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Why Do Locations Around the World Operating for Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Go By So Many Different Names?

Image of the newest JKP temple under construction in Los Angeles, California, USA, apparently. It is apparently going to be called Radha Govinda Dham LA. (Image shared for educational purposes only.)


Typically, when an organization wants to build a name for itself, it consistently uses the same name no matter where it operates around the world. Consider, for example, Transcendental Meditation. The organization has one name. Another example is ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). No matter where their organization gathers and meets it has one single name.


So why doesn’t Kripalu Maharaji temples and satellite location around the world go by so many different names? I pulled together a list of the ones I could find.


What do the 16 names below have in common? (See my answer after the list.)


Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (formerly Divine Love Mission)


Radha Madhav Dham and Shree Raseshwari Radha Rani Temple (Austin, TX)

(formerly Barsana Dham Ashram and the International Society for Divine Love)


JKYog (Dallas)


Shree Kripalu Kunj Ashram (Houston)


Yugal Kunj (Atlanta)


Radha Govinda Dham (Los Angeles – under construction)


Sadhana Mandir (Toronto, Canada)


Radha Govind Cultural Society (Edmonton, Canada)


Radha Madhav Society (UK)


Universal Society of Bhakti Meditation (Singapore)


Braj Gopika Seva Mission (Odisha, India)


Prem Mandir (Vrindaban, India)


Bhakti Mandir (formerly Bhakti Dham) (Manghar, India)


Kirti Maiya Mandir (formerly Rangeeli Mahal) (Barsana, India)


Golok Dham (New Delhi, India)


These names have nothing in common. 


And there is a reason why. Can you guess?


The reason is, in my opinion, because of the horrible reputation of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. By now many people know that Kripalu Maharaji was a lifelong sex abuser and pedophile, including raping every single 12-year-old girl that came anywhere near him — with the support and assistance of their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunties, three Greedy Didis, many female devotees, and all the female JKP preachers.


Many people regularly contact me to ask me if certain preachers are part of JKP. They are confused because the people are using different names for their organizations. 


I tell them they are using different names to try to confuse people, in my opinion, so they don’t realize that it’s all part of the same evil organization. 


That's right — every name in bold on the list above is in direct affiliation with Jagadguru Kripalu Parshat. Does this look fishy to you?

Friday, December 22, 2023

Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Latest Money-Making Scheme is a Multi-Million Dollar "Library" - Why?

Alert — another JKP con game underway. Watch your wallet.

If you are involved in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat in any way, shape, or form, I can guaranteed that, at some point, you'll be asked to make a big donation to "Kripalu's Library" being built in Manghar, India — his birthplace. I've been told it's going to be a high-tech, multi-media facility.

I've also been told that this is a multi-million-dollar project being overseen by one of the Three Greedy Didis favorite male devotees — a youngish, never-married leader in JKP. I know him as a very aggressive money collector. He is good with numbers and has helped the organization collect multiple millions over the years. 

I happened to receive an image of the monstrosity they are calling a "Library." See above.

When I saw that photo, the first thing I thought is that it looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss children's book. Is that where they got their inspiration for the design? See below. 

What in the holy hell is all this nonsense? Aren't saints supposed to be humble teachers of scriptures to help souls return to God? If they need a Library to house his meager collection of books and stuff, why not just make it a quiet, humble facility. Why? Because that wouldn't give them a good enough reason to pick your pockets clean.

Why is Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat hell-bent on non-stop building of everything under the sun. Likely it's to attract more devotees with money, especially wealthy older devotees. Why? Because they want all their money. They want them to buy a place from them to retire. After all, why else are they building apartments and selling them for a whopping $160,000 (US). 

This has been an ongoing project for several years. They probably got the idea when one of the first Western seniors request their own home in the ashram. They gladly obliged and then proceeded to get all of her life savings out of her. When she ran out of money, they kicked her out. 

But now they are letting people live there, if they cough up the bucks. 

I imagine one of the lures is this monstrosity they call a library. It reminds me of how they collected money for Prem Mandir for years, saying it was going to be some spiritual monument in Vrindaban. Now, from all the videos I've seen and first-hand reports, Prem Mandir is little more than a Disneyland or Las Vegas-style attraction. It's noisy, congested with gawking crowds, and lit up like the Vegas strip. Not what I call spiritual at all. 

What is the world is going into this "library"? Kripalu had produced just a few books, including chanting books. Sure there are tons of videos and audios. But you can just watch them on YouTube. After all, they are extremely repetitive. I know. I studied dozens of them while learning Hindi. 

Here's a tip. Kripalu's main message was this: "Worship me, not God."

My advice is to steer clear of JKP and all of their money-making schemes — unless you like the idea of spending the last years of your life in hell on earth. 

I'm guess one of the features of the so-called "Library" will be the declaration that Kripalu was declared "Jagadguru" by Kashi Vidvat Parishat. But that it a lie. It never happened, as I've written about before with proof. Here is more proof. See these two photos. The bottom one is the one JKP uses to say — "See, this is the day that Kripalu was honored with the Jagadguru title." 

But I happen to have a copy of the original photo — which they photoshopped to death. It's just a normal shot of a normal satsang, where a couple of people are doing arti and giving him a garland.

In the new photoshopped image, they took out the standing image of Kripalu and replaced it with a sitting image. Also, all the heads of the men in the new photo is from a photo taken in the Austin Texas ashram. I was there that day. I know whose heads they are. I saw it happen with my own eyes. 

This is just one of uncountable JKP con jobs. If you can't see that JKP is lying to you about everything, then you'll just have to waste this life being a gullible devotee of a con man and child rapist. I can't help you. 

Original photo.

Fake, highly photoshopped photo.

(All images shared for educational purposes.)

Thursday, December 21, 2023

From Sex Cult to Three-Ring Circus — Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is After Youth, But Everything Comes at a Cost


The Three Greedy Didis do everything in their power to lure kids and teenagers into their clutches — and steal their innocence and money. (Shared for educational purposes.)

In 2023, I heard from three young people with first-hand, personal experience about the Three Greedy Didis and the ashrams now. Here is what I heard — basically, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat is a 24/7 moneymaking scam that no longer wants old people — they want your kids though apparently.

The JKP Three-Ring Circus

The first person told me that the JKP ashrams are more like a circus now than a holy place. There is a big push in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat to attract youth — both young kids and teenagers. To do that they have put a huge emphasis on “fun” thing that kids like, like playing games and eating delicious food. (I have heard that the U.S. JKP ashram in Texas also has a huge push to attract more youth, too.)

They know kids won’t stick around if they get bored. So they have daily games for kids and sell tasty food in a canteen, like pizza, burgers, fries, and dumplings.

If you’d ever been to the India JKP ashrams in the past, you would know that you are basically starving all the time. The food served three times a day was very bland and there’s not a lot of it. If you didn’t bring your own snacks from home, you would really go hungry. That’s all changed now because they want young people. However, it all comes at a price!

In all that fun, they slip in a little bit of sadhana. I guess to just continue pretending that they are running a spiritual organization. But it was just a sex cult in the past and now it’s a circus with daily fun, games, and parties for the kids.

Youth Beware of the JKP Moneymaking Con Game

The second person I talked to allowed me to ask several questions. Here are my questions and their answers.

1—How often are they trying to get money from devotees?

They try to get money pretty much 24/7 from the devotees from when the day starts to the evening. There are multiple ways that the didis try to get money from the devotees, such as making the devotees pay money for the food or prasad that they give out and paying money to get pictures with them.

2—In what ways to they try to get money?

In the mornings, they have their zoom session where they hand out food, like sandwiches, which you have to pay around 1000 rupees for ($12). Choti didi also makes coffee that you pay around 5000 rupees for ($60). Basically every interaction with them, such as the food that they give out, comes at a price of either 1000, 2000, or 5000 rupees.

You can also pay money to bow to them before the morning sadhna. Doing aarti also comes with a price tag, which is increased on holidays, like Mother's Day. You can do pranam in Kripalu's room, but you have to pay 1000 rupees for it. There is also an opportunity to watch them sit and eat their lunch for the price of 10,000 rupees ($120).

After that they have a gassa, which is where they mix food together and hand it out to the devotees, which you have to pay money for.

They also have 2 picnics during a day — one in the morning and another in the afternoon, where there is a price to get in as well as a price for the food that the didis give out, such as bananas and chocolate sticks.

During the evening they play a ball game where they hit a ball around an area while saying radhey. If you hit one of the pictures of Kripalu or Krishna with the ball, you have to pay a fine of 1000 rupees. And if you get the ball outside of the area, then you pay a fee of 5000 rupees. It's celebrated whenever someone gets it out of the field because apparently the didis are "mahapurush," or god-realized. So anything they touch becomes prasad, which is how they justify the prices.

Paying money for the "prasad" or the food they give out helps you get closer to Golok too, apparently, as said by the seva collectors, who are the people who keep tabs on how much people owe.

The price tag of almost all the activities listed above increases whenever there is a special holiday. They also add new activities, such as paying for a davat during the holidays, too. During Mother's day, they had devotees pay to pour water on some padukas for a price. The didis were also selling the towels used to wipe the padukas for 5000 rupees. The didis also do birthday cake cutting ceremonies, where you have to pay a grand total of 1 lakh rupees ($2000) to cut a cake with the didis and take some photos with them. 

Fun fact: they actually have an entire new app that has the names of all the devotees and their pictures that they use to track the amount of money that devotees owe.

3—How often did you see the 3 didis?

I saw the didis throughout the day kind of often. They pretty much spend most of their time with their assistants who cater to their needs such as bringing them food. The devotees watch the didis eat while they go on zoom where they say radhey radhey to people. Apparently they get mad if people skip or miss out on a session. 

They also appear in the morning satsang to watch a lecture of Kripalu, which plays every morning and evening. Then do aarti before leaving. After that, they appear at the picnics in the morning and afternoon. 

 Every time they spend time with the devotees, there's always a chance at paying money, whether it's for the food that they give out, or items such as clothes and mugs that they give out. 

4—What do they spend their time doing?

In the mornings after they wake up, at around 2:40 am to 3:45 am they basically spend their time on zoom talking to devotees and handing out food.

After that they appear in the satsang hall to watch a video of Kripalu giving a lecture before doing the daily prayer and aarti.

After that they go back to their rooms until around 6:30 am where Bhadi didi (Vishaka) sits in on the satsang.

After that they lead the devotees in some weird yoga thing for like 10 minutes before going to the morning picnic.

After that they sometimes go to the store where they get devotees to buy things such as shirts and cups from them.

After they head to their rooms for a bit before having lunch and then doing their gassa thing.

After that they go back to their rooms and I guess rest or do something else.

In the afternoon they come out for the birthday cake cutting ceremonies and then they go to the afternoon picnic, where they sell stuff there too, such as cups and shawls.

After that they have their dinner before coming out for the ball game with the devotees.

After dinner they usually sit in the satsang hall for around 15 to 30 minutes before leaving to their rooms for the night.

They don't really do much other than that. 

5—Are kripalu’s grandsons there?

Kripalu's grandsons weren't there, but I do know that they (and the didis) request clothes and other things from devotees. They basically get devotees to buy large amounts of clothes and anything else they want. They make them take pictures of it before sending the pictures to them on Whatsapp. Then they'll pick which clothes they like and don't like from there.

I know this because my mom always goes on a huge clothes shopping spree before leaving for the ashrams.

Other than that, the grandsons and the brothers of the didis don't usually come to the ashrams unless it's for a special holiday, like guru poornima or Kripalu's birthday. 

6—What is the main message about Kripalu these days?

The main message about Kripalu is pretty much the same as it's always been, that he's the ultimate jagadguru and that he's the personification of Radha and Krishna. They always play multiple lectures and videos of him a day and the didis always talk about him in front of the devotees. 

7—What is your general impression of everything?

My general impression is that it's pretty much been the same since I was there a few years ago. Not much has changed from my experience in being at the past ashrams. There are definitely a lot of creepy vibes though, and you get the sense that the people there aren't truly happy being there.

During one of my past experiences at the ashram, I overheard one of the seva collectors telling my mom that she took at least one painkiller a day. I also overheard one of the other devotees mention how they barely get enough sleep. 

8—What about photos?

They actually discourage people from taking pictures of the didis.

9—Any other news?

They got the government to officially rename the village of Mangarh, where Kripalu was born, into Kripalu Dham Mangarh for whatever reason. Speaking of mangarh, it apparently now costs 1 crore rupees to get your own room in Mangarh, which is around $160,000 US.

Also, there was a fever going around the ashram where people were getting sick and had to be quarantined in their rooms (probably COVID again).

Despite that however, basically no one in the ashram was wearing a mask, not even the didis themselves.

Tripling their Money Collection

A third person told me that the Three Greedy Didis do not only make money from the people visiting in the ashrams. They also broadcast nearly everything they do over Zoom and make those remote devotees pay too, like in the photo below, taken in the Austin, Texas ashram.

Also, they encourage people from around the world to pay to tune in every day for their talks and meals.

This youth told me: “This is not a good organization. It feels as if money is their main concern. They regularly harassed me to send them more and more money. If they consider their organization to be a real one why isn’t their focus on leading people to God?


"At the time, I didn't even realize that I was slowly going deeper and deeper in JKP.I finally woke up and realized what bad I am doing to myself by being associated with JKP. I got so close that I was giving them money whenever they asked. I was giving them money for so many things:

  • 8000 rupees for what they said was Kripalu last bhajan
  • 5000 rupees for cds in their shop
  • 500 rupees a month for their their app 

Now I know they saw me as a child who's parents will give him money whenever he asks. But that is their hard-earned money. 

I was hypnotized. But then I finally woke up. I realized the harm that I'm doing to myself by being associated with JKP. I finally got out. They harassed me to try and get me back in. But I knew they were all frauds."

Here is a photo from the Austin, Texas JKP ashram where devotees are gathered for a zoom to watch the Three Greedy Didis eat. Everyone present in the room has to pay for the privilege of attending from around the world. (Shared for educational purposes.)



Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Many People Ask Me About JKP Preacher Mukundananda — Ask Me Anything

I receive many messages from people who encountered various preachers of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. One of the most frequent information request I receive are about Swami Mukundananda. I know a lot about him thanks to insiders sharing the secrets — and I have it written up in a document that I can email to anyone who wants to know the truth. 

Comments from one person

One of the people who contacted me, wrote me back this message after receiving the insider information:

"I was unaware about how Mukundananda got that building and also about the trip of those innocent devotees to Mangarh. Thank you for sharing these facts.

"Anyone who serves Kripalu Maharaji is a big fraud — there is no doubt. Kripalu M is an epitome of fraud – claims he is Jagadguru. There is nothing new about a conman claiming these titles as well those of god. But the sick thing is 100s of thousand foolish people fall for these kind of things. 

"JKP has the most elaborate and devious curriculum for its preachers — that makes them experts of deception, looters of faith, trust, and whatever good that’s left in a simple trusting heart. 

"Man – once they finish with you, all that’s left within is an enormous emptiness. A bitterness so harsh – type of anger that could devour the whole world. 

"I truly feel sorry for all those trusting souls who went through this kind of heart-wrenching experience. I can only request others with this kind of horrible experiences to narrate their stories. Just come forward and if not possible to open up, at least try to alert others anonymously. 

"At least if we can save one innocent heart with our effort, the destiny of such a person is permanently altered. Don’t you think this is a good enough cause in itself?" 

Comments from a second person

 Another person who contacted me, wrote me and said this:

"I just wanted to say thank you for making your experience public. I found your site after attending a couple of days of Swami Mukundananda's yoga meditation series. I got a super creepy feeling just looking at the pictures of Kripalu they had on the stage and started researching him online. I found your site but continued to attend the program with a open but guarded spirit. 


"There were a lot of westerners at this program and throughout Swamiji never brought up money or even needing a guru. 'We're all on the same journey. We just take different paths,' is what he said. 


"Then I attended his retreat with the thought of it being about the experience and meeting people vs. becoming attached to Swamiji. The retreat was a totally different experience (just a few westerners) and definitely felt like a cult. On the last day of the retreat his talk now involved giving at least 10% of your pay to him. His people passed out recurring payment authorization forms. 


"Swamiji said, "Please donate as much as you like, but no less than $100 a month.' Then Life Membership Forms were also passed out. It was a total flip from the relaxed yoga/meditation program. WOW!


"I'm so thankful I did some research first and found your site because Swamiji is an extremely talented and convincing speaker and I could definitely see how one would give up everything for him. Too bad he got on the wrong path."

NOTE: For public education purposes to help you perhaps understand the fraud of this particular JKP preacher, here are some images found online. It shows the day that the person now named Mukundananda showed up at Kripalu's place. At the time, he was a Hari Krishna in that organization. But switched allegiances and Kripalu made him an high-up figure in JKP. The second photo is of Mukundananda worshipping Kripalu (even though his website doesn't stress that he worships Kripalu).


Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Former JKP Preacher Pops Up Married and Living in a Born-Again Christian Community — You’ll Never Guess What Business She’s In!


Can you guess who this is? One hint: Former mean girl boss of JKP Austin. Got to love the hat, "wife beater" shirt, and short shorts on this former Hindu preacher!

Well, well, well. Who do we have here? The Prima Donna Preacher. The Queen of Mean. The Witch with a B. The former Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat preacher, formerly known as Prabhakari Devi (aka, Priya Dasi, Sammy Tonnessen). Now renamed CORA!!

Ever wonder what happened to her? I did. She was a thorn in my side the whole time I lived JKP’s U.S. ashram. I was one of the people she loved to target.


I knew about what had happened to some of the ex-preachers. But this person’s whereabouts were a mystery. I wasn’t sure what had happened to her since she and her family were kicked to the curb by Kripalu Maharaji after the arrest, conviction, and escape of Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, the convicted child molester and escaped felon, now deceased.


I had heard that after being kicked out the family of four (mom, dad, brother, and one sister) had spent some time in New Jersey, then Colorado. Then the parents, Sondra and Adolph, settled in Idaho.


I also heard that the family was supposed to get mental help for their son Luke, who had been a preacher (Akhilananda), but had been kicked out due to his lusting after young girls (ironic much?). Frankly, he should have never been a preacher anyway. It was a joke. He was just a kid who didn’t want to deal with worldly problems in my opinion. So he hid out as a preacher.


CORA was a preacher who just wanted to be a boss. She loved nothing more than lording over people. And Prakash gave her a lot of rope to do so.


When I joined his organization in 1993, his favorite disciple and preacher was Sureshwari Devi (aka Meera Devi). But at some point, he flipped allegiances to this gal. I believe his favorite at any given time were whoever could best meet his needs.


CORA met several of his needs — from not-too-sinful, like working on the computer with him, to very-sinful, like: 

  • She had no qualms about doing some very dirty works, such as taking underage girls to Kripalu to be raped, and then threatening the girls not to tell their parents or anyone else.
  • Stalking another young girl to make sure she kept quiet about her many years of abuse by Prakashanand and her multiple rapes by Kripalu.
  • Not protecting her own two younger sisters from Prakashanand’s molestation and then lying in a court of law about it.


Funny thing is that I heard CORA was told by Kripalu to go out into the world and preach and establish centers where none existed. After all, she was allegedly a preacher, right? However, she really didn’t like preaching — or work of any kind. 


As evidence, she spent way more time in the ashram than she did out on the road, staying in multiple people’s homes and spreading the word about Kripalu and Prakash (the evil twins). A lot of her time in the ashram was spent hiding out, like at her parent’s house. She loved to watch movies and take long naps.


In other words, she wanted the life of a pampered princess and boss girl — she loved nothing better than holding court with her minions and telling everyone what to do. She seemed to believe she was already divine and already president of the whole U.S. arm of the organization (she only made it to vice president).


On top of that, she acted holier-than-thou. Like the rest of us were beneath her breathtaking level of superiority in all things Hinduism.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!


Guess where this gal is now? She is married to some divorced man with grown children, living in an area of the U.S. home to a large enclave of evangelical Christians (I don’t know if she is one or not), and running a FUNERAL PARLOR. OMG.


There are no words for how this news hit me. I was in shock that this woman, who loved nothing more than to boss around, belittle, and be mean to some of us sincere spiritual seekers while dressed head to toe in orange, is now planning funerals for Christians.


This just proves to me that all of the so-called preachers in JKP are all fakes. They are all just one small step away from living a very worldly life. They cannot help any of us on our spiritual journey.  


This woman, like many others in JKP, should be in jail — not living free out in the world.


I cannot believe I ever let this wicked person have any agency over my life.


I’ll stop here and let you absorb this reality in your own way. I may have more to say at future date.


I have not used her last name or location, because she is now a private citizen. However, she is also a former very public figure. So, I’m sharing a few more images of her now for education purposes, because she was formerly one of the key characters in this criminal organization (who only barely just avoided justice herself).

Monday, December 18, 2023

Did the Three Greedy Didis of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Commit an International Crime?


Look at us. We're the three Greedy Didis — daughters of Kripalu Maharaji — and we're too special to take the India-made covid vaccine. We need to illegally get the American-made vaccine smuggled into India even though it's totally against international law. Aren't we spiritual? (Sharing photo for educational purposes.)

The three so-called "didis" — daughters of Kripalu Maharaji and alleged "divine" beings — have likely committed an international crime, I've learned from a reliable source. It's related to the covid vaccine. It's illegal for ordinary citizens to transport covid vaccines not only across state lines within a country, but across international lines — in other words, from one country to the next.

However, I've learned that the three Greedy Didis allegedly decided that the India-made vaccines were not good enough for them. They wanted American-made vaccines. They wanted Moderna or Pfizer, which were were not available in India. 

In this article, the Indian government clearly stated:

India's government will not buy COVID-19 shots from Pfizer and Moderna, three government sources told Reuters, mainly because domestic output of more affordable and easier-to-store vaccines has jumped.  

Does the India government know that their lowly vaccines were not good enough for these three entitled individuals — daughters of a child rapist?

Why did they need the American version? Why did they even want it? Why wasn't their country's vaccine good enough for them? Why was it good enough of their little devotee slaves?

The India-made vaccine was good enough for the Prime Minister of India, but not for these three Prima Donnas. They cosplay like they are saints — far above all the peons around them — but they are really nothing but just greedy women who want to live in luxury and be waited on hand and foot.

When they were in America, they had devotees here spinning like tops to buy them expansive creams for their face and other things. They weren't happy with anything, but the most expensive products. My friend had a big bag of creams that they rejected by the time they left America. 

Also, it has to be said that they are so prejudice that they prefer their Indian devotees and treat all Westerners like they are nothing — unless they are rich, of course. But boy do they like our products apparently!!

I also know the names of the two people who actually committed the crimes by getting the vaccines in America, smuggling them in their suitcases, and flying into India with the hidden contraband. I won't say their names now. But I know who you are!!

As has been proven time and again, the three Greedy Didis and their close followers think they are above the law. It looks to me like they are continuing their father's crime spree, just in different ways. 

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Devil or Psychopath? — Creepy Looking Young Kripalu Maharaji, Guru of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

Are you really trusting this creepy looking person with your soul? Kripalu Maharaji looks like he came straight from hell. (See the insane look in his eyes.) That's certainly exactly where he resides now — and where his followers will join him. 

I'm sharing a few ancient images of a young Kripalu for public education purposes — from before he created a guru con game to trap innocent spiritual seekers for sex, money, and power. He looks exactly like what he is — a evil, slimey child molester and rapist.



My advise: Wake up and run from Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat as fast as you can. It can't take you to divine Vrindaban. It can only bring you nothing but misery.

A Report Based on First-Hand Experiences of Kripalu’s Ex-Daughter-in-Law (republished from 2013)

This is Gyanshyam, Kripalu's eldest son, and ex-husband of Divya, a woman who's honor he should have respected and protected, but did not.

I had posted a very important article 10 years ago. It was based on a discussion I had with Kripalu’s ex-daughter-in-law, former wife of his eldest son, and mother of the three grandsons (we had a translator, because Divya only speaks Hindi). Within hours of posting the article, I was asked by Divya to take it down. She had received threatening phone calls from the eldest daughter of Kripalu, Vishakha. When that didn't work, one of her sons call his mother and requested her to ask me to take it down. As a good mother, Divya was not concerned for herself, but for her three sons. She did not want them to be hurt by the insight she shared with me. I did it only for her sake — so the three Greedy Didis would stop harassing her.

As I’ve recently reported in another blog posts, the three grandsons (Divya’s sons) are now safely employed in a range of business ventures. So, I recently realized that there is no longer any career risk to them for me to republish the article. I’m doing so, because I think it’s a very important piece of the puzzle of telling the world the truth. It represents an honest  first-hand-experience look into the evil corruption of Kripalu’s fake religious empire. As is proven by these actions to shut down this article, JKP is VERY concerned about the truth not getting out into the world.


As always, I’m sharing information I have learned to help educate the public, strictly for educational purposes. Dear readers, you are free to make up your own minds. (Note to Didis: I will not be taking this article down this time.)


The Original Post from 2013


I'm happy to report that thanks to a generous soul, I have learned many things about a very extraordinary woman — Divya Shukla. She is the ex-wife of the oldest son of Kripalu ("bharti bharya") and the mother of the three grandsons.


I have learned that when she was a very young woman, she did an extraordinary thing — she stood up to Kripalu after marrying his son. It was only after she was approached multiple times by him for sex (which she refused) that she learned how many women in the organization WERE engaging in sex with Kripalu (nearly ALL of them).


She divorced the son to get away from Kripalu, his horrible places of operation, and his awful criminal behavior — and that was at a time and place when it was very hard for women to divorce their husbands in India.


But she was guided by a very high level of morality. And, so, she left and raised her three boys on her own (apparently her husband stayed behind servicing Kripalu and perhaps engaging in the immoral lifestyle his father created). She also tried her best to get the truth out to the public — but she could not fight all alone against Kripalu’s money and power and scheming to discredit her.


Her story makes me think about all of the people over the decades who left the cult knowing the truth, but have done NOTHING to try to save the many young girls molested and raped on a regular basis or to inform the innocent and sincere spiritual seekers. I have known many preachers who left and did nothing to warn others. Two in particular come to mind: Sureshwari Devi (Meera Devi) and Prabharkari Devi (Priya Dasi) — both of these top western preachers, now called Mary and Cora, are married and living their lives with zero regard for the many others they lied to for years and left behind in the JKP madhouse. I think it’s a shame that some people are too weak or too selfish to help others, especially at the leaving them to be raped by the demon Kripalu.


Meanwhile women like Divyaji overcame nearly insurmountable odds to leave and to try to save others. That is true selflessness — something that is in rare supply in JKP. 


(P.S. During a trip to India, I had been told by an old Indian devotee that Kripalu made his eldest son's wedding all about himself, even riding into the event on an elephant — something the soon-to-be husband of the bride is supposed to do.)


Here are three comments made on the original article before it had to come down.


Arman O.: Individuals are so much weakened whilst in JKP that, people are using their final life energy to rescue themselves and maintain a life again afterwards. People trying to help others are extraordinary. Especially didis are turned into heartless zombies, feeling lucky after being able to have a life again. Also, many people still exaggerate the power of jkp, avoiding what they can do to them. My opinion is that anyone who still has enough life force after jkp is amazing.


Suren P.: Wowww. Kripalu seriously has no sense of self control. He seriously thinks he can walk on water. To Approach Your Own Daughter In Law, who according to Vedic Society is not different from one's daughter, for sex is worse than demonic. And what kind of a person is Kripalu's son to have tolerated his father's intentions towards his wife. Looks like the whole family is in the same boat! Disgusting!


Murali M.: This is a sort of enlightenment. Instead of organised path seeking, it is better to 'walk our own path.’