Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Ashes of Swami Prakashanand Saraswati Were Distributed by Kripalu's Eldest Daughter, Badi Didi — WHAT??

Just one of thousands of photos of Kripalu Maharaji and Swami Prakashanand Saraswati very much together.

After the arrest, trial, and conviction of Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, if you asked any member of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, "Where is he?" The response you would have received is, "Who? We don't know any such person."

To any sane person, this is factually ridiculous. They were co-conspirators for decades. Prakashanand was Kripalu Maharaji's main servant and chief money generator — thanks to the fact that a few of Prakashanand's favorite followers were minting money in the infomercial business — a business sector notorious for scammy business operations. I've been told the main three key infomercial devotees took the scamminess to new levels. 

So after a decade of claiming not to know Prakashanand, suddenly, out of the blue, in 2021,Vishahka Tripathi (aka, Badi Didi, Kripalu's oldest daughter) starts calling devotees in the USA ashram in Austin, Texas, now called Radha Madhav Dham (formerly Barsana Dham) and other places in the USA. 

Each devotee was called one-on-one either by either her or an associate, such as Katie Williams (president of one of the infomercial businesses). They were told they could have some of Prakashanand's ashes. I'm not clear on whether or not they had to pay for them. I'm also not clear if all devotees were included or only "special" ones. I do know when Kripalu Maharahji died, they were selling his ashes to followers (not only his ashes, but I heard they added extra wood and other corpses' ashes, so they'd have more ashes to sell). 

My source for this information is impeccable by the way — but shall remain anonymous. 

Also, I heard that poor Katie, after flying to India to pick up her share of the ashes, discovered that upon her return the ashes were stolen in her very own bedroom. BIZARRE! Who would want them except for other hardcore devotees? (Maybe some devotee who didn't get the "special" offer? Just a guess.)

But the main point is this: What was Badi Didi doing with the ashes of someone she claimed for over 10 years that she didn't even know? And why did they keep Prakashanand's ashes so many years after he died (at least 8 or so years after)? And were they even his actual ashes — or was this just another one of so many money-making scams run by the three Greedy Didis?

So many questions. If you have any answers, please do let me know and I'll post them here.

Here is Vishahka Tripathi (aka, Badi Didi) — one of three very greedy daughters of Kripalu Maharaj, who run the whole Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat organization now since Kripalu's mysterious death.

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P.S. Hey, JKP. By the way, don't cyberbomb my blog with a DDoS attack again, just because I'm telling the world your secrets and you don't like the "uncomfortable truth." I know it was you. I know the conversation you had. I know who was in the room making the plans. I now have proof from an insider. This time we'll follow the money. How many millions did you pay, again, for that attack??

Sunday, September 17, 2023

BUYER BEWARE! The Three Grandsons of Kripalu Maharaji Are Running a For-Profit Business


I have mentioned before that Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat secretly runs for-profit businesses around India while pretending that it is a not-for-profit spiritual organization (aka does not have to pay taxes on the millions it collects every year from gullible followers). 


Now I believe have some proof for you. 


Do you know the three grandsons of Kripalu’s eldest son? If you’ve spent any time in JKP, you do. They are very prominent figures. 


However, they are not spiritual in the least from what I've seen and heard. Do you know how they spent their time in the Austin ashram (now called Radha Madhav Dham) during Kripalu's "2005 World Tour"? I heard via one of the men who escorted them all over Texas. Every day they wanted to play and spend other people’s money. They had the guys in the ashram drive them to amusement parks, movies, shopping, dining out, and more. They like to have flashy watches and jewelry, the latest electronics, and fancy clothes — and they like others to pay for them (just like their grandfather and aunts).


The three brothers would occasionally pop their heads into a satsang — but not very often. When they were in the ashram they mostly just flirted with the young girls. Who knows if they did more than flirt? I was told they also liked to spend time working out to keep their bodies looking buff. 


Then one day, out of the blue, I found this article about the brothers’ business venture. It looks shady as hell to me. There are a LOT of red flags in my opinion that this is one big huge scam (just like many of the other businesses run by JKP devotees). Read the article here — but take it with a large grain of salt!!


Here are my opinions on the red flags that this "business" is one huge scam. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 1. They claim to “manage a wide portfolio of businesses that include renewable energy, deep technology (whatever that is), and sports.” How exactly are they managing such a diverse portfolio? What management experience do they bring to the table, let alone in all these unrelated categories? Actual management executives have extensive years of higher education and years of experience working their way up the ladder. These dudes have been playing “spiritual trust fund babies,” spending their time partying, working out so they are buff, and flirting with females. They would show up at JKP events only so they could be treated like princes by the fawning females. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 2. Even the most seasoned executives do NOT spread themselves thin over several disconnected business areas. These dudes profess to be experts in renewable energy, deep technology, and sports. Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Real professionals stick to one area in which to excel. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 3. I don’t know much about any of the many random people on the so-called Board of Directors of Anand Capital. But I did recognize two faces of two devotees associated with one of the companies. Believe me, I’ve seen this scam before in the Austin ashram. Devotees start businesses just so they can bring in revenue for JKP. They have a wide-ranging scheme of collecting money and then giving it to JKP (schemes that could be called money laundering). The long-time devotee running the company I’m talking about has ZERO experience in the product he alleges to be selling. That should tell you everything you need to know. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 4. The three brothers say they’ve been “instrumental in attracting investments in India and Bangladesh.” That’s code for taking people’s money with no guarantee of a return on investment. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 5. They claim that one of the companies is an “award-winning and patented technology exclusively made in India that holds a billion-dollar potential.” I write about technology for a living and I can tell you that the company’s website screams that it is waaaaaay out-of-date. One actual company that is a leader in this industry had this to say in 2023: “There are many new patents because the focus of this technology continues to shift.”


Also, they brag about how the company was “awarded the prestigious Lockheed Martin-DST Innovation Gold Medals in 2010 and 2011.” Did you catch that? In 2010 and 2011! OVER 13 YEARS AGO! Today, technology changes at lightning speed. Yet, they have posted information on the website that is about a decade old. They have nothing new. If you understand technology, you know this means that what they are selling is useless. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 6. Tossed in among the “renewable technology and deep technology” is incongruous business of sports. Krishn Anand’s claim to fame for being in this business is his “illustrious football club from Delhi.” Funny, you would think I would have heard something about this after all my years in JKP. But I never heard a thing about him being some football superstar. Then they have the gall to call the team they invested in "one of the most successful teams in Delhi." Why? Get this. Because of some success it had in 2012 and 2016 (not even winning). Again they think outdated information is impressive. 


Red Flag Scam Alert 7. Last, but not least, is this ridiculous statement: “Anand Capital is a family-owned business run by progressive thinking brothers Ram Anand, Krishn Anand, and Prem Anand Tripathi who hail from a very well renowned family in India. The Tripathi brothers have been actively involved in various philanthropic and humanitarian activities through their charitable organization, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat (JKP), which aims to provide free health care and education to the poorest of poor in India.” This is lie, after lie, after lie. They have not been active in philanthropic and humanitarian activities. They were too busy being pampered party boys. Did you all know that the charitable arm of JKP (so-called) is theirs? I sure didn't. Perhaps that's explains why their charitable activities are so weak — and no where near in proportion of the billions JKP has tied up in a "complex network of India-based trusts."


I can sum up my opinion of the entire operation of the JKP grandsons — BUYER BEWARE. If any company chooses to do business with any of these companies, it’s my belief that you will be very very sorry. I think they will be happy to take your money — and run!!


As for devotees of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, you may think something along with lines of “oh, good for them. The boys are businessmen and trying to do good for the world.” But you would be na├»ve if you think anything of the sort. This is just another scam business operation looking to rake in other people’s money to keep millions flowing into Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. 


How else are they going to pay off corrupt politicians, acquire more land, and build elaborate new temples? (Here is one image they were propagating to apparently get people to donate their hard-earned money to building this fantastical looking building. I’m not sure if it ever got built. It looks like something out of a cartoon to me.) 


If you know anything more about what I believe is 100% a scam "business" operation, please send me a message. I'll post it here. 



I received the following message from a former JKP insider who knows all of their dirty secrets: 

"A huge amount of money is being collected in the name of donations for temples and hospitals. It was stored illegally in some accounts of organisation in the names of family members, like Ghanshyam development trust, Balkrishna rural development trust, etc. Also, after every Sadhana Shivir, crores of rupees are deposited in the accounts of the grandsons. Crores of money have been invested in different businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, etc."