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A Former Youth in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Speaks Out


According the the three greedy Didis, you all can just die for all they care. The only thing they are leaders in is perpetuating the evil started by their dad.
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Many youth have contacted me in the past several months. They have told me their stories of being abused in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. They feel better having someone to speak to who understands exactly what they have gone through. Most have no one else to speak to. But also, many are too scared to tell their stories. They have seen how JKP treats people who speak against them and it has made them afraid. Every so often, however, one ex-JKP follower has healed and in that healing they have regained their fearlessness and wish to speak out and share their experience so that they can help others understand the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat — and its fake gurus, fake preachers, and fake “saints” — which include the three wicked sisters of Kripalu Maharaj. 


One of these youths contacted me very recently. This person is now ready to tell their story. They were lured into the cult at the tender age of 19. Here is his story.



A Former Youth in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Speaks Out 


When I joined JKP, I was a young, vibrant, and healthy boy. JKP preachers came to my town. I was drawn to them mainly to learn how to attain God, as that topic really intrigued me since my childhood. Soon after joining JKP, my body started to become weak due to the insufficient diet we were offered, the lack of sleep allowed due to the grueling schedule, and an overall poor attitude toward properly taking care of our body that was encouraged. 


In Kripalu’s lectures, which they play over and over, he tells people that the body is transient, and we’ll just leave it behind. These kinds of teachings make devotees think they need to negligent their physical body to find God. As a result, no one gets enough sleep, we spend hours in meditation and physical seva from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The diet they feed followers is mostly rice and water vegetables. No one who works there full-time can even afford to purchase extra food is they are hungry or low on energy or feeling sick. Anyway, if we ever have money, which I did, they wanted us to give it to the trust, which I did.  


As a result, all the devotees have physical issues due to this brainwashing. Almost everyone there is sick with things like leg pain, stomach issues, headaches, and mental imbalance. It’s all commonplace there. 

During my last year as follower, I spent almost five months straight at various JKP ashrams during their programs. During those months of grueling labor and poor nutrition, my eyesight, my digestive health, and my energy level all dropped down to scary low levels. In fact, I was in such a bad shape, I decided in October of that year to visit a doctor in my hometown.


On the last day of Sharat Poornima Sadhana Shivir I left the ashram to return to my hometown. On the same day, four devotees left the ashram, all dedicated young followers, to drive from Mangarh to Vrindavan to do the work for a Sadhu Bhoj celebration. The car crashed at a high speed. Two sadhaks died on impact. The other two in the car were badly injured with broken arms and legs. Had I not gotten sick, and went home to see a doctor, I would have been in that vehicle and either been injured or died.  


The two sadhaks who died had been with that preacher since they were little kids. They spent their entire life doing seva at the ashram for JKP. I was so shocked. I felt so bad for them.


When I returned to Vrindavan, I felt very evil vibes for the first time. Instead of being sad at the loss of two life-long devotees, I found out three didis  (Kripalu’s daughters) are having a perfectly grand old time. They did not give a f*** that two of their oldest and most loyal sadhaks just died in a car accident. What’s more, I learned that the accident was caused because the driver was exhausted from a schedule of unrelenting work for the ashrams. He was doing hard physical labor day in day out. He had not gotten proper sleep for more than a month. 


The three didis’ only commentary about their deaths was: “Maharajji called them. They died doing seva so they’ll go to golok now. We should not feel sorry for them. We should be happy for them.”


Vishakha Didi told me to my face, “Had you not gone for treatment out of Mangarh, you would have also died. Maharajji saved you.” She did not bother to explain how both scenarios are lucky — death or near-miss of death.


The two followers who were badly injured got treatment at JKP hospital in Vrindavan. They were only given care because they were assistants of Kripalu’s oldest preacher, Manjari didi who is 70. She maintains a good relationship with three sisters, so they are nice to her. While many other preachers have bad relationships with the three sisters and no longer come to the ashrams. When other sadhaks or ashramwasi need medical care, the three Didis make it clear that they will not bear the expenses for healthcare. They tell  everyone to make all necessary arrangements themselves, because the trust will not take care of their food and medical expenses. 


I realized all three sisters are heartless and evil people. They have no decency, no manners. They just spout whatever evil thing that allows them to avoid taking any responsibility for the people who give their lives to them.  


I was a just kid only and they were telling me that I could have died but Maharajji saved me hit me really hard. Deep inside I had a feeling that I was saved — but not by Maharajji. By something greater. I had a bigger purpose in life than to serve and be under these bas****s.


These events messed me up really bad. I realized that these people have no heart. They are not gods or even avatars of gods. They are crazy people — and I never want to be like them. I thought to myself, if God-loving people are so heartless to a person who gave his life for them, I don’t want anything to do with God. Rather, I am happy to live in a mayic world where people at least shed few tears for a dearly departed and appreciate what they’ve contributed to society and family. These bast***s have no regard for human life whatsoever — except their own. 


I spent my last couple of days in Vrindana, then went to Barsana. All of the time, I was really disturbed. Didis and their loyal followers were living as if nothing happened. This really troubled me and I knew something is not right with these people. 


I went back to my home. I connected with my friends and family whom I previously had not had close relationships, because I didn’t talk to them. I instantly realized these people are so much kinder and more loving despite Kripalu’s claims that world is selfish. I realized that Kripalu’s teachings were nothing but bull****. 


Then I read your blog posts again. Although I had read your blog posts before when I was a sadhak, at that time, I thought “this is all fake and it’s namaparadh to read these.” But now, at this time, I realized you were telling the truth. 


Then I watched the Netflix documentary about Osho, Wild Wild country — and I connected the dots with Kripalu. They both were same — evil fake gurus.


I told my parents what I read in your blogs posts about that Kripalu and how he is a child sex molester. My mom , who had once been a devotee, said, “Yes, I know. Many  aunties that have slept with Kripalu. And those aunties used to tell me, ‘Too bad you joined after Kripalu died. Otherwise you would have gotten his divine bliss through sex acts, too.” That’s how f***ed up these women in JKP are!!


I was in a really bad shape after all this happened. It took me many sessions with my psychiatrist and coach to build myself back up to the confident person I had been before nearly ruining my life in JKP


After years of diligence, I am now perfectly healed and strong. Now it’s time to spread the light and share all that I know. 



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