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Who Exactly is the Latest Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Preacher at RadhaMadhav Dham USA? — Insider Reveals Secrets of “Swami Haridas”

Swami Haridas of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat in Nepal. What exactly is he doing in Radha Madhav Dham USA?

There’s a new swami is in town — and at the formerly named Barsana Dham ashram (currently called Radha Madhav Dham.) “Swami Haridas” heralds from Nepal and is one of Kripalu’s many preachers in the field working to bring him warm bodies and cold hard cash. He’s been in and out of Radha Madhav Dham over the past few months, and is running a two-day program this weekend.

But who is this “Swami Haridas” exactly? I had the chance to speak with a person in India who knows the truth about many of the so-called preachers of JKP, including this man. Here is the scoop directly from my source — please warn everyone you know:
“The actual name of Swami Haridas is Hari Pandey. He has only a primary school education. He made fake certificates of degrees to go abroad. He used to do property business helping people buy and sell real estate in Kathmandu. HE WAS A PLAY BOY.

“He started attending Kripalu’s satsang after listening to lectures of Parikari in Kathmandu. He was actually attracted to her appearance rather than to the devotion. Eventually he became attracted to another girl named Sangita Pandey of BhatBhteni, Kathmandu, who was a good singer. She used to sing in the satsang, and her whole family was involved in JKP. They began an affair.

“Then other satsangis from Kathmandu objected to their behavior on the train while going to Mangarh from Kathmandu in October 1996. Then they got married, as there was no other option other than that. They couldn't have child after marriage because Hari Pandey is defective. Also because of the nature of Hari Pandey they often used to quarrel, and I saw them quarrelling in the ashram in Mangarh as Hari was falling for other girls.

“As Hari Pandey was expert in convincing people for selling and buying properties, he used his talent for recruiting money for ashram and he succeeded. He didn't have his own house, or even any money to pay for groceries. There after he got to stay at the ashram of Kathmandu freely. He bought some properties by collecting money in the name of the ashram. He engaged most of the satsangis in Nepal and got lakhs of rupees. He then became close to Kripalu and took over the Kathmandu ashram.

“Naresh Harjani was looking after the ashram before him, and he took it over by kicking out the main doner, Mr. Bhawnani (who died recently in USA). Now there are two groups in Kathmandu and Nepal. Those who go to Kathmandu ashram. A second group who are supporters of Naresh never go there, but are directly linked to the Mangarh ashram.

“The main job of Haridas and his wife was to mindwash the new girls and get them ready to be in front of Kripalu (when he visits Nepal). I have also got to know that while convincing girls to have sex with Kripalu, Hari Pandey says: "If I had a women's body I would have RAS with Maharajji." Because of his full support for all evil doings of ashram, he was made a pracharak of ashram to preach in Nepal, and to worked to get more and more people of higher society, like media and judges, involve. After becoming preacher Hari Pandey became Haridas. His wife always travels with him in Nepal.

“Haridas also has sex with new girls. Young girls are his weakness. But he chooses only those who do are poor and materially weak, and long for a luxurious life.”

By the way, if you are wondering why Haridas is making trips to Radha Madhav Dham now, rather than Mukundananda, it’s because Prakashanand never liked Mukundananda, so he doesn’t want him taking over “his ashram” now. Despite his ability to charm some people, Mukundananda is not without sin either. He apparently also likes the ladies.

Please resist the urge to put these people on a pedestal, believing they are holier than thou. Not only are they as corrupt as Kripalu Maharaj, but also it takes very little to become a preacher in this organization. The people are chosen for their ability to spread the scam, not for any pure devotional qualities.

It’s no surprise at all that the people who represent Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat are dishonest and corrupt. What else could you expect of an organization where the leader is among the world’s biggest sex addicts, child molesters, and scam artists?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Painful First-Hand Story of a Young Girl in India Who Was Raped byKripalu Maharaj

Kripalu in his bed, where he has raped uncountable young girls.

This week I received a letter that a young girl in India wrote about five years ago and sent to an ex-devotee of Kripalu Maharaj. This letter was forwarded to me with permission to publish it on my blog in order to continue educating people about the truth of the wicked Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat organization. However, I am not using her name, and you will understand why. I must warn you that this letter is very explicit and very disturbing.

The young woman who wrote it is Indian and confesses that she does not have a full grasp of English. I left her words as is, rather than correct them, because they are her words and they are very powerful. I do not want to adulterate them. I did add English translations of the Hindi phrases she used, which were words Kripalu said to her while raping her.

I know what I think of this. Please share your thoughts.

Dear brother,

My name is ------. Now I am living with my husband in Cuttack in Orissa. My request is please keep my name secret as it may destroy my happily married life. My husband does not know about past expirences with Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. I will put in front of you in detail about the dark sides of this huge organisation.

In the name of Lord Srikrishn they initially attracting people with their nice musical chantings and authentic Vedic philosophy of Sanatan Vaidic Hindu Dharm. Anyone can be attracted after listening the philosophy of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj. Once you entered their boundry their disciples just like dalals of dalal street pull you and make your mind wash to make you prepared for sexual relations with Kripaluji Maharaj.

My english is not so good. Still I will try my best to put everything in front of you.

I first listened him on Sanskar T.V. three years before. I became crzy about him to have darshan of him after listening tattva gyan form all scriptures. My parents objected. But still I went to their ashram in mangarh (Near Kunda,Dt/Pratapgarh,U.P.). I got very very impressed by their discipline and behaviour, especially when I hugged by Kripaluji Maharaj because i never expected that a great personality like him will hug me. At that time I thought that I am the luckiest in the world to have a so nice, great guru like Kripaluji. There I met his other disciples, some 5years..some 10 years....some 20 to 30 years in his satsang. I met other ladies who are living there since more than 10 years...most of them were from Orissa and Nepal. They became my friends and told me that Veda says that there is no diff between Guru and Bhagwan and do bhakti of guru like Bhagwan. They gave me hours of lecture to do sadhana. At that time I blindly believed everybody in the ashram and stayed there for a week.

On the 6th day in the ashram one of the ashram lady who is personal assistence of Kripaluji maharaj told me that the highest philosophy is to love god as your husband like gopis. Gopis loved Lord with kama bhav and they got chance in RAS with Srikrishn. As there is no difference between Guru and God .. and also you can see, can touch guru, not god, you should love guru in kama bhav. There is no harm in it. are a lady and you cannot live a lonly life.You want sahara (support) in every field of life. For that you will marry a worldly material man who want your body only and you will get nothing after death, but if you love Kripaluji Maharaj and surrender yourself complitely in front of him you will be benefitted complitely in material world as well as spiritually. As by that time I was complitely influenced by the music, philosophy and attractive personality of KM (Kripaluji Maharaj) his assistants words touched my heart. I started thinking that He is god himself and I will live whole life in his ashram and will do sadhana to attain Divine Love of Srikrishan.

On the seventh day when I was returning I told KM that "I want to stay in ashram." He replied you need written permission from parents and at least 1 lakh rupees in your name. After that you may stay here." Than he hugged me tightly. This time I feel a little ackward but I didn't feel as his asst. told me before that he is the god himself.

I returned home with his sweet memories. I did not know that it is a hundred percent DHOKHA ...... cheating ...... making fool of innocents ..... playing with their BHAVANAS, their simplicities...... After comming home I quarrelled with my parents. Warned them if you don't allow me I will commit sucide. I want to live a good life like Mira bai. WHYyou object me...........Mira Bai was my idol ... I was very happy internally that at last I have got a chance to have Shikrishn in the form of Jagagguru and a great environment throughout my life without any worries, any tensions. At last my parents agreed and allowed me and made necessary arrangements for me to stay there.

Now I was very very happy just like I got a one crore lottery. This is the light side of my story. Now the dark side begans.

Ladies who are living there are given seva. Some looking after garden, some in publishing department, some in weaving wollen clothes, some doing stone work, some in kithens. I was given kitchen sewa. My duty was to assist kitchen incharge Subhadra aunti and Hansa didi. I was totally busy in the kitchen, even I could not know the date and day ...But I never got a chance to take thali into KM's room. Subhdra aunti and hansa go with thali's with prepared foods at time of lunch (at 7:45A.M) and dinner (at 3:15 P.M). I just peep from the door side how he is eating. I thought as I am a new comer and may be their sadhana is far better than me as they are very old -- living there since last 20 years. Some day I will get the chance to feed him.

But one thing I marked that at 11:00 A.M. (after Maharajji having a nap for 2 hours) when we prepare light break fast everyday that is taken by different different ladies who are living in the ashram before me. But nobody was allowed to peep from out side and the door was closed for 20 to 30 minutes. When I asked about this to my incharge she just burst on me.....and warned me not to ask anything and to thinking or uttering a word... I became more and more depressed as days passed. I missed my mother very much. Whenever I was allowed to talk to my parents their strict order was not to discuss what is going on in the ashram and just to say that I am O.K. After completing one month like this KM's asst. told me that I am going to feed Maharajji the next day at 11:00 A.M. I was a very happy that who I am respecting as a God is being fed by an ordinary JEEV like me. I could not sleep the whole night in joy. I was a little nervous too. So I asked one of the elders how to feed Maharajji.. she laughed at me.....and told me once you enter his room Maharajji's asst. will help you.

The next day when I went to M's room with food I saw M's asst. and other 3 girls are there before. Maharajji after finishing food moved his hand to others to go out and told me to stay there with him without any words. Everybody went out and M's asst. locked the door from inside. Then she went outside from the other side of the room and locked that from outside. I was so scared heart satrted beating very fast..then M' said – “You are doing sadhana and loving me so much. TUM MERI PYARI AND MEIN TUMHRA PYARE. Aa gale lagja. (Translation: “You are my love and I'm your love. Come close to me and hug me.”)

At that time my head was eating circles, my intellect, mind completely empty.. not in mood to think anything.. Stand before him with head down looking on my toes. M' stand from his bed and hugged me tight. At that time he was telling that MEIN TUMKO BOHUT PYAR KARTA HUN TUM MUJHE PYAR KARO. (Translation: I love you so much, now you love me too.) Than he kissed my head, slowly comming down to my laps..... I don't know helplessly I didn't even utter a word at atht time. He held me very tight and kissed me for about 5 minuts in different parts of my body. HE was telling me TO TELL PYARE TUM MUJHE AISE PYAR KARTE ROHO. (Translation: Tell me my love that you keep loving me like this; in other words, he wanted her to tell him to keep doing whatever he was doing to her).

Then he ordered me to put off all cloths and sleep on his bed... At that time I was thinking that I am with god and having RAS with him. I did the same then MK put off his clothes. Then he slept on me and told me to tell him, PYARE TUMHARE LING MERE ANDAR RAKHHO. (Translation: Now my love put your private organ (penis) inside my private organs.) I repeated the same, he put his penis inside my secret organs I felt severe pain. Then he said don't worry everything will be O.K. Don't be scared....... for next 20 minutes I slept on his bed and he raped me again and again..... I was totally hypnotised at that time and quietly surrendered in front of him. After that he asked me to put on clothes and when I was ready to go out side he told me AAJ KA DIN YAD RAKHNA TUMHARA EK ALOUKIK PURUSH KE SATH SAMBHOG HUA HAI. (Translation: Always remember today's day that you have physical relation with very extraordinary man.)

I was feeling severe pain in my genital system and in my whole body. Slowly I moved from the room directly towords my bed. I just fall on my bed depressed. I slept for 5 hours. In the evening when I got up from the bed my other room mates came near me and watching me so depressed they tried to convinse me that every bhakta's aim is to have ras with Srikrishna and you got it so easily. You are very lucky............

I wanted to tell my mother everything but feared that what people will say in the society if they come to know this.. So I kept my mouth closed and after that day my turn came regularly after every 20 to 30 days... I dicided in my mind that this may be my destiny .... Now what to do...... When my mother came after 2 months she was happy looking my charming face.. But in a doubt she asked ARE YOU O.K.?...... I could not stop my tears... She guessed what is going with me. Still I didn't tell her anything because of my self reputation...... (I myself had choosen and quarreled with her to stay in ashram and there was a good reputation of me among our relatives that I am living a sacred divine life in Vrindavan.... This fight in my innerself became more and more panic. There in the ashram I saw all the ladies in the same condition. All are jealous with each other and quarelling with each other in simple matters just like badly materilists.

Now I began to think myself with Gopis' of dwapar yug. I found neither me nor other ladies are comparable to gopis in any way. They were divine personalities with full knowledge of all Veda's and are beyond MAYA TATTVA where as I and others who are living here are materilists and with all MANASIKA VIKARA's (mentally sick) like KAMA, KRODH, LOBH..etc. So I decided to left ashram in my mind.... and came home. I told my mother that the extreme climete in Vrindavan is not suitable for my body. So I will stay in our house and do sadhana. Any how my parents agreed.

If I will write like this it will be a novel. Since last 7 months I am living a married life. But my near and dear people arround our society still think that I am great. But I know that I have been cheated.. and If I say anything to anybody that will bring me unexpected danger in my married life.

But I am writing you because you people have the capacity to check other people being cheated like me. I will give you what ever detail information you need about any persons in the Ashrams of JKP. One case in 1992 when MK is sent to jail for there was case of rape which lasted for 13 years is won by him showing his old age. But I swear he is capable of doing sex at this stage. His times for sex in the ashrams are 11:30 A.M and/or 4:00 P.M.

His asst. are NILU DIDI (Origin -Nagpur), HANSA DIDI (From Hyderabad-her sister also lives there named KANCHAN who is asst. to the eldest daughter of MK). His kitchen incharge are-SUBHADRA AUNTI and SHARADA (who was a prostitute and was a teacher in Berhampur, Orissa -living there since 2 years after resining from her service as teacher).

He has 3 daughters and 2 sons.-
1.Vishakha Tripathy(BAdi didi)-asst. is Madhavi and Kanchan
2.Shyama Tripathy(Majhli didi )-asst. is ---New lady I don't know name
3.Krishna Tripathy (Choti didi )- asst. is --- -do-
The above are inchares of three mazor ashrams Vrindavan (Shyama Shyam Dham), Mangarh(Sadhana Bhavan Trust and Barsana (Rangilee Mahal) respectively. They always stay with Maharajji and Ammaji (Maharajji's wife) and travell with them where ever they go all are unmarried. All three have kept 3 charted accountants to operate ashrams. They are Ram (Originally, officially-Rajnish Puri Canadian native) and LAKHAN (Ram's younger brother______ Both are Kitchen incharge SUBHADRA's son) and NITIN GUPTA (from Delhi- He stays in Barsana ashram).

All CA's operate all transactions of ashram in Delhi ashram (Radha Govind Trust). All are very expert and forward. There are 2 other people who help 3 daughters are -
1. Driver of Maharajji-Nagraj- (He was working in ahotel in Mumbai-appointed as driver since last 11 years)
2. Sanjay-from Banaras-working in ranbaxy office at BAnaras
3. Swami radhika Sharan (lives in ashram since 35 years-suppose to have sexual relation with all three)

Two sons of MK are married,
1. Ghanshyam Tripathy (People call him as BADE BHAIYA) have 3 sons (They live in a luxurious 3 fllored building in Lakhnow built by ashram. Their duty is to travelled by three diff. cars behind ladies.
2.Balkrishna Tripathy (Chote Bhaiya)-Lives in Mumbai with his one son and one daughter.
But These two sons have bank accounts with crores of transaction. All is mentained by 3 doughters of maharajji.

Maharajji's Manager is Swami Prakashanand who has establissed BARSANA DHAM (Radharani temple) in Austin, Texas in USA. He has made and donated that Rangeeli Mahal ashram in Barsana, mathura to maharajji's 3rd daughter, but originally he is doing everything. The 3 daughters are always busy in collecting nice clothes and diamond jewleries from abroad. Prakashanand's asst. is BISWAMBHARI. She always stays with him. Now a days Prakashnand is suffering from Prostate gland cancer.

Next important person is Swami Mukundananda (His reputation is very good in societies of Orissa, Nepal, Gujrat)___ but he is also involved in sexual relations with the girl's who are living in ashram.

Now the stage of all girls if anyone see from outside look great but originally they are with a false fruit (i.e. MITHYA PRASANSA (to flatter) FROM WORLDLY PEOPLE that they are living a godly life).

At last with a hope that you will start investgation on it. My last request please don't expose my name. For any further details you contact by mail I will answer hiding from my husband.

A poor girl

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Transformation After a Cult — The Freedom to Be Authentically Me

I can't stop smiling while enjoying dinner at an Austin restaurant on a Saturday night.

After 15 years of force fitting my personality into a process that I was told would lead me to God, I ended up in the darkest, dankest pit imaginable: My “gurus” were frauds and child molesters.

Shortly after I moved out of my one room in a group home in the ashram, I had a chiropractic appointment. I’d been seeing the chiropractor for five years and we’d had a few discussions over the years, usually about how I needed to relax more (perhaps take a vacation) and get more sleep to help cure the raging migraines that had taken over my life.

After adjusting my neck, he looked at me with genuine delight on his face and said, “Wow. You have really changed.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re a different person.”

“Really? In what way.” I was thrilled at his unexpected declaration, and curious to know exactly what he meant.

“You’re smiling, your bubbly, your glowing. You used to be so quiet and withdrawn, and you never really smiled. It’s like you’ve come alive. I’m blown away.”

“Wow!” I said, smiling. I was blown away too by his glowing commentary.

“I have only seen such a dramatic transformation one other time: When a drug addict kicked his habit.”

Recognizing My Transformation

I left my chiropractor’s office floating on air. I knew that I felt better since leaving my oppressive cult: I truly felt reborn. But to have someone else recognize my transformation made me extra joyful.

While his reaction buoyed me even higher than I was already at being free of the cult, it also reminded me of how far I’d come from being that perpetually sad spiritual seeker.

But then, what other outcome is there for a person who joins an unnatural, closed community that takes away their individuality, eliminates their freedom of speech, and rules their lives like an overbearing psychotic parent? There is only one outcome possible in this environment: A deconstruction of yourself and your identity, a diminishment of your self worth, and an infantilization of your personality. This was exactly the result of the rigid, dogmatic belief system I lived within for 15 years.

The Freedom to Transform

Whether it’s called God realization, self-realization, or whatever, people on a spiritual search are ultimately looking to be transformed. However, any rigid structure of any religion, or spiritual path, or ideology boxes us in and diminishes us, instead of doing the one thing it needs to do: Free us to truly transform.

My transformation came only after my body, mind, and soul were outside of the gates of my former guru’s ashram. As I drove away from his gated hell for the last time, I rolled down the windows in my car, turned up the radio, and sang loudly all the way to my new home. This was something I never would have done while living there, because I never was happy.

Once out, my transformation continued in various stages, including three months of debilitating grief. But even the grief was a necessary step in getting over and moving beyond my negative experienced. In fact, the four years it took me to get completely over getting conned by fake spiritual leaders were the most profoundly transformative period of my entire life.

Now I understood where everything I ever wanted existed: Within myself.