Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Will the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Sex Cult Finally Be Exposed? Big Story Developing

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P.S. Hey, JKP. By the way, don't cyberbomb my blog with a DDoS attack again, just because I'm telling the world your secrets and you don't like the "uncomfortable truth." I know it was you. I know the conversation you had. I know who was in the room making the plans. I now have proof from an insider. This time we'll follow the money. How many millions did you pay, again, for that attack??


  1. I had gave challenge to God
    To seduce me and said I like people like Samuel not u...
    And I was writing all without mind..
    My mind was out of control..
    To control myself
    I am liking him
    Snake and bird ring is good..
    I got diamond ring
    And criminal of other crime will go jail
    And criminal of my crime who died go to respective place as ur sin .
    For my sin prize God will be seen to u..
    Thank u

  2. Suga bro don't fear say truth..
    God is with u

  3. Whose army is God
    And again please army save me..

  4. I don't know anything..
    Ask ur God anything what it is..
    Message it is..

  5. Do u know snake and bird language..
    This snake here is not going anywhere..
    Even flower princess decorate here u are see my very lavish mind world .

  6. Prakashananda ji said..
    You can see anything what u wish ..
    Doing roopdyan..
    Real and roopdyan is only same for
    Ur mind is also influenced by God

  7. Little Krishna bodyguard of king Bali
    After king Bali went to someone ..
    Comes here with one form..
    As he is bored watching him

  8. 🤐🤐🤐
    Do I look like Naagin to u..
    Yeah ...
    Send more Naagin me...
    Shesh ji has no idea what to say to God

  9. If these three are in ur home..
    U should keep hundred policeman

  10. If they are holding BTS .and I have to hold them..
    My emotions will damage..
    Ashram basi army..
    Oh God..
    More than BTS gods of heaven are handsome..
    Call anyone will serve

  11. 🤐🤐🤐🤐
    Who wants world 🌍🌍🌍🌍
    Whole earth keep..urself .
    Send message to ur Naagin to sheshji
    He is handsome...if vishnuji doesn't come alone

  12. Stop of period...
    And anemia sign I also got was on covid .
    Cause of my fight with King of heaven we won't take ur sin anymore ..
    Who are good their periid should off on that time

  13. He is saying why u were running away from gods .
    We don't do anything to any good girls .
    And all started to do sin and we had only sinful giving from earth. .and we were helpless so we had don't that bishowroop kind.
    Drama ..but if period will be off all earth will be on cry of what thing happened to body.
    So. .it is continued

  14. Please keep doing yagya etc making excuses ...
    And make our gods strong.
    If we don't do yagya their power downs.
    They take energy of holy people also.
    So keep doing sadhana .
    Don't fight with gods .
    God devotee any gods if do disturb contact indra directly thank u