Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can a 90-Year-Old Guru Still Have Sex?

The man I formerly called “guru” looks like hell.

In a recent video, Kripalu Maharaj’s face is bloated and blotchy, like a rotten potato. He shuffles when he walks. And he looks like he is miserable. Chances are, he’s on his last leg.

I hope all this means he can no longer molest and rape young girls – finally.

However, much of the damage that he has been capable of doing in his long life is already done. Thousands of young girls have already suffered at the hands (and other body parts) of this monster over the past several decades.

As one woman told me about girls molested and raped by him:

“There are kids who were involved in this organization with their parents who have end up drinking heavily, doing drugs, or getting involved in gangs. This HAS to stop.”

This result is common among children who have been compromised sexually. They end up with a wide range of problems, from promiscuity to drug addictions.

Some people have a hard time believing that Kripalu has had so much sex with so many women and young girls for so long. After all, they say, how can an old man “have sex”?

First of all, sex with Kripalu is not limited to the basic act of sex that we typically think of. There are many things a creepy old man can do to a young girl.

Secondly, the thing that normal people don’t realize is that Kripalu does not operate by normal rules, because he is a sociopath. He lives in his own twisted mental state, where he is a god and everyone is here only to serve him. For him, sex isn’t even about pleasure or desire. It’s about control. This is true for many sexual deviants, like him. It’s difficult for normal people to understand this. But not understanding the truth has helped Kripalu continue his crimes unabated.

Thirdly, he’s been raping and molesting young girls for decades – not just since he’s been an old man. In 1991, after he was arrested for rape, an Indian newspaper gave a detailed account of his life, including this report:

“While giving a lecture, Kripalu saw a beautiful girl in lecture hall. And told his servant to take that girl to his bedroom. When she was in his room. Kripalu closed the door. He ordered the girl to take off all her clothes. She got scared and asked why. Kripalu said, ‘I am giving you prem dhan. If you don’t do it, something bad will happen to you.’ She got scared and took off all of her clothes. He raped her. This was in 1970. In this way, Kripalu gave prem dhan to many young village girls. 

Educated young girls were also getting caught in the trap to get the prem dhan. There was a line to get the prem dhan.”

I just spoke with an Indian man who left the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat cult after six years. He said that he started to become uncomfortable when he visited Barsana Dham (Radha Madhav Dham) during Kripalu’s visits in 2005 and 2007. He thought the emphasis on money collection was obscene.

But things got even more obscene when his wife was invited into charan seva ("body pressing" in the privacy of Kripalu’s bedroom). He said, “She witnessed another woman putting her hands up under Kripalu’s dhoti and 'pressing' his privates. She was in shock. She told me immediately after leaving his bedroom. I was also in shock. They knew we were upset and tried to make us talk to Prakashanand. But we left the ashram the next morning and left the organization for good.”

Despite this experience, this man still had questions about Kripalu’s ability and desire to engage in sex. I had to tell him the gory details about what Kripalu does in secrecy in his bedroom, including the belief by many that Kripalu takes Viagra. (I describe Kripalu’s bedroom activities in detail in my book, Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus.)

Now he will be turning 90 soon, and hopefully no longer be able to molest children. But that is still not the point.

The point is that he has already hurt many, many thousands of young girls, and done significant damage to their bodies, minds, and souls. These girls have to live with the memory of being violated by this creepy man for the rest of their lives. Who knows what impact it will have on their lives, what issues they’ll suffer as a result, or what kinds of chronic nightmares they have.

The best thing we can do now is to honor these women by believing their stories of abuse, not questioning them, and not making excuses for a sick old man who claims to be god, but who behaves worse than an animal wallowing in mud.


  1. Thanks for your good work.

    I would like to reflect upon a comparison of two organizations with similar, though not identical situations. Both are cult-like environments. Both have a glorified leader who is viewed by adherents as a god man. Both have aided and abetted enduring child molestation by leaders of the organiztion.

    I am talking about Penn State University and Barsana Dham/JKP. Though a comparison with the Catholic Church might also be appropriate. Maybe another time.

    But let us look at how both organizations have handled the situation.

    Penn State has managed, at least, to finally openly adjudicate the crimes of their past leaders in a reasonably fair and transparent manner. They have acknowledged the failings and are preparing for the consequences.

    BD/MRD/JKP , on the other hand, have covertly helped their convicted leader to abscond and have taken an Orwellian approach to wiping out his past existence, in their preferable view of history.

    Both of these reactions provide us with real evidence about the true nature of the respective organizations. Such an analysis will yield a result that is fairly close to the real truth. We can say that Penn State does have a core democratic and legal administration. We can say that they are truly interested in the future of their academic community.

    We can also clearly discern that BD/MRD/JKP are totalitarian organizations where complete adherence to the organization's dogma is required for participation. The facts include substantial and undeniable evidence of a long history of sexual abuse within the organization. Criminal proceedings against both primary the leaders of the organization have been prosecuted or are pending in several countries. There are claims of financial exploitation against the organization.

    This shows us that BD/MRD/JKP are very clearly criminal and dangerous organizations. BD/MRD/JKP neither recognizes nor adheres to the laws and constitution of the nations in which they operate, including the U.S. Their greatest victims are their very own adherents, who are blind followers that have given up any hope of survival outside the organization. There is a significant attrition within the ranks, and those leaving the organization after having witnessed the criminal and offending acts. This means that BD/MRD/JKP must constantly recruit new people.

    Therefore, in an effort to prevent any future damage by BD/MRD/JKP, it is imperative that those who have been expelled come forward and tell their true stories. Please contact the owner of this blog if you are such an individual. I will gladly offer to provide and arrange legal counseling for anyone who steps forward. Your full discretion is garanteed. The goal is to record and catalog testimony from a large number of individuals from around the globe. Those from outside the U.S.A. are also encouraged to get in touch.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Agent GG.

    I am sorry for the late reply. This comment was in my spam folder. I'm so glad I found it. It is a very important message. I'm going to post it on my Facebook page -- and write a blog post about it.

    I too have been thinking about the similarities of these two entities. I have been thinking a lot in particular about how many people knew of the Sandusky's criminal child molestation and rape -- BUT NEVER SAID A WORD. Just exactly 100% like Radha Madhav Dham, Barsana Dham, Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat and all the other names the organization operates under.

    You have outlined the similarities in great detail.

    Thank you so very very much. I will do what I can to spread the word.


  3. Hi,
    You can call me Ram. I am from India.
    I have read your articles and these people are not the only ones from India, there are many more. What's disturbing is that these people are into such brutal practices in the name of spirituality.
    I was in Haridwar, India, the place is crowded with Baba's and spiritual Guru's, and most of them sit under the tree with their body covered with ash wearing a necklace that a normal human being would with uncomfortable wearing one. I saw one baba and he claims to be a Lord Shiva, the destroyer and creator. I am not sure if this baba created any, but destroyed the very roots of Indian Culture. There was this french woman who happened to be lost in the ways of the fake Guru. what she doesn't realize is they abuse her by calling her in names which i cannot mention here because its explicit.
    I am an Indian and i have heard of many Gurus taking a bad turn in their life exploiting, harassing devotees sexually and mentally disturbing the peace they are supposed to spread.
    When they get a little more fame than they had expected they take it to another level by going abroad and disturbing the lives of young women who need desperate attention for their life. These fake ones take advantage of that.
    A real Guru is hard to find, and even if you find one, he will serve with the stuff you expect from him, nothing more nothing less........
    Thank you for sharing...............
    I sometimes know what to write, but i fail in the way to present if u find my comment in any way offensive, please accept my apologies..........

    Thanks & regards,
    Ramanathan V Shankara

    And God Bless!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you very much for posting your thoughts here Ramanathanji.

    I appreciate everyone who speaks out against the abuses of fake guru conmen and women. Speaking out is the only way to help people understand the truth and avoid this particular scam. The fake gurus gain so much power when people do not take a stand -- and speak out. If more people would stand up to them, they would have no longer have any power to corrupt innocent spiritual seekers.

    Best to you!

  5. As you told us how maharaj kripalu gives Prem dhan to female devotees, kindly also tell us about male devotees.

  6. Hello Amitji,

    As far as I know, male devotees get nothing. This even came up as a question to the fake "guru" Prakashanand a few times by his male devotees, who were confused, because there is a lot of emphasis on "the women becoming gopis and loving Krishna in divine Vrindaban forever." So women are told to meditate on this.

    Some men asked: "What about us?" But the question was never answered by anyone, and always pushed under the rug. It doesn't really fit into their philosophy -- that Kripalu is the divine lover. They tell women and girls who go into his bedroom to treat the experience as if they are "gopis making love to Krishna."

    Interestingly, I once heard from a very credible source, the preacher formerly called Sureshari, who told me that Prakashanand wished her was a woman so he could spend private time with Kripalu. She even hinted that he had been intimate with him in some way at some time. Perhaps other men within JKP also wish and imagine they are women too.