's to help followers and guru shoppers know that all may not be as it seems on the surface at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. 

(The talk about money reminds me of my next bit of tea I'll spill tomorrow.)


She doesn't look sick to me — is that the latest iphone?