Who is a True Guru Today? My Advice

Several people have sent me messages asking me who I think is a true guru today — as they are searching and come across Kripalu and JKP and almost fell into their trap. 

Of all the gurus I've read about so far, the only one I who has passed the test of time and who I think is pure and truly divinely wise is Paramahansa Yogananda. Although he's no longer with us in person, he has left many very good resources for learning many of the secrets we need to know to advance on the spiritual path. 

You can learn more here:


I would highly recommend his world-famous books as a starting point:

Autobiography of a Yogi


Metaphysical Meditations

Also for chanting and meditation, I have found this chant to be the most meaningful — there are many versions. Here are two that I like:

Gayatri Mantra



I will share more gurus, books, and resources as I find them. I'm very cautious about recommending gurus, as I have to make sure they don't have dark secrets.

All my best,



P.S. Please excuse my absences from this blog. I plan to share more about the dark secrets of JKP very soon, but I always find I need a long break, because the place is so filled with dark energy. I need time to recover whenever I put my consciousness on it. I only do this work for the good of my fellow spiritual seekers and the victims (especially the young girls who have been abused).