Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Painful First-Hand Story of a Young Girl in India Who Was Raped byKripalu Maharaj

Kripalu in his bed, where he has raped uncountable young girls.

This week I received a letter that a young girl in India wrote about five years ago and sent to an ex-devotee of Kripalu Maharaj. This letter was forwarded to me with permission to publish it on my blog in order to continue educating people about the truth of the wicked Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat organization. However, I am not using her name, and you will understand why. I must warn you that this letter is very explicit and very disturbing.

The young woman who wrote it is Indian and confesses that she does not have a full grasp of English. I left her words as is, rather than correct them, because they are her words and they are very powerful. I do not want to adulterate them. I did add English translations of the Hindi phrases she used, which were words Kripalu said to her while raping her.

I know what I think of this. Please share your thoughts.

Dear brother,

My name is ------. Now I am living with my husband in Cuttack in Orissa. My request is please keep my name secret as it may destroy my happily married life. My husband does not know about past expirences with Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. I will put in front of you in detail about the dark sides of this huge organisation.

In the name of Lord Srikrishn they initially attracting people with their nice musical chantings and authentic Vedic philosophy of Sanatan Vaidic Hindu Dharm. Anyone can be attracted after listening the philosophy of Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj. Once you entered their boundry their disciples just like dalals of dalal street pull you and make your mind wash to make you prepared for sexual relations with Kripaluji Maharaj.

My english is not so good. Still I will try my best to put everything in front of you.

I first listened him on Sanskar T.V. three years before. I became crzy about him to have darshan of him after listening tattva gyan form all scriptures. My parents objected. But still I went to their ashram in mangarh (Near Kunda,Dt/Pratapgarh,U.P.). I got very very impressed by their discipline and behaviour, especially when I hugged by Kripaluji Maharaj because i never expected that a great personality like him will hug me. At that time I thought that I am the luckiest in the world to have a so nice, great guru like Kripaluji. There I met his other disciples, some 5years..some 10 years....some 20 to 30 years in his satsang. I met other ladies who are living there since more than 10 years...most of them were from Orissa and Nepal. They became my friends and told me that Veda says that there is no diff between Guru and Bhagwan and do bhakti of guru like Bhagwan. They gave me hours of lecture to do sadhana. At that time I blindly believed everybody in the ashram and stayed there for a week.

On the 6th day in the ashram one of the ashram lady who is personal assistence of Kripaluji maharaj told me that the highest philosophy is to love god as your husband like gopis. Gopis loved Lord with kama bhav and they got chance in RAS with Srikrishn. As there is no difference between Guru and God .. and also you can see, can touch guru, not god, you should love guru in kama bhav. There is no harm in it. are a lady and you cannot live a lonly life.You want sahara (support) in every field of life. For that you will marry a worldly material man who want your body only and you will get nothing after death, but if you love Kripaluji Maharaj and surrender yourself complitely in front of him you will be benefitted complitely in material world as well as spiritually. As by that time I was complitely influenced by the music, philosophy and attractive personality of KM (Kripaluji Maharaj) his assistants words touched my heart. I started thinking that He is god himself and I will live whole life in his ashram and will do sadhana to attain Divine Love of Srikrishan.

On the seventh day when I was returning I told KM that "I want to stay in ashram." He replied you need written permission from parents and at least 1 lakh rupees in your name. After that you may stay here." Than he hugged me tightly. This time I feel a little ackward but I didn't feel as his asst. told me before that he is the god himself.

I returned home with his sweet memories. I did not know that it is a hundred percent DHOKHA ...... cheating ...... making fool of innocents ..... playing with their BHAVANAS, their simplicities...... After comming home I quarrelled with my parents. Warned them if you don't allow me I will commit sucide. I want to live a good life like Mira bai. WHYyou object me...........Mira Bai was my idol ... I was very happy internally that at last I have got a chance to have Shikrishn in the form of Jagagguru and a great environment throughout my life without any worries, any tensions. At last my parents agreed and allowed me and made necessary arrangements for me to stay there.

Now I was very very happy just like I got a one crore lottery. This is the light side of my story. Now the dark side begans.

Ladies who are living there are given seva. Some looking after garden, some in publishing department, some in weaving wollen clothes, some doing stone work, some in kithens. I was given kitchen sewa. My duty was to assist kitchen incharge Subhadra aunti and Hansa didi. I was totally busy in the kitchen, even I could not know the date and day ...But I never got a chance to take thali into KM's room. Subhdra aunti and hansa go with thali's with prepared foods at time of lunch (at 7:45A.M) and dinner (at 3:15 P.M). I just peep from the door side how he is eating. I thought as I am a new comer and may be their sadhana is far better than me as they are very old -- living there since last 20 years. Some day I will get the chance to feed him.

But one thing I marked that at 11:00 A.M. (after Maharajji having a nap for 2 hours) when we prepare light break fast everyday that is taken by different different ladies who are living in the ashram before me. But nobody was allowed to peep from out side and the door was closed for 20 to 30 minutes. When I asked about this to my incharge she just burst on me.....and warned me not to ask anything and to thinking or uttering a word... I became more and more depressed as days passed. I missed my mother very much. Whenever I was allowed to talk to my parents their strict order was not to discuss what is going on in the ashram and just to say that I am O.K. After completing one month like this KM's asst. told me that I am going to feed Maharajji the next day at 11:00 A.M. I was a very happy that who I am respecting as a God is being fed by an ordinary JEEV like me. I could not sleep the whole night in joy. I was a little nervous too. So I asked one of the elders how to feed Maharajji.. she laughed at me.....and told me once you enter his room Maharajji's asst. will help you.

The next day when I went to M's room with food I saw M's asst. and other 3 girls are there before. Maharajji after finishing food moved his hand to others to go out and told me to stay there with him without any words. Everybody went out and M's asst. locked the door from inside. Then she went outside from the other side of the room and locked that from outside. I was so scared heart satrted beating very fast..then M' said – “You are doing sadhana and loving me so much. TUM MERI PYARI AND MEIN TUMHRA PYARE. Aa gale lagja. (Translation: “You are my love and I'm your love. Come close to me and hug me.”)

At that time my head was eating circles, my intellect, mind completely empty.. not in mood to think anything.. Stand before him with head down looking on my toes. M' stand from his bed and hugged me tight. At that time he was telling that MEIN TUMKO BOHUT PYAR KARTA HUN TUM MUJHE PYAR KARO. (Translation: I love you so much, now you love me too.) Than he kissed my head, slowly comming down to my laps..... I don't know helplessly I didn't even utter a word at atht time. He held me very tight and kissed me for about 5 minuts in different parts of my body. HE was telling me TO TELL PYARE TUM MUJHE AISE PYAR KARTE ROHO. (Translation: Tell me my love that you keep loving me like this; in other words, he wanted her to tell him to keep doing whatever he was doing to her).

Then he ordered me to put off all cloths and sleep on his bed... At that time I was thinking that I am with god and having RAS with him. I did the same then MK put off his clothes. Then he slept on me and told me to tell him, PYARE TUMHARE LING MERE ANDAR RAKHHO. (Translation: Now my love put your private organ (penis) inside my private organs.) I repeated the same, he put his penis inside my secret organs I felt severe pain. Then he said don't worry everything will be O.K. Don't be scared....... for next 20 minutes I slept on his bed and he raped me again and again..... I was totally hypnotised at that time and quietly surrendered in front of him. After that he asked me to put on clothes and when I was ready to go out side he told me AAJ KA DIN YAD RAKHNA TUMHARA EK ALOUKIK PURUSH KE SATH SAMBHOG HUA HAI. (Translation: Always remember today's day that you have physical relation with very extraordinary man.)

I was feeling severe pain in my genital system and in my whole body. Slowly I moved from the room directly towords my bed. I just fall on my bed depressed. I slept for 5 hours. In the evening when I got up from the bed my other room mates came near me and watching me so depressed they tried to convinse me that every bhakta's aim is to have ras with Srikrishna and you got it so easily. You are very lucky............

I wanted to tell my mother everything but feared that what people will say in the society if they come to know this.. So I kept my mouth closed and after that day my turn came regularly after every 20 to 30 days... I dicided in my mind that this may be my destiny .... Now what to do...... When my mother came after 2 months she was happy looking my charming face.. But in a doubt she asked ARE YOU O.K.?...... I could not stop my tears... She guessed what is going with me. Still I didn't tell her anything because of my self reputation...... (I myself had choosen and quarreled with her to stay in ashram and there was a good reputation of me among our relatives that I am living a sacred divine life in Vrindavan.... This fight in my innerself became more and more panic. There in the ashram I saw all the ladies in the same condition. All are jealous with each other and quarelling with each other in simple matters just like badly materilists.

Now I began to think myself with Gopis' of dwapar yug. I found neither me nor other ladies are comparable to gopis in any way. They were divine personalities with full knowledge of all Veda's and are beyond MAYA TATTVA where as I and others who are living here are materilists and with all MANASIKA VIKARA's (mentally sick) like KAMA, KRODH, LOBH..etc. So I decided to left ashram in my mind.... and came home. I told my mother that the extreme climete in Vrindavan is not suitable for my body. So I will stay in our house and do sadhana. Any how my parents agreed.

If I will write like this it will be a novel. Since last 7 months I am living a married life. But my near and dear people arround our society still think that I am great. But I know that I have been cheated.. and If I say anything to anybody that will bring me unexpected danger in my married life.

But I am writing you because you people have the capacity to check other people being cheated like me. I will give you what ever detail information you need about any persons in the Ashrams of JKP. One case in 1992 when MK is sent to jail for there was case of rape which lasted for 13 years is won by him showing his old age. But I swear he is capable of doing sex at this stage. His times for sex in the ashrams are 11:30 A.M and/or 4:00 P.M.

His asst. are NILU DIDI (Origin -Nagpur), HANSA DIDI (From Hyderabad-her sister also lives there named KANCHAN who is asst. to the eldest daughter of MK). His kitchen incharge are-SUBHADRA AUNTI and SHARADA (who was a prostitute and was a teacher in Berhampur, Orissa -living there since 2 years after resining from her service as teacher).

He has 3 daughters and 2 sons.-
1.Vishakha Tripathy(BAdi didi)-asst. is Madhavi and Kanchan
2.Shyama Tripathy(Majhli didi )-asst. is ---New lady I don't know name
3.Krishna Tripathy (Choti didi )- asst. is --- -do-
The above are inchares of three mazor ashrams Vrindavan (Shyama Shyam Dham), Mangarh(Sadhana Bhavan Trust and Barsana (Rangilee Mahal) respectively. They always stay with Maharajji and Ammaji (Maharajji's wife) and travell with them where ever they go all are unmarried. All three have kept 3 charted accountants to operate ashrams. They are Ram (Originally, officially-Rajnish Puri Canadian native) and LAKHAN (Ram's younger brother______ Both are Kitchen incharge SUBHADRA's son) and NITIN GUPTA (from Delhi- He stays in Barsana ashram).

All CA's operate all transactions of ashram in Delhi ashram (Radha Govind Trust). All are very expert and forward. There are 2 other people who help 3 daughters are -
1. Driver of Maharajji-Nagraj- (He was working in ahotel in Mumbai-appointed as driver since last 11 years)
2. Sanjay-from Banaras-working in ranbaxy office at BAnaras
3. Swami radhika Sharan (lives in ashram since 35 years-suppose to have sexual relation with all three)

Two sons of MK are married,
1. Ghanshyam Tripathy (People call him as BADE BHAIYA) have 3 sons (They live in a luxurious 3 fllored building in Lakhnow built by ashram. Their duty is to travelled by three diff. cars behind ladies.
2.Balkrishna Tripathy (Chote Bhaiya)-Lives in Mumbai with his one son and one daughter.
But These two sons have bank accounts with crores of transaction. All is mentained by 3 doughters of maharajji.

Maharajji's Manager is Swami Prakashanand who has establissed BARSANA DHAM (Radharani temple) in Austin, Texas in USA. He has made and donated that Rangeeli Mahal ashram in Barsana, mathura to maharajji's 3rd daughter, but originally he is doing everything. The 3 daughters are always busy in collecting nice clothes and diamond jewleries from abroad. Prakashanand's asst. is BISWAMBHARI. She always stays with him. Now a days Prakashnand is suffering from Prostate gland cancer.

Next important person is Swami Mukundananda (His reputation is very good in societies of Orissa, Nepal, Gujrat)___ but he is also involved in sexual relations with the girl's who are living in ashram.

Now the stage of all girls if anyone see from outside look great but originally they are with a false fruit (i.e. MITHYA PRASANSA (to flatter) FROM WORLDLY PEOPLE that they are living a godly life).

At last with a hope that you will start investgation on it. My last request please don't expose my name. For any further details you contact by mail I will answer hiding from my husband.

A poor girl


  1. Very sad story, good thing is that she is a virtuous lady and seeking for truth, so that she disclosed the evil inside the ashram. An ordinary meterialistic person is good compared to these so-called devotees inside JKP ashrams, falsely thinking they have advanced to the level of gopies but in reality fully covered by lust, anger, greed etc. Abusing the names of Radha-Krishna is an offense and also claiming himself as Krishna is a very big offense but Kripalu does both of these offenses, eventually he has to undergo punishment for sinful activities like this. A day definitely will come when Radha-Krishna teaches him and his cult members a proper lesson.

  2. Sriganesh,

    Thank you so much Sriganeshji in sharing your thoughts. It's only through the very brave ones, like the author of this letter, that the truth about JKP has been exposed. I am grateful to the brave few.


  3. Thank you Karenji, is there any chance that I can email her (only if there is no her objection)?

  4. These people should be subjected to the highest level of brutality by the Justice System. There are three kinds of people who have the highest level of respect even in inside the prison. 1) Politicians, 2) Fake Guru's as these and 3) Thugs and terrorists.
    All these spend their time in spiritual awakening inside prison either to escape prison or flourish their tribes..........

  5. ek jagad guru ko ek gyani ko is terha badnaam karna galat baat hai

  6. I am troubled reading this story. I am so sorry to hear such atrocities are committed against women, children - just in the name of Krishna.. the devotees who follow JKP are bunch of emotional brainwashed hogs.. dont know what is sanatana dharma is all about, but think this thug is incarnation of Krishna. This is all a possibility because these dumb followers just shut down their intellect. I am more worried now, kripalu M will die any time but after that there will be other caged monsters (preachers) will be released to carry out more crimes. Thank you Rishika for fighting this cause. Krishana's devotees come in many forms. I am sure for this particular work, he choose you.

  7. Hello Bijayji,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate the support so much.

    I too am still shocked that so many people stay and support such a monster conman. The truth about him and his preachers was hidden for decades from the majority, but it's out there now. So no one has any excuse. I am trying to understand the troubled and perverse minds that support a child rapist, but it's difficult.

    I can only hope that the truth reaches the people who are willing to hear it. I know I cannot penetrate the minds of those determined to believe he is Radha Krishna.

    One thing that will happen when he dies is that the preachers will be fighting among themselves for territory and power. There is so much discord among them now, but they don't show it to the public. Hopefully, they will all undermine each other once Kripalu is finally in hell.

    All my best,

  8. Dear Rishika,
    Thanks for beliving that fake story. Read below:-

    I trust what the "analitical thinker" has said, SKM is a saint in our world with his perfect teachings.
    I have met him twice and felt the tremendous attraction towards Lord Radhakrishna just by seeing him a glance in person and on media channels.
    I think we all should stop wasting our time arguing here in this very expensive and priceless human birth and start making some use of it by giving our servies to the DIVINITY.
    Remember : we are not human beings having spiritual knowledge but we all are spiritual beings having human knowledge. We have to get back to God in this limited time period.
    Lord Budha:
    In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”
    In a controversy the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth, and have begun striving for ourselves.

    1. You offer no evidence of this as a fake story, but simply counsel blind faith by invoking a few irrelevant quotes from scriptures. I am very saddened that this story seems to be true. It certainly has the ring of truth to it.

  9. This is really a very sad story. I can't hide my emotions after reading this fact. I heartly pray God to bless this innocent child and must punish that bastard who made the life of this child so painful. I am always with U.
    You can contact me incase of any help.


  10. tipu (real name hidden)December 6, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    look 1st get this straight. There is no such thing as god. Animals some are even more intelligent than humans never worship god.
    That said. His motives are clear. Say Krishna's name, make money and if you get female followers just force them to bed. Rather force suggest them.
    I am planning to do a sting operation. I will find out his address.
    I just want some idea structure of the building. And a method so I could get as close to his lifestyle. Record him then put in main stream media.

  11. Dear Krishnaprasad,

    I feel the same way. My heart breaks for this young woman, and for all the young women, as well as everyone else hurt by the members of the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat cult. I continue to hear the most heartbreaking stories.

    Thank you so much for your support. I wish there was a way to get the word out to a larger audience to protect more people.

    Best regards,

  12. There is no proper evidence against shri kripalu ji...... why r u blaspheming him ... it is very sinful.... if u have any proper evidence like video then only u can expose..... what happened in the case of Nityanand of south..... but i know u don't have any... their is no worth of just listening from anyone .....

  13. Hello Whoever you are,

    Kripalu's many many victims of sex abuse are the proof.

    Did you know it's a sin to support a child molester and not protect children?


  14. these stories. can't be treated as evidence. even I can send u so many fake stories against kripaluji.... I m not his follower but I can say he is a pious man as I hail frm pratapgarh

  15. Hello,

    It's funny that you say these stories can't be used as evidence against him, when this information comes directly from people who have known him and been abused by him and his congame organization.

    Yet, you say you are not his follower and you KNOW his pious simply because you come from the same area. How in the world is that evidence of anything?

    I come across many people who won't face the facts about this man -- and that is exactly why he has gotten away with his criminal behavior for 60 years.


  16. Dear inquisitive soul,

    Followers will always boost their leaders no matter how corrupt they may be, as for as philosophy is concerned no pious man will claim himself as God as Kripalu does, it's a very big deviation from shastra and by common sense one can understand that God can not be arrested and taken into prison house. Like above there are many stories from many many people I heard, everything can't be fake.

    I am from South I know about Nityananda and his followers, like you they also say those videos are morphed and fraud videos. For a believer, any true evidence will become fake since he/she is implicated in that way. But those people who were insiders who came out and suffered so much will understand how dangerous cult it was.

    Even though for a moment if we assume no cases are there against Kripalu but still we can't accept him on the grounds of shastras since he claims himself as God and don't have any Guru which is mandatory as Lord Krishna Himself said. He proclaims that Kashi Vidvat Parishat has given him Jagadguru title but no one from Kashi Vidvat Parishat came forward and defended Kripalu when he had been arrested.


  17. Thank you Sriganesh for explaining this so well.

    You are so right. No amount of evidence will change the minds who people who have invested so much -- their minds, bodies, time, money, families -- in a fraudulent person. There are so many psychological issues that strangle a person's commonsense and judgement when confronted with the truth about something in which they want to believe.

    It's true that no person, group, organization, or scholarly body within Hinduism has ever stood up for Kripalu. He appointed himself as God, Krishna, Radha, and Jagadguru -- and only his blind followers believe the lies.


  18. You can't get any evidence like a Video or something reg So called fake Gurus... Once you enter inside their empire ur trapped. There are thousand numbers few innocent blind follower n few cunning culprits..they wud brain wash you or live u no where. Even politicians, business tycoons, celebrities work and support them..
    People should open up their eyes and understand the Indian philosophy, it no where says God demands money for aarati, money for Sadhana, money for everything.. Even a small organisation spend some money for advertising his products to gain more money .. Same way these money making guys do some charity ( hospital, school) as a part of advertisement strategy to expand their business, in return make money in multifolds.. And we fools instead of thinking to do something gud for the country continue doing gud for such ' money making guys,.... A visitor of the Ashram

  19. Hello Sobhuji,

    Your words speak the truth so loudly and clearly. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


  20. [...] 12, 2013, someone going by the name “Inquistive Soul” wrote the following comment on one of my blog posts about a woman’s first-hand story of sexual abuse: There is no proper evidence against shri kripalu ji…… why r u blaspheming him … it is very [...]

  21. I would like to put here my thoughts after visiting this Ashram, I stayed there for few days as my in laws staying there and they are so badly trapped by so called Guru, I cant just get them out of this trap. They are so crazy even if I show them the real news, they say it is Sin talking against Guru or God. To them, they should not even use their brain, just follow whatever Guru says as he is the ultimate form of God and he never can be wrong.

    However I was taken aback the more and more I came to know about the life style of them..
    1.Their "one of the many" Empire is a Small Town, the place they live in, I can call it a palace made up of marble with beautiful architecture worth of billions.
    The Guru comes out of his palace in Mercedes, book helicopter to travel to a nearby place,
    2.They find guilty in serving the pilots with plain rotis whereas God never find any such guilty he is much more above of all these thought, Indian Mythology says Lord Krishna was having food with poor Sudama
    3.A vehicle is imported from some foreign country worth of few millions for the Guru to travel inside the palace
    4.Artificial Garden with artificial animals and trees, each imported from foreign country with millions each, if all these could be open to tourist, India could earn a good amount of forex and we could be counted as one of the development country in the world
    5. There is fees for Aarati, to do Sadhana to see the daily work of Guru through some sites called Lila Bliss, I never heard any Indian Philosophy or mythology says any God charge for such things..
    6. Guru preaches, to reach God you have to give all your money to him, as money is the biggest lust for the human, then what about such Gurus who enjoying on people's money, why they are not using it for human kind
    7.Guru never saying no to all these luxurious and lavish life, he not saying instead of he enjoying people's money it should go in good way..people dying out of starving, why such Gods not able see this..
    8. They say their devotees not to take onion, garlic but they do take, dont understand the logic behind it.

    From where these money coming, they do any declaration how much coming in and how much being spent on for the benefit of the people ?? No body has a answer to it.

    Many professionals working in this organization in the name of SEVA, starting from printing books, cooks, drivers, enggs, computer experts, Finance experts without any salary and money earned ( from profit from all such activities and saved salary). Money earned in such way goes where ??? How much percentage of it goes to charitable purpose ??? Offering Money is even a kind of SEVA and people over there eager to do such SEVA..
    I am not doing any allegation might 100% going to charity but any declaration ??

    However I was curious to know yesterday's Ram Tripathy today a multi billionaire and if all the money earned is being in charity then what is the secret behind him became a multi billionaire ??? Doesnot it seem a way to earn money and expand business ???Fake Gurus and Corrupt Politicians eating up us, but how many of us can really do anything ?? Just a few comments on such blogs which goes to how many % of the population and out of them how many realizes and if realize then how many really come forward to take some action ??

    I remember the Anna Harare coming up to fight for corruption but at the end what comes out ?? nothing ... Delhi gang rape case...same few blogs, few updates, hot news for media for few days...thats it....

    If these Gurus are really some higher form of human, then why they are not raising their voice/doing something for the crimes happening around them...If all Gurus are some or other form of God and all have come to reform the human kind then instead of expanding their own empires, why not coming forward together to end up bad things..crime, corruption etc.... Many More in my mind...But Helpless who cant save her own in laws from such trap dont think cant save anybody else..

  22. Hello Sobhuji,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences at one of the (many over the top) ashrams of Kripalu Maharaj.

    To answer your question about charity: JKP gives very very little money to charity. In fact, there was never ANY talk of charity until a few years ago when their bad deeds came into the light. Only then they started telling people that the money they were collecting was going to build hospitals to the poor. You are right in your estimation of the temples costing billions -- the vast majority of the money JKP has collected has gone to build lavish temples and ashrams and into a "complicated network of India-based trusts" so the Tripathi family members can live like kings and queens for the rest of their lives.

    It's a sin and a crime.

    I started this blog to share the truth with the world. I never expected to be able to stop JKP from existing. I only hoped to help some people understand the true nature of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat and Kripalu Maharaj (aka Ram Tripathi). If I can help bring awareness and save even a few souls that is worth all the effort for me.

    Thank you again for sharing. This kind of information will also help some people see the truth.

    Best regards,

  23. Dear Karen,

    I believe in "Seeing is Believing"..

    I haven't seen Guru involved in any sex scandal neither personally came across any victim, so not commenting much on that front. As mentioned earlier, No Videos could be taken as a proof as only reliable and dedicated devotees only allowed for the personal SEVA to the Guru.. Believe these days he might have stopped giving Prem Daan due to age factor...And in Corrupt Indian Politics money can buy any proof...To me the Guru by look doesn't bring any positive vibe instead he seems a negative character so even don't dare to go nearby him.

    However I heartly wish such fraudulent activities should be stopped. I personally feel he is looting us and found having a very strong network spreaded like a spider net. Network interms of people/devotees, politics, medical practitioners, business tycoons, media n all..

    I wonder how a person can stop using his brain which we believe is the most beautiful gift by God and get brain washed by some other person. I saw people live in Ashram so crazy, they speak the Guru's words, blindly follow and rude at times. I have seen the Ashram cabs give excuses paying toll (which should be paid) and fight with the police at times. If Gurus doing reform of the man kind then why the devotees so mannerless..They misuse things in the name of God. These Devotees don't have issues giving millions to Guru interms of Donation or Charity but fight with poor for few rupees.

    One more thing wonders me..he preaches that Lord Krishna (Hindu God) is the only Man and all others Females, he present himself as Radha, dressed up as Radha (I have few pics of Guru dressed up as Radha) then how he can say to women devotees in his Ashram to behave as Gopis while giving so called Prem Dan/ Rape...Guru contradicting in his own words.

  24. Hi Sobhuji,

    No, you would never see the sexual acts of kripalu -- he does all that in super private circumstances in his bedroom, which is guarded around the clock by his servants. Everything sexual was only known to those women who participate -- until his arrest in Trinidad for rape. Then, thanks to the Internet, all of the truth came out. When I started writing about it online, many other victims told me their stories.

    One wonders if his "prem dhan" is so special, why have they kept it so secretive. All the women are strictly told not to tell anyone, even their husbands.

    I too witnessed the nastiness of many of his devotees. It's truly shocking. No one is happy in that place. They are all egotistical and constantly in competition with one another. I couldn't wait to get out on my first trip -- I counted the minutes, but was trapped for one month.

    In a moment of foolishness, I went a second time. Again, I couldn't wait to leave. His ashrams are not pleasant or devotional places whatsoever. It makes me sick to my stomach to even remember it now.

    Again thank you for sharing.


  25. Hi Karen,

    thanks again for the good work you are doing, it has helped me to come to terms with what I experienced and I hope it will help others too. It takes time even for ex-devotees to accept what was truly going on under their noses

  26. Thank you Oona -- for speaking out and for supporting the mission of exposing JKP's dark secrets.

    I agree that it's shocking to realize how we were all fooled by this cult and it's sociopathic leader(s).


  27. hi

    i am sorry!
    i cant believe this... Are you not cooking up the matters...
    i have been regularly hearing his & his followers speeches . His teachings are not different from teachings of A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada of ISKCON. i have cleared many spritual doubts in my mind when i listen to his discourse. He quotes from scriptures with numbers& not manufactured by himself. he has never declared himself that he is lord himself as i read from your blog. he is always lost in krsna prem.
    i am sorry i m deeply hurt by reading your blog .
    only lord krishna knows the truth.

  28. Hi Kumar,

    Here I would like to throw some light.. A PhD holder use his respective knowledge to earn money, a Finance Expert ( CA, ICWAI, CS etc) use their finance knowledge to earn money, and IT Prof use his computer knowledge to earn money and such Gurus use their Vedic knowledge to earn money by making people blind to use their brain. Being knowledgeable or Veda expert doesnot mean a person is a saint..

    I true saint never lives a luxurious life the Guru is living. He lives like a King, he comes to the Sadhana Hall via a separate entrance, sits in a Singhashana like a King before his servants .

    If you say he has never declared himself as God then for what he does Leelas like Lord Krishna and for What his Leela Bliss charge people to see his day to day activity, Why he being dress up as Radha and why he throws flowers to his disciples using his feet ????? (I have proof to every word I say here). Why he says he the incarnation of saint Chaitanya, who knows this fact ??
    His EARNING by his knowledge, USED FOR SELF & FAMILY vs FOR HUMAN KIND
    A news in statesman regarding Prakashnand can never be 100% fake. The Lavish life of Guru & his family is not fake.
    I am not questioning you as there could be many illogical answers to it, however I wish people use their brain to think before act on something or somebody's words, following a Guru is not a bad thing however if Guru doing something wrong, never accept it with a fact "God can never be wrong". God has gifted all human being with a precious decision making "BRAIN", listen to others and judge it with facts.

  29. Hello Kumarji,

    No one could be sorrier than me that everything written here is true. After all, I spent 15 years of my life believing that kreepalu was God. I had nothing to gain by him being a thug and con man -- and everything to lose.

    My dharma now is to inform the world about what I experience, witnessed, and learned.

    It's painful. The old adage is accurate in this case -- the truth really does hurt.

    Anyone who knows the Hindu scriptures knows that kreepalu doesn't meet any of the guidelines for a saint, let alone, a God. He repeatedly said he is God -- Radha Krishna to be exact. What's more, as a "guru," he said he was "more important than God."

    He is always lost in his own sociopathic delusions of grandeur.

    I'm sorry you are caught up in his con game.


  30. hi

    i have been hearing his speeches for the past 10 years . i have never heard him saying that he is lord krishan/radha krishan / avtar of chaitanya mahaprabhu. even an idiot cannot accept this. if any one accepts him as lord krishna / cmprabhu, he is a fool.
    If you visit any ISKCON temple you would know how the idols are arranged . in the top most RADHA KRISHAN / LORD RAM WITH HIS ASSOCIATES / balaram subadra & krsna WILL BE in the top ladder and then will be followed by gurus: srikrshna chaitanya prabhu, nityananda , gadadara, advaita vasadi gaur etc in the next below ladder. i mean to say guru is as respected as lord but is always a step below. A.C.B.V. Swami prabhupada who spent is 70,s in abroad instead of in vrindavan & spread love of devotional service to the whole world is in the down most ladder.(& not in the top ladder!!)
    krupalu says guru must be as respected as you respect god. he never said i m your guru & give the respect that you would give to lord krishna. its all nonsense.
    Actually for me no material loss in hearing his speeches. infact my love towards lord krishna enhances when i hear it . i dont pay anything for it. infact i gain rather than losing. i have never gone even to his ashrams .
    i have seen some devotees like parikari deviji producing tears from eyes when they do kirtan .
    i read similarly in some other blog that krupalu ji was left free after a trial in both the Nagpur & trinad case very long back!
    Even if the statements related to krupalu has some sense ,then only thing i try to under stand how cruel , the lord's inferior energy of MAYA is. when it attacks a person who is thorough in scriptures (can you suggest a person who recites all hindu scriptures with their numbers since the age of 35 ) , how it will leave a simple materialistc pshcho path living being like us will be saved from maya's attacks & can escape. It is attacking a person who is 90 years old.
    if your statements are true regarding krupalu ; then you & I have to learn only one thing : the lust for opposite sex is strong that it does not leave you at any stage of life . so be cautious . so they say in tamil language that only three types of desires are there : Lust for wealth, opposite sex & finally lust for land.
    it is only by HIS KRPA (KRSHNA MERCY) that attacks of MAYA (Inferior energy of lord) will go (as Krupalu ji says in his speeches).
    Hare Krishna

  31. Kumar,

    If you haven’t heard it said that Kripalu is Radha, Krishna, and Chaitanya, they you haven’t been listening. Maybe you have heard him directly say it – but everyone else around him says it. And so many of the events promote this idea, such has him dressing as Radha and Krishna and dancing like Chaitanya.

    What’s more, all of the women who go into his bedroom to have sex with him are told to consider it a leela with Krishna.

    Kripalu says over and over that he (the “guru”) is greater than God – not below or beside, but ABOVE.

    It’s obvious that you don’t know these facts, since you admit never having gone to his ashrams.

    There are many actors, like Kripalu and Parikari, in JKP. I have also seen Parikari and other preachers waiting anxiously outside of Kripalu’s bedroom to spend “private time” (aka, have sex) with him. There is so much competition for his attention among his preachers and the females who like being with him sexually.

    Just because Kripalu has the money to stay free from prosecution does not mean he’s innocent. Far from it. His many many victims are proof of this.

    The fact that Kripalu has memorized some scriptural passages says nothing about his so-called “spirituality.” I never said he was stupid. In fact, he is smarter than most people – that’s one reason why he has successfully conned so many.


  32. Ravi,

    I know too many people like you who refuse to believe the truth and refuse to have compassion for the victims of Kripalu. I wonder how you reconcile your relationship to God.

    You say we should "start making some use of it by giving our servies to the DIVINITY." That is exactly what I am doing by exposing a man and his organization -- who takes cruel advantage of thousands of innocent spiritual seekers. That is my dharma. What is yours?


  33. Hi

    I wish it were possible to get video proof -- but Kripalu is guarded like Fort Knox. His close followers know exactly what he does, they approve, and they facilitate. Just because he's old doesn't mean he's stopped.

    Besides even if there were video evidence, blinded people would say it was doctored.

    The best way to get him is by his corrupt money collection schemes. Does anyone know who in India could conduct a full investigation?

  34. This comment means: "Talking bad about such a knowledgable Jagad Guru is very bad!"

    Heramb, What is bad is not helping to prevent people from getting hurt by an evil abusive con man. He is no more a knowledgeble jagadguru than anyone else. He gave himself the title "jagadguru." His knowledge is limited to the scriptural verses he repeats to to keep people worshiping him, instead of God.

  35. Dear Karen,

    You can contact news channels in India. They can certainly do sting operation on JKP and bring forth the truth.
    There are some really good people in media fighting for truth . Just scan through Intermnet. One person is Anchor of news channel Timesnow - Arnab Goswami. Times group is a powerful and well connected media house . They have what it takes to take on JKP.....

  36. I am from cuttack, orissa.can you please give me the address of sobhuji who realized the fake activities of guru kripalu ji maharaaj.

  37. Amitav,

    I will send him your email address.


  38. Dear Amitav,

    What are you going to do with my address ? I dont want to motivate or convince anybody with my words, so no use of contacting me. If you want to know about the truth please visit one of these Ashram, stay there for few days without any negativity, talk to innocent person who believe Kripalu as their God (you would find many cunning who just busy in expanding their empire and business) , you would come to know what is wrong and what is right. Thanks & All the Best.


  39. I want some fact about jkp trust.pls.tell me.09829192792

  40. This narrative does look authentic. There are so many loose ends. The pupose seems to malign Kripalu ji and moreover Hinduism.
    There are many many people who can investigate further while keeping your identity secret. Why do not you contct them instead of publishing on internet. One day people close to where you live may identify you. So I do not see any reason for you to publish it here instead of doing more about it. Why all of a sudden now afetr so much time? Oh you wanted to expose them... ok ok ... is this the only way without committing any thing from your side?

  41. Hello Nouse,

    Why is it better to keep silent about abuse than to tell your story and warn people -- and possibly save people from the same fate?

    I think helping other people is the highest dharma.

    Regarding the passage of time -- can you even imagine the horror of being sexually violated by a so-called "guru" or anyone for that matter? A person goes through all kinds of emotions and often can't talk about it for years. That is very common.

    I'm sorry you don't seem to care at all about the victims of this cult. Others do care. So please don't try to silence them for some misguided notion.


  42. Sad story indeed. One big doubt . I just surfed more about this guru , and I was surprised by one point , he has wtitten litreture and bhajans equivalebt to real saint like Meera and tulsidas .MY little knkwledge says that without grace of God no one can write such a excellent litreture.
    w my doubt goes to you.
    You could be a west culture person who may be destroying image of may be real saint.
    History says that people like you always behaved rude with real sa

  43. It seems you are a cheat rishika. I checked one more point of this guru , he appears to have great knowledge of vedas which a common person or a cheat persob can not have in full life term.
    You appear to do all this by instruction of a christian or muslim who may be trying to take fingers on hindus.
    You appear to be a bloody pros.

  44. Yes Rishika, you appear to be a christian Daayan which trying to insult Hindu spritual people.

  45. Rajesh,

    You "surfed" the internet and just happened to learn more about Kripalu, huh? And I'm supposed to believe that. To coin your own phrase: "my doubt goes to you." Because you sound exactly like a die-hard, brainwashed follower of this con man. I've been around waaaaay too many people like you to count. And you all of you have have one unstoppable mission -- to worship a child rapist and to point fingers at anyone who tries to tell the truth about Kripalu and JKP.

    It's people like you -- and, sadly, there are a lot of them -- who are among the reasons that more people have not spoken out about their abuse at the hands of this creep. Because they knew so many wouldn't believe, so many would call them names, and nothing would change -- Kripalu would keep on abusing and collect mountains of crores of cash and building ostentatious temples to worship himself in, and people like you would keep supporting him.

    I was one of the few people who was not willing to just walk away from the truth -- a REAL higher power (not the low, gutter power of kripalu) inspired me and kept me going, even while being bashed and ridiculed by so many like you. If you think your words can stop me, think again. (By the way, I'm not publishing your two other insulting comments.)


  46. kripalu ji is a family man, he had his wife he has three daughter and son also,

  47. this blog is just for making money illegaly

  48. Nisar,

    What does that have to do with anything? He has recruited them into his cult corruption. It's worked out really well for him to have such a large band of gypsies fooling people.


  49. Nisar,

    And how is that happening exactly?

    Your Kripalu is ripping people off in the millions of dollars, saying it's for charity while building monstrous temples everywhere, stockpiling millions in illegal trusts, expecting people to pay him in cash, and not paying appropriate taxes, as reported in the India media.

  50. Hi Rishika,

    I went through all the comments here. I can feel your efforts for proving the truth of this.
    If anybdy need a proof, can visit to this link:

    We are not still independant, Angrejo ne to sirf 150 saal luta, magar in jaise pakhandiyo se hamara desh kab aazad hoga pata nahi....

    And all you ppls who dont believe rishika, must watch OH MY GOD movie once..


  51. Hello Smrityji,

    Thank you so much for the support.

    Those who can open their eyes will believe the truth. Those who wish to believe a lie, will continue to believe in Kripalu.


  52. By the way, here is the translation of Smrityji's statement in Hindi:

    European people ruled India before independence. And Robbed India for 150 years. But when will our country get independence from these kind of fake gurus, we don't know?!!

    Here is the link to watch "Oh My God" for free. It exposes the whole guru con game.!+Oh+My+God&lang=hindi&id=1301

  53. Dear Rishika,

    We know why we all are making so much noise in this forum - our efforts are backed by our first hand knowledge and experience with this thug 'Jagadguru'.

    I ask the Kripalu devotees - just for one time to use the head and try dig facts on this supreme con. Just for the sake of argument - imagine if suppose this thug, I said 'SUPPOSE' - if Kripalu did in fact molested one innocent victim(not consensual sex) and the victim kept quite because of shame, guilt or fear - the crime is huge. DO YOU WANT TO BE PART OF ANY OF THIS? DOES ANY OF US WANT ANY OF THIS CREDITED IN OUR KARMIC DEBT? JUST THINK. The person who is revered by millions must have the highest possible integrity and standard of living. Guru is worshiped as Bhagavan himself. Is this THUG worthy of being called a GURU? What a shame - how could you (kripalu followers) killed your intellect??

    What Kripalu doing in the name of 'GOPI BHAV' is the highest level of despicable act one can think of. And to be part of this act, help kripalu in this act directly or indirectly and glorify this thug as Jagadguru is a papa, that can't be washed off so easily. The thugs like these are the cause of fall of Sanatana Dharma.

    As for all those who know the truth - I ask you again - please with renewed vigor - lets fight. Because that's the right thing to do. God bless all.

    Ajay D

  54. Rishika,

    The voice on this forum will get louder and louder. As we start digging in. Here are couple of more links:
    (on this link search for Kripalu - you will know what happend here)

    And here is another link - this is a link to Indian Skeptic magazine who published on Kripalu. Unfortunately they dont have the content - if you can talk to them - they may give you the copy:

    Again look for Kripalu on this page.

    Ajay D

  55. Here is one more:,+%22Priya+sharan+maharaj%22&source=bl&ots=v0E9xejxNs&sig=TLZpPzspLeLGCznDv4PGK9vPWsA&hl=en&sa=X&ei=svOkUfSEBtH7yAGS_4HwBQ&ved=0CEIQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=Supreme%20Court%20of%20India%2C%20%22Priya%20sharan%20maharaj%22&f=false

  56. Good Link Ajayji,

    This is the court document that was filed by the Prosecutors regarding the Supreme Court judges attempt to dismiss the case. The prosecutors made it no secret that they believed the Judge had been paid off by Kripalu.

    What you see in this case is the behind-the-bedroom-doors operation of JKP. His rape of these girls is repeated over and over. I just received proof that it is continuing even now. I will report on this soon.


  57. hare krshna friends......
    anything is possible in this age of kaliyug...but as this is only first stage going..u can still be reliefed to know that there are still some people who are good enough and god conscious...but do not trust anyone blindly...keep ur head and eyes open...

  58. what a comedy n fake story against kripaluji maharaj........good job. by the way I inspired more for kripalu ji maharaj. the more u fool people try to pull down jkp, the more love for kripalu ji will increase within us.

    people of kaliyuga are mad, they really don't understand what is true...

    in 60's 70's itself many more grate saints of all samprayaday n cultures praised kripalu ji maharaj. already he is god realized saint. because whenever we listen to his kirtans or lectures the more love for radhakrishna increase within us.

    I stayed in Iskcon for past 7years nothing I got....because in iskcon their is no god realized saint is available.

    as soon as I started following jkp...within 2-3months I got everything what i lost in my past 7years in iskcon.

    even today also many great saints n organizations follow n appreciate kripalu ji maharaj. kripalu ji maharaj we love u a lot.

    even if u show video evidence, we won't believe. because we know who is he.

    jay jagadguru kripalu ji maharaj ki jay.

    Radhey Radhey

  59. Hi Vicky,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are mentally entrenched in the JKP reality distortion field. It's a sad place to be, because they take everything from you and give nothing back. I can understand why you defend it -- because if you leave, you have to face the painful reality that you were conned by some very very bad people.

    Hopefully you'll get clarity and strength before you leave this earth -- and still have time to realized the truth. It's no fun and a huge loss to have your personal power suppressed by a cult.


  60. Rishika, since from my childhood i m very rude, fool, n lusty boy.......i never ever thought about one day i will also do devotion........all i hav lust, anger,material desires etc grandmother presented over their while KASHI VIDHVAT PARISHAT great scholars honored kripalu ji maharaj with jagadguru title in front of thousands at that time................she also shown me the pics. she always use to suggest me follow kripalu ji maharaj........atleast listen to him........but every time i neglected my grandmother.

    later few years back i started following ISKCON for 7years....But nothing I got Neither a peace of mind. then i reminded my grandmothers suggestions......and started maharaj ji.......within two months i gain all the knowledge and i m leaving a so peace full life.

    this type of transformation happens only with the help of a god realized saint.

    if kripalu ji magharaj is wrong then all the samprayadas, cultures, saints of the world and all cultures are wrong. because all hav accepted kripalu ji maharaj except Iskcon.

    Even today many great scholars suggest us to follow maharaj ji....

    But materialistic people like u don't understand the philosophy and tries to pull down other.........

    Sorry maharaj ji without your permission i hav participated in stupid discussion with fake story.

    Rishika u r good at script writing, y don't try in film industry.

  61. Vicky,

    I think you don't realize that I was in that path for many years. I thought it was real too. But then one day I snapped out of my delusion -- and faced the truth. It's a painful truth that Kripalu is a child rapist and con man. One of the worst on earth right now.

    If you want to worship a child rapist, that is your choice.

    No one says that Kripalu is the greatest, except people in JKP. There's not a single organization or leader who supports him publicly, because any so-called support is all based on a black money financial transaction.

    Just like the so-called title he received from KVP. If photos exist of that event, why have they never displayed them? Instead they used photoshop to create fake pictures of the event. If you want to send me proof, so ahead, and send me your grandmother's photos.

    Maybe your belief in him stems from your own lusty angry materialistic life -- now you have found the same thing in a fake religion. That's why you like it so much. Actually, I suspect that's why many people are attracted to him -- they are not good people and recognize a kindred spirit in him. Other people are just weak and easily fooled. Some others are ambitious and want a piece of his power. Those are the main three types of people who believe in this child-raping, life-savings stealing conman.

    Best regards,

  62. Dear Karen,

    Money is the Master Game Player of everything, the Indian Movie OMG depicts what is very much true " I have paid X Billion to suppress that Criminal Case..hahaha....", " I can buy all the politicians, so don't worry..keep moving towards criminal world" ,"People trust and believe those who have money". True is the statement "Money can buy everything".

    Now coming to Vicky and many such Vickys, you are trying to show them the reality ? who themselves are the part of that organization, they all sail in the same boat. They speak the word, they are being trained to speak.

    You being in JKP for such a long time might have a clear vision that nobody in JKP is free from materialistic world. Kripalu himself is well buried in the materialistic world. Anybody who needs proof, can visit Mangarh and come to the conclusion. Persons in yellow, I heard the most blessed by Kripalu are rude enough in behavior, make fun of others, smiles at others just like we, the normal human being do. I didnot find anybody in JKP reformed to be called as a saint. Infact I was astonished by seeing the JKP Ashram life which proved to be 180 degree of my earlier idea about Ashram life. JKP teach only SEVA, Various SEVAs to JKP family...starting from cleaning cereals, Kripalu's personal SEVA (feeding him, taking food to him .....), donating money. They never teach SEVA to human kind.

    Money brings you the power and this is the strong foundation of JKP. Now the followers of JKP must be involved in Kripalu Leela and planning to expand their business while the people around them are dying, flowing away by floods, buried in debris, being killed in many other natural calamities and human created calamities called crimes, and the Kaliyug Krishna in Mussoorie enjoying it. I wonder how can todays God becomes so sadist to lead a peaceful life while his creations moving towards all negativity.

    I would definitely say, atleast one sentence of Vicky is worth repeating====

    *******people of kaliyuga are mad, they really don’t understand what is true…******

  63. Hello Sobhu,

    Thank you for sharing such wise words and insight.

    Your comment reminds me of an old saying that the people inside of the bottle cannot read the ingredients and warnings on the label of the bottle. JKP followers, like other cult followers, are so trapped inside of the bottle, they can no longer see what evil is included in the ingredients of their chosen lifestyle. So sad for so many gulping only the air that Kripalu controls inside the bottle. They are literally slaves to a so-called life of "seva."

    And on the subject of JKP's so-called preachers, those are some of the most ambitious, petty, mean, greedy people I have ever met. Since I've been out of the cult for five years now I have not come across a single person as horrible as those people dressed in orange are in JKP. They are really concentrated in such an environment, because people such as them thrive in that world.


  64. thanks alot .......................the more u try, the inspiration n love for maharaj ji is increasing within me...........because nothing i m finding correct in your comments, stories, n fake creations of u all.........u people of maya cannot change our i m feeling how lucky am i.........!!

    Radhey Radhey

  65. Dear Karen,

    If you read carefully and realize the words of Vicky and other followers,
    They participated in the discussion, it means something in the discussion bothers them, they want and need to prove Kripalu and JKP to be correct, this it self says they scared of Kripalu and JKP being proven wrong & fallen.. True things---say a true saint or true devotees of a true saint never need to be proved, they don't even give a damn to be proved correct to others neither motivate or force others to believe them...

    If we see Vicky's below statements-
    "even if u show video evidence, we won’t believe. because we know who is he"-- there could be few groups of followers as below with the above vision
    1. Innocent group who are brain washed and knows what they are taught to know 2. Group those are buried under the power n money or help and feel their life easy there
    3. Another group know who he really is and involved in the con game

    Innocent Groups can never used the tricky words used by Vicky, they believe all, even you and me, I am shocked and glad to see today too such people exists.

    Second Group are more over concerned in self gain and just be happy and busy making their life easy with political help and other helps from JKP Power.

    The 3rd group of people you would see here participating in such discussion with tricky words, a kind of motivation to bring the faith for JKP, always busy in gaining customers for JKP..with a pure marketing strategy..Gain new customers, Retain Existing Customers, Maintain Brand Loyalty ( saying JKP is best and dont believe in other organizations), Advertising ( through websites, blogs, discussions, road shows), Sales Activity ( selling Leelas, CDs etc)

    Another statement-
    "Sorry maharaj ji without your permission i hav participated in stupid discussion with fake story." - Before Clicking on Submit Button he wrote this statement and if he would have really realized and felt sorry to participate in such a STUPID DISCUSSION, HE SHOULD HAVE DELETED THE THINGS HE WROTE here AND QUIT THE DISCUSSION, but he didnot do that..becoz he wanted to show others how much he respect so called Maharaj Ji...its just to show up...another strategy of the con men for con game..

    True is the saying, we can make a person up if he is sleeping but not possible if he pretends to be asleep. So better to ignore the sayings of the group 2 and group 3 followers, because they are involved in such organization for their self gain...But Yes..we need to try to save the Group 1 type followers, which you would not see here in this blog...

  66. I would like to share one more thing:

    The innocent followers of JKP are so trickly taught the things that they see only Kripalu and his Empire is Satpatra..

    Innocent peoply being taught to do SEVA to SATPATRA..and indirectly Kripalu says I am the only Satpatra so do SEVA to only Me.

    To explain it in a better way..

    If I say Maharaj Ji I want to give money to a poor, the Kripalu would say " I am really happy to know that you got the noble thought of serving to mankind, service to mankind is service to god, now your moving more close to Lord Krishna, and I would help you out to show the correct you to do it..I want to tell you what Krishna has said regarding true service, you should donate your money in Satpatra, if you give money to Poor and you never know if he misuses it or drinks alcohol then you will be having equal share in his bad Karmas and you are not a good decision maker of Satpatra". As a result, I will now get scared thinking yes if I give money to a poor and he misusing it, I will get his share of PAPA KARMA and it might take me to Hell. So now to me for my money to be used in a right way, I see ( infact I am being shown in a tricky way) that none other than Kripalu is the perfect mean for my noble service. I donate my money to Kripalu...his purpose is served and I am trapped.

  67. Vicky,

    I'm sorry, but you have misunderstand the reason why I published your comments and am replying to them. It's not for you -- I fully understand that you are a "committed" follower of a con man. You are drinking Kripalu's koolaid until you are drunk on the stuff. I know full well that you cannot hear the truth in your current state of mind.

    I am publishing your comments as an example to others -- to show them how deluded and brainwashed the followers of Kripalu really are.

    Best regards,

  68. Sobhuji,

    I was thinking the exact same thing!


  69. Sobhuji,

    I was also thinking this.

    JKP recently sent out an announcement collecting money for flood victims in India. So people give their money to JKP and what does Kripalu do -- take credit for being "charitable." Did he dip into his millions of dollars to give? Nope. He just took other people's money and took the credit.

    This happens all the time. Once he told devotees to buy bikes for poor people in the village. Every time a devotee bought a bike, Kripalu would go out side, give it to the person, and have his photo taken.

    Another important point on this subject is this: JKP often collects money in the name of charity and then spends it on other things -- like it's billion dollar temple. While they were building it, they were telling people to give money to "hospitals."

    Never forget that this organization has millions hidden in a complex network of India-based trusts -- or that they live like royalty.


  70. But I am not sorry Vicky for any of my comments, I am a very straight forward person and says what ever sees and feels from the core of the heart..I am glad to get a web site to express my frustrations. Thanks to Karen for that...atleast I can puke it out a feel a little relief.

    All my frustrations you seeing here for Kripalu and JKP started while in US. I have seen how my good friend suffered and sacrificed his life for this Kripalu. His family was follower of this Con Man Kripalu and used to suck money every time from my friend for serving Kripalu and Kripalu's family. I have seen him giving all his salary to his family to serve Kripalu, its just to see his family happy. He always wished to get married and live a normal life however his family was not letting him get married as their God Kripalu was not giving permission. They used to create all nuisance, so he decided not to get married and spoil somebody's life. His family used to say Maharaj Ji says, desire to get married is the maya for a human body of opposite sex which a true devotee should not get. Then why bloody Kripalu got that maya of the body and got married and so involved in that maya to have 5 kids then what is his philosophy to restrict others to get married. He restricts others using his tricky words as he does not want to loose a NRI money making source. I have never seen my friend spending any of his hard earned money for self, he spent his entire income to fulfill his family's demand to serve Kripalu's so called bloody SEVAs. I used to see him always in tension for money and in depression of not able to live his life as he wished and one fine day he committed suicide out of frustration.

    After that I started digging about Kripalu history, visited to Mangarh to see his life style, talked to people stays over there to know about Kripalu empire, his business.

    I openly blame Kripalu for this and least bothered who believes or not. Anybody wants to believe or not because of Kripalu now I lost believe in any other Guru, I was true believer of Shirdi Sai but now I am not able to believe him too from core of my heart, even if I say I believe him, my soul knows I am wrong.

  71. Hello Sobhuji,

    Thank you for sharing your personal, tragic story. I am so very very sorry for the loss of your friend. I am sorry he was bullied by his family to support an corrupt, child-raping conman. I wish he could have broken free and lived his own life. But I have also seen the intense pressure on people to give, give, and give. Your friend is another casualty of the corruption of JKP. I wrote a blog post about three other victims -- two of whom are believed to have committed suicide and one who attempted it because of this cult. There are likely many others we don't know about.

    I too only care about the victims -- those who were hurt, those who committed suicide, those who have give uncountable amounts of money, and those who have been sexually abused and raped.

    Anytime anyone proclaims to "feel so great" or whatever and credit JKP/Kripalu -- I see that person as completely selfish, shallow, and heartless.

    Anytime I speak to anyone or hear about anyone who says: "I just go for the religion and not the gurus," I see them in the same way.

    The fact is if you go to any JKP temple, ashram, or preacher and give anything -- even a dollar -- you are contributing to a completely corrupt and criminal organization. Those like, Vickie, are foolishly giving their lives.

    By the way, I am also not sorry about anything you or I have said about Vickie -- I meant I was sorry she misunderstood my intentions -- it is to further expose the fallacy of JKP.

    One thing this organization taught me is how low many people can sink. It was a lesson I wish I didn't have to learn.


  72. All written above is not true.What he says is true & universal.Jagatguruji is GOD of this age.

  73. V.K. Sharma,

    Only in your mind and the minds of his deluded followers. I don't even think he believes it -- he only believes in his desires: luxury, money, sexually abusing female followers, and raping underage girls. Saying he's "God" just helps him con you all and get what he wants.


  74. I could not restrict from delivering a funny comment on V.K Sharma's statement and here it is :

    Your today's God Jagatguru Ji's live is based on a man-made device called Pace maker and by the blessings of Maya world's Doctors. He uses man made Helicopters to rush to Hospital for the treatment. Without this Maya World's Man Made things your God is nothing, he cant even live for a single second. Try this..just remove his pace maker :) I guess the replacement of the pace maker he is using currently is due some time in the near future. It has already blessed you God with 10years of blessed life.

  75. Dear V.K. Sharma,

    How GOD can be arrested by ordinary police men? How GOD can be prosecuted by the law? Why GOD should get bail? Why your GOD couldn't give re-birth to those who died in stampede in his ashram?

    Some people are blind by eyes but some are blind by mind and intelligence like JKP followers.

    It is an offense and sin to ascribe divinity to an ordinary person like Kripalu. You people are just abusing the names of Radha-Krishna and claiming this sinful person as God.

    In Mahabharata (Great Indian Epic), it is said if so-called Guru (teacher) is a sinner then both he and disciples will take birth as insects in their next life.

    In this moment I urge Kashi Vidvat Parishat, if you have really given Jagadguru title to Kripalu then come openly answer our question what basis you declared him as Jagadguru? He is just repeating the same slokas in his lectures in a different combination. What activity he has to done like our real Acharys like Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has done? Just see their history how these personalities used to live and what kind of qualified followers they have created. But in case of Kripalu reverse is true, he created may com men like himself.

    Indian govt. is not powerful enough to punish these type of miscreants, what ever they do, they can escape from the law, this is the very bad situation in Kaliyuga, fake things and fake people will get much adoration and reverence.



  77. This is a complete bullshi*, lie. This story is 100% fabricated nonsense. Great way to belittle those who are fortunate and graced enough to realize that Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj is a genuine and GOD-realized soul by simply lashing out on them as being 'brainwashed' because you have no real counter against anyone. Thousands upon thousands of devotees who are actively progressing in their spiritual path under the divine guidance of Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj are NOT brainwashed - on the contrary, scums like you are. There are only a few of these 'fake' cases against Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj, all fake. And the biggest laugh here is this - you claim that He was 'arrested'? Sure. Shree Maharaj Ji was never arrested, not once, never 'tried', none of that garbage happened. Many people try to defame a true Guru - I mean, people tried to defame the Almighty God when God descended upon the earth - why spare the Guru? Even God had so many enemies (not that God made them enemies, but that the enemies hated God) when God came on earth who probably said garbage as such haha.

    Yes there are MANY fake gurus and 'babas' in India who are frauds. And Shree Maharaj Ji is not one of them. I can't believe you are such a low scum that you would actually visit the place or, rather, extract this information from other sources, and then twist it and make it something that it is not. You are truly a vile creature. Who are you fooling? You're going to hell for sure, and for a very long time. People like you are truly condemnable.

    ISKON is not even accurate and proper. First of all, Prabhupada is not even God-realized, something he himself has admitted. He is only 'self-realized', or so he claims. A 'self realized' person cannot help anyone attain God. Second of all, they say 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna' THEN 'Hare Ram Hare Ram', which is outright wrong. God descended in the form of Shree Ram first, THEN as Shree Radha Krishna - so 'Hare Rama Hare Rama' comes first in this mantra. Shree Ram was the first avatar, then Shree Krishna. So the idea that 'Shree Krishna' is supreme to 'Shree Rama' is in itself a spiritual transgression, a wrong.

    Shree Maharaj Ji has NEVER claimed to be God. You are twisting things on purpose, and you know that. In fact, Shree Maharaj Ji beautifully and simply explains concepts that are integral for OUR benefit. He does NOT live in 'luxury' you load of sadness. All devotees, including Maharaj Ji, wear simple saffron-yellow clothing with the beautiful 'Radhe Shyam' written all over it. The food is also healthy and simple, people are not splurging and lounging around, but have, in fact, forsaken so many aspects of mainstream living to live simple and focus on bhakti and devotion of God and Guru. Without Guru you are NO WHERE and that is all Maharaj Ji has ever explained. Take it or leave it, your loss. You can fool a lot of morons here but you cannot fool yourself, as you know very well you are lying. That, or you are just mentally psychotic or completely abnormal and thus choose to make up garbage. Just your vile thoughts show how messed up you are - you claim that you 'thought you were experiencing RAS' what the hell? Do you even know what the raas leela is you moron? It's not some vile garbage you're talking about. It's obvious you obviously haven't bothered to listen to any of Shree Maharaj Ji's actual teachings, but have probably skimmed some stuff on the surface, misinterpreted it on purpose.

    1. Hello Sir. You sound exactly like the thousands of other brainwashed minions of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. My condolences for the loss of your brain and your life to this scam.

    2. Hi ! Rishika

      U must have to suffer hard when consequence comes front of you wait and watch and be ready to suffer. what do u think yourself.......?

    3. Hi !

      U must have to suffer hard when consequence comes front of you wait and watch and be ready to suffer. what do u think yourself.......?


    5. Manoj -- OR you could actually care about the victims and do something. But that would mean you can't live your simple life of inaction. Only some of us are strong enough to be spiritual warriors.

    6. Anand, I think those who will suffer are those who are following a con man rapist liar and thief straight to hell.


    1. Dr. Sharma, You are a man. So of course you didn't experience sex abuse. What kind of doctor are you anyway? You should know t his simple truth. It's shocking that you don't give a flip for the many victims of a conman rapist liar. Shame you!

    2. What....

      You have got the latter?
      Are you kidding?
      Why she didn't gave to me or news channel?

      This week I received a letter that a young girl in India wrote about five years ago and sent to an ex-devotee of Kripalu Maharaj. "

    3. Give it to you? What are you, delusional. Notice it's not a question.

  79. why dont you do a sting operation & expose these peoples..............

    1. Someone did do a sting operation and got video tape. They gave it to a TV station in India. Then the TV station sold it to JKP for cold hard cash. So what world are you living in? In the meantime, many abuse women and girls have spoken out. But I guess their factual traumatic experiences aren't good enough proof for you. You should be ashamed.

  80. Every word against this Guru is most likely true. I know another so called Guru from the Kriya Yoga of Yogananda lineage who kidnapped and raped a 14 year old girl for over 6 years. This man has the ability to project his consciousness into other people and mind read and thus impress gullible people. I was one of them. Today the police of two states are looking for him. His name is Vimuktananda and he comes from the lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya. While there are many truths in Kriya Yoga, there is no background checks on any of these Gurus and most of them are rapists and conmen. They have destroyed thousands of gullible people,taking advantage of the culture of religiosity. They are a scourge on this planet. Hinduism is amongst the worst affected of all religions as we Indians have been colonised ppor and uneducated for centuries.I wish you al the very best in your efforts to cleanse this oncw great philospphy.

    1. Hello Kundaliniji, Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts and kind words. I feel the same way you do about these many gurus - indeed, they all need background checks. If they had them, there'd be few gurus left in India. One Indian man told me that 99% are fake. It's a real joke on humanity.

  81. Whatever has been said against Mr Kripalu is 100% right. He preached to destroy the happiness of innocent people. His philosophy is in question and about money extraction, He loots like no one.

    Extracting money under some pretext or the other, His deviji's , they all are very harmful and dangerous. They suggest "Udhaar Sewa" viz the worst and funny thing that can be taught to Hindus. Its very shameful how good Hindu families and smart people get trapped under him and they don't get anything from Him, they lose their parents, siblings, social status, money and above all moral values.

    Such victimized can't respect parents and elders in society and there is fight and quarrels in Families. Small kids are also being deprived of rich Hindu culture. And all this is a very serious situation which needs attention, but its also true He is brutal and knows no Humanity !!! ...

    Think what is His Tattvagyan ? ...when Humanity is missing in Him! Hope people understand the Truth and stop visiting such Rascals who destroys human birth making it completely Futile.

    Sad how so many are trapped and how much families suffer. Newly born Hindu kids are also in danger.

    Wonder part is, He is exploiting even after He is dead, with the support of his so many victimized people who don't know his rascaldom.

    1. Yes, Seemaji. You are so right. Thank you for your support.

  82. All said against Kripalu Maharaj rascal is 100% true, Rishika has shown true picture, He is a demon drinking blood of all Indian as well as Foreigner s, I mean outside India people.

    Those who are supporting Him should know that He has done some Black Magic on them.

    1. Hello Seemaji, Thank you for sharing the truth. I suspect you may have had a traumatic experience in the evil cult. I hope you are well now. Telling the truth is the highest spiritual action a soul on this earth can take. Bless you.

  83. All said against Kripalu Maharaj rascal is 100% true, Rishika has shown true picture, He is a demon drinking blood of all Indian as well as Foreigner s, I mean outside India people.

    Kripalu Maharaj is the most shamless creature on this planet, no one can be so cruel as him.

    God has given much time to read all these. There are some who have full faith in Kripalu. There are some who have allegedly suffered sexual abuse from Kripalu. Kripalu, as far as I know, has never said that he is God-realised. That can be out of fear of God's wrath, not modesty. He was very hungry for money, women and fame. He was always surrounded by girls. I have been to Mangarh when I had advanced a bit in spiritual sadhana. (I am God-realised since 2003) The purpose of my visit to Kripalu at Mangarh was to find out the truth about Kripalu's spiritual status because, my sister was visiting him regularly. I requested Lord Krushna to help me know the true status of Kripalu. So, God arranged my visit for 2 nights and 3 days. Many things were revealed to me. Details are not necessary here. And after that I advised my sister that Kripalu was not a good man etc. To my surprise, she reacted sharply and rejected my advise at once! I kept quiet. In matter of spiritual sadhana, it is not at all necessary to go to a Guru. One can do it sitting at home or wherever one is placed. In fact, solitude is a must. You have the God's image before you. He guides and ensures progress. In Kaliyuga, one has to be very careful. Kripalu had no Guru and no disciple. But he eagerly waited for Guru Purnima each year well prepared to be worshipped by the houseful of devotees. I have seen this scene once. Kripalu used to organise another secret function. He would dress as 'Rasia' and young girls would dance, in their turn, to make him sexually happy (Shringar Rasa). The only thing Lord Krushna has prohibited in Bhagavata Mahapurana is to remain away from women and 'stri-lampats'. Kripalu did just the opposite. I have seen how Kripalu once entered the hall in his motorised chair followed by a servant with a bag of guavas. Then, he distributed one guava each to the devotees, who had quickly formed a long line. I was amused to find that his female attendants jumped into action and started snatching Rs.50/- from each devotee. There is another rule set by Lord Krushna in Bhagavata Mahapurana. Too much wealth brings about 15 evil consequences on the holder. Maya takes over and God vanishes from such a place. That is what had happed there. I am saying all these now, when he is no more, because truth has a tendency to surface and that is always for the good of mankind. I also know about Prakashanand Saraswati and his conviction in USA in similar charges. I also know Mukundananda. Once Mukundananda came to me in the hall, when I was deeply immersed in kirtan and he said Maharaj Ji is calling you. I tried to dissuade him, but he insisted. So, I had to go. He took me to the garden area where Kripalu wanted to take few photos with me. This was really very amusing. I thought, this man is really fake. He gives so much importance to human body and he is unable to see and think about the real thing, the Atma! (I never asked for copies of those photos because I was in my Atma stage.)I did not say anything and returned to Kirtan in the hall. (Incidentally, I loved Lord's Bhajans and Kirtans so much that tears would flow out profusely and take me to 'maha bhava' by God's grace). HARI BOL!

    1. Hello Doosriji, Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry for being a bit late to reply. The very fact that many (even if it was just a few) have suffered sex abuse in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishad makes it a 100% scam and criminal enterprise. We cannot mince the details on this subject. Sex abuse is no joke for the victims. I, for one, could never support even the smallest degree of sexual abuse—never mind a 60-year sex factory of this guru and all of his close helpmates. I'm sorry your sister rejected your heartfelt opinion. That is what happens to the truly brainwashed.

      Thank you for sharing further your additional insight on Kripalu's fakery — the insights on true Hinduism, and the very powerful observation that to truly do devotion, you must do it alone.

  85. Please let us not try to evaluate and discuss about such A Spiritual Personality with our material brain.

    1. Seriously? Do you realize what you are saying? Don't use your mind to keep yourself safely far away from con men and women who want to rape your body and your bank account. You are part of the problem in this world. I hope your happy to be so gullible.

  86. Hi Rishika (Karen)
    My sympathies for all the people suffering through these so called fake spiritual gurus and religious heads, all over the world.
    Soon, all this is going to end. God will make Krishna appear in human form soon. Then Krishna will deal with such negative people.
    Kalyug is in it's last phase. The next Satyug or Golden age will start. You Ladies have an important role to play to bring love and peace back in the world.

    1. Hello al Krishna, Thank you for your kind comment. Your support is very meaningful to me. Best regard.

  87. According to srimad bhagwad mahapuran the five weapons of kali yuga to destroy dharma are Gold- weapon of greed and power, women (it means Brothel)-weapon of lust, Gambling areas- Weapon of treachery, Slaughter house ( meat consumption) - Weapon of Evil, Places where liquor is served- Weapon of poison.
    And the most important thing we miss while following some sadhus is we don’t check any of these in their ashrams and their daily life, importantly most of the fake sadhus are full of greed i.e. they always ask for donations in many reasons and they are always sorrunded by womens i.e. the are full of lust.
    And remember the enlightened sadhus donot ask for favour or motivate people to donate from higher ranked positions they are just roaming in this world for human walfare they don’t need your donations, they don’t need your sewa, they just remain as low and hidden as possible so they don’t need your promotions, they are just here to give not to take so seek for such sadhus they might still be there if not found god will himself guide but please din’t close your eyes and belive someone blindly even lord krishna was checked asked rejected in mahabharat gita is full of question and answers because arjuna rejected to follow blindly...