Monday, January 1, 2024

Update on My Book — "Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus" (The Book JKP Does NOT Want You to Read)

I receive many messages from people asking questions about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat — but I have already addressed most of their questions in my book: Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus.


Please, if you really want to know the truth about this organization and its founder, Kripalu Maharaji, read the book. The blog posts on this website are also revealing. But my book has the whole story — from A to Z — including many of the secrets of Kripalu’s 60-year sex cult posing as a “spiritual organization.”


You can purchase the book on Amazon: 


Buy the book in the U.S. and every country but India: click here


Buy the book in India: click here


Also, I have an exciting update on my book, which I’m happy to share. In 2023, my book was optioned by a very prestigious multi-media production company (optioned means they are considering turning the book into a movie or show).


This production company already has movies, documentaries, and television shows on many streaming platforms, like Netflix. They are now considering how to tell a story about the dark side of JKP.


If they do produce a story based on my book, it will be a great opportunity to educate more people about the truth of this organization and help them steer clear — for the well being of themselves and their family members.


You can be sure this will NOT be good news to JKP. After all, they spent millions to try to silence my book. The organization quite literally tried to bomb, bury, and ban my book.


JKP’s first attempt was a cyber-bomb


JKP hired a dark-web cyber-criminal and paid him over a million US dollars to cyber-bomb my blog with a DDoS attack. An insider shared the whole story with me. They made the plan in the guru’s bedroom. Gathered the money. And instructed a devotee to pay the cyber-criminal to bomb my blog. 


They all cheered when it happened — including Kripalu Maharaji, Prakashanand Saraswati, and all the corrupt devotees with them. However, what they didn’t count on was that I would just move my blog — to Blogger, which is owned by Google. I doubt they will try and cyber-bomb Google!


JKP’s second attempt was to bury my book


The next step JKP took to silence my book, was to hire a law firm to write a letter to Amazon to tell them to remove my book from their website.


Amazon wrote back and said: “Take up your issue with the author” and Amazon copied me on the email. So I saw JKP’s whole scheme with my own two eyes. Of course, my book is still on Amazon.

JKP’s third attempt was to ban my book


Finally, JKP has banned all devotees from reading my book. In this way, they are a lot like American Republicans, who are attempting to ban books that tell people the truth on a wide range of topics.

What Doesn't JKP Want You to Know?

If you want to know the secrets about JKP, you should consider reading the book that JKP tried to bomb, bury, and ban — Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus


Discover exactly what they don’t want you to know!!


Happy New Year in 2024!!


P.S. As part of my long and difficult journey of healing from a wicked cult, I have changed my name to Aya Ray — meaning ray of light. I like to think of it as my freedom name. (Rishika was my nickname that I chose just after escaping the JKP cult.)





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