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“The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP” on Facebook is Now Defunct— My Blog Will Now Tell the Truth About Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat

RishikaXcult.com Delivers In-Depth and Insightful Coverage of the JKP Cult — As Well As Inspirational Essays About Spiritual and Life Transformation

This Rishikaxcult.com blog, along with my book, are now the main sources for learning the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. These are more sophisticated information delivery systems than The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP on Facebook (which is now defunct).

In August 2010, I started a Facebook page called “The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP.” I created this Facebook page to share the truth about JKP, Kripalu Maharaj, and Prakashanand Saraswati. Its purpose was to cut through JKP’s ongoing propaganda and lies — and share what was really going on.

I used the word “Project," because the page was just that: A project to share the truth with those who wanted to know it. The word “project” speaks to a specific task that has a beginning and an end. The beginning of my project was August 2010 and the end was August 2012.

The Truth Project Accomplished Three Significant Results

The two-year project was a huge success — better even that I could have ever predicted when I started it with just a handful of followers. Here is what The Truth Project accomplished in just 24 months:

1. The Truth Project grew beyond my expectations, reaching people around the world who wanted to know the truth about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. The Facebook page had many likes, but many more people who regularly read it without clicking the “Like” button. Many of the followers contacted me privately with words of thanks, encouragement, and new insights into the truth about JKP.

2. The information I shared on The Truth Project helped many ex-devotees better understand the spiritual con game in which they had been trapped, and it made them feel less alone in the world. That was one of my main goals when I learned the truth about JKP – I wanted to give ex-devotees a sense of solidarity instead of isolation. I’m happy to report that The Truth Project helped accomplish this goal.

3. Thanks to The Truth Project, I made several significant connections with JKP insiders, who had information to share with me. Some of that insider information changed the course of history at JKP for good – including being able to catch Prakashanand in Austin in early October 2011, when his lawyers were telling Hays County prosecutors that he could not fly from India to the U.S. due to illness. (Note: All of my contacts shall forever remain anonymous, unless they wish to reveal themselves.)

“The Truth Project” Reaches the Next Level — in a Book and a Blog

The Truth Project accomplished so much. However, it was a “Project” as the name implied. And now it’s time to take the Project to the next level — in my book and my blog.

For one thing, while Facebook is an acceptable general social media avenue, it has several serious flaws, including the fact that it is not a dependable vehicle to reach people. This flaw became even more pronounced last summer. Simply stated, Facebook only delivers page updates to about 10% of the people who “Like” a page. The reason for this low delivery percentage is that Facebook wants to charge people a fee to reach 100% of the people who “Like” each page. These costs are prohibitive for the average small business and non-profit, like myself.

A better, and much more sophisticated, way to reach 100% of the people who want to receive specific information is through a blog. The people who sign up on blogs will receive the updates 100% of the time (unlike on Facebook).

After contemplating Facebook’s disadvantages, I chose to move The Truth Project to my existing blog. I own this site, so sharing information is now under my control, versus under the control of Facebook.

My Supporters Stand Up for Me — and for The Truth About JKP

Many of the regular readers of The Truth Project were upset when it abruptly disappeared. I had notified the people who “Liked” the page of an upcoming change, but I had no way to notify the people who had never clicked the “Like” button. (At the time, I was mulling over changing the name of the page, since Barsana Dham ashram’s name had been changed to Radha Madhav Dham after Prakashanand escaped. But then I made the decision that my blog would be a more dependable delivery medium.)

After the page went down, I was very touched when so many people reached out to me, worried about what had happened to the original The Truth Project on Facebook. The primary reason for their distress was that JKP had immediately taken over the name and created a fake Facebook page. My supporters were concerned both about me personally and about the future of The Truth Project. I explained to them individually what had happened.

The bogus Facebook page is administered by someone with a fake name — apparently he or she is too ashamed to use his or her real name. There are allegedly many followers to this artificial Facebook page. However, JKP has another Facebook page, which is in support of Prakashanand. That page is administered by a man in Ireland, named David C., who is in his early 20s. Interestingly, the statistics for that Facebook page reported that the greatest concentration of people who “Liked” the page were people from Ireland in their early 20s. What this tells me is that David himself made up a bunch of fake Facebook pages, which he then used to “Like” his page. I assume the same is happening with the bogus Truth Project.

RishikaXcult.com is Already Attracting Many Followers

Already my blog, Rishikaxcult.com, has attracted many people who have signed up to receive regular updates. I’m hoping to expand membership to others who want to know the truth about the JKP cult, better understand cult tactics in general, and gain inspiration after living through a traumatic experience. The essays about transformation will celebrate our journey on this planet as both spiritual and physical beings.

Along with my blog, I have also published a website for my memoir, www.sexliesandtwohindugurus.com. I also maintain two Facebook pages for people who prefer to get updates on that social medium: Rishika Xcult and Sex, Lies, and Two Hindu Gurus. I know that those who want to find me will definitely find me — and when they find me, they will find the truht.

That is the whole story of The Truth Project for Barsana Dham and JKP — now and forever a book and a blog!

I hope to hear from you on one of my sites. Also, I’m always available by email at rishikaxcult at gmail dot com.

Best wishes to everyone! Thank you for reading and caring.

Karen (aka Rishika)


  1. Your opinion about his disciple Swami Mukundanand....

  2. Hello.

    You are the third person to ask me about Mukundanand recently. Here is a brief overview.
    He is a right-hand man to Kripalu -- which tells me he is as corrupt as the main man himself. I have heard he always has a cadre of young girls around him.

    He was in another cult before transferring to Kripalu. He was high up in the ISCON movement. Kripalu lured him by giving him a lot of power in JKP.

    I have met him and seen him in action. He is charismatic and ambitious and smart. He will do anything to obtain his goals - and he has the intelligence to control people and make them do his bidding. Because of his charisma he will have a large following his whole life.

    I have heard so many stories of corruption about so many of Kripalu's preachers. My general rule is that anyone in orange in JKP is a con man or woman. Kripalu has taught them well how to scam people and take full advantage of innocent spiritual seekers. His favorite preachers, like Mukundananda, are the ones who are the best at corruption.

    I once witnessed Kripalu screaming at three preachers because they had not brought him enough new followers and cash. I write about this incident and others in my book.

    Please be careful if attend any JKP satsang.


  3. Hi Karen,

    do you have any authentic info on Mukundananda? I happen to know him from a long time and I know - there are no known scandals against him. Mukundananda has clean reputation in Orissa, Gujurat and some other parts of India. His guru KM is a cheat - I know this from various sources in Orissa (India). Mukundananda will be visiting Austin, tx this thanksgiving for a retreat. If you can you please give further details on Mukundananda, it would help greatly to warn others.

    Ajay Das

  4. Hello Ajayji,

    Thank you for your concern and interest in protecting people from the highly corrupt Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    - What would make information about Mukundananda "authentic" from your perspective?
    - Is the fact that Mukundananda is an active member of Kripalu's dangerous cult an important part of the picture?
    - Is the fact that Mukundananda labels himself as a "senior preacher of Kripalu" an important point?

    From my perspective, Mukundananda (just like all of the JKP preachers) is an active arm of Kripalu himself. They all bring Kripalu followers, young girls, and money. I know of the individual additional activities of many of them -- all are engaged in the pleasures of the world, while preaching austerity to everyone else.

    For me, the fact that anyone serves Kripalu -- an evil evil person -- is proof that they are also a big part of the worldwide con game, a land grab for money, sex, and power.

    If this is not enough evidence, here is more: In 2002, a large group (50 or so) of people from the U.S. went to India to spend time in Kripalu's ashram. Mukundananda was "in charge of the people." Every day, around the clock, he encouraged the people to participate in high-priced "seva" activities -- such as purchasing a necklace from Kripalu for $500, getting a cookie from him for $220, or attending one of his meals for one lakh ($2,200). Most of these people were not rich and came home owing JKP thousands of dollars. One woman had to sell her car upon her return to pay her "seva bill."

    In New York, a wealthy woman has purchased a building for Mukundananda. He is now in the process of "staffing" it with free labor from devotees. He encouraged one woman to leave her husband and family in order to live in the building and serve him -- meaning work for him free of charge.

    I have been told that he is constantly in the company of young women. This is very suspicious because so is Kripalu and Prakashanand -- and we know what they are up to with young women.

    These are only two of the authentic facts that I can share about him.

    I'm sure there are many more well-hidden facts that have not yet surfaced. You must know that people in JKP are experts at hiding their secrets. It took almost 60 years to learn about Kripalu's secret life.

    I hope this information helps keep people out of the clutches of the JKP cult.


  5. Hi Karen,

    I 100% agree to your arguments. I was unaware about how Mukundananda got that building and also about the trip of those innocent devotees to Mangarh. Thank you for putting these facts. Anyone who serves Kripalu is a big fraud - there is no doubt.

    Kripalu M is an epitome of fraud - claims he is Jagadguru. There is nothing new about conman claiming these titles as well those of god. But the sick thing is 100s of thousand foolish people fall for these kind of things. JKP has the most elaborate and devious curriculum for its preachers - that makes them experts of deception, looters of faith, trust and what ever good that's left in a simple trusting heart. Man - once they finish with you, all that's left with in is an enormous emptiness, a bitterness so harsh - type of anger that could devour the whole world.

    I truly feel sorry for all those trusting souls that went through this kind of heart wrenching experience. I can only request others with this kind of horrible experiences, to narrate their stories. Just come forward and if not possible to open up, at least try to alert others anonymously. At least if we can save one innocent heart with our effort, the destiny of such a person is permanently altered. Don't you think this is a good enough cause in itself?


  6. Thank you Ajayji for your thoughtful response.

    I agree with your words 100%. I feel strongly that it is my dharma to share what I learned about the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat organization with others. Once I knew the truth, I decided the only right thing to do is to share it with others.

    Now that I'm out of the organization and willing to stand up and speak out, I am aghast by the number of people who are still in lockstep with the corrupt organization. I am truly appalled that so many people have so little regard for those who have been and are being hurt by this organization. My empathy for others is too great to look away and keep quiet.

    I so greatly appreciate the support of those also willing to speak out, like you. I wholeheartedly hope that more people will speak out and tell their stories.

    Thank you again.

  7. Hi Karen,

    Look at this link: http://www.jkp.org.in/presidentmessage.php

    What a Joke? The Tripathy gang is on a roll. I think some where I read Kripalu's name is Ram Tripathy. So he wants all the wealth to neatly pass to his kids. This is the height of materialism and swindling. I am seething with anger hearing all the tall claims this JKP group makes.


  8. Hello Ajayji,

    Yes, this is typical for JKP -- they are full of flowery words, while raping young girls behind closed doors, extorting people of millions of dollars through bogus "seva opportunities," and telling lie, after lie, after lie. I've known for a long time that his three daughters were the beneficiaries of his many trusts. They signed all the paperwork in Delhi in January 2004 while I was in India. They have so much money hidden away that it could even be a billion by now. Their "charity work" is a joke -- they use it to get even more money, but spend very little on an actual charity. They also make the devotees do all the charity work. No one gets paid in JKP.

    What does the HH stand for in front of these three con women's names? Her Highness? I can tell you many stories about these expert scammers. They spend their days collecting money from people for everything from jewelry people give them (which they resell) to photos of Kripalu. They spend many days shopping -- making other people pay for everything they buy. One woman I know ran into them in a mall in Austin and was so happy to see them until they started making her buy them things. Another woman in Austin was run ragged spending money on expensive face creams because they didn't like any of the them. Another woman had to purchase cases of perfume, which they didi-devils then sold to others for $50 a jar, while calling it seva.

    The Tripathy's are nothing but a clan of common gypsies, scamming people with every breath they take and every step they make.

    The problem is two-fold: One, there are so many sad, hopeless, damaged people following them and helping them perpetrate their scam, either wittingly or unwittingly. The second problem is that no one stands up to this kind of crime, making them accountable for their actions.

    Isn't there something India could or should do about this type of criminal activity?


  9. India (a.ka. Bharat desh) is a very ancient civilization and the primary life force for this great civilization is Dharma. The sanatana dharma (loosely can be translated as hindu religion, though the translation is not right) is a way of life. People living the principles that extolled in vedas, upanishads & puranas are the ones who truly belong to this religion. The sanatana dharma is to be lived by its followers and it is live. Not a defunct religion that's only in books.

    Even today Religion is a big thing in India. People from all quarters can practice what ever faith they have belief on. Law gives everyone equal rights. The problem with modern India is common people are so much divorced from vedas, upanishads, puranas - they have no clue what is truly there in scriptures. This is taken advantage by people like KM - who twist every puranic injunction to their own benifit. So in effect we have people like Ram Tripathy claiming he is Jagadguru. In south there is another fraud Satyananda who claims himself parama hamsa. Then another who claims himself as Bhagavan Kalki. Its truly a sad state - where on one hand this civilization is totally based on Dharma where as in modern times its people are orphaned from shruti maa. And add this, the rulers are bunch of eunuchs who will pimp their own mothers, sisters and daughters for the sake of power. In these dark times, the only way one can do anything for Sanatana Dharma is to live this in own life, preach it with a simple heart and hope the lord will come over and take this burden of protection.

    About the H.H - it means either 'His Holiness' or 'Her Holiness'. What a shame - when we see people like tripathy's of JKP use these prefixes. Shame on all those shameless spineless followers of Kripalu - who even though see this but don't have the courage or heart to accept the truth.

    Look at these towering personalities like 'H.H Swami Vivekananda, H.H Ananda Mayi Maa, H.H Ramakrishna Paramahansa, H.H Swami Sivananda, H.H Swami Chinmayananda, H.H Swami Chidananda, H.H Sankaracharya ji, Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.... the list goes on. India is blessed to have Saints like these, with exemplary life styles. These are the sad gurus. These are the saints - who are worthy of remembering every morning. Not a pimp, rapist, bastard like KM...

  10. Hi Karen,

    Is it possible to inform IRS on the illegal ways these guys collect money here in US? I am sure Haridas, Mukundananda each of these guys are doing a commercial activity. Can you tip IRS on this? These guys collecting at least more than 100K but didn't pay any tax. First off all is it legal? Don't post this message - because we dont want to alert JKP. Please find out.


  11. Dear Ajay,
    Beautiful comments, thank you for putting across valuable points against fraud and bogus people who claim themselves to be the avataras of Radha Krishna. I strongly feel that the people who goes to Kripalu even after knowing about him is worse than Kripalu himself. Actually it is stated in Mahabharata if a person goes to a guru who is fraud like Kripalu both the guru and disciple will born as insects in their next life. But what to to so many FOOLISH followers are going to him and becoming the victim of his con game. KM's followers compare him with Shakaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Madhvacharya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu etc.. but foolish people should know the life of these great Acharyas like how did they live, what kind of qualified disciples they created at the same time how KM is living and what kind of disciples he created, KM's disciples are nothing but pimps altogether. Government should do something to stop this kind of molestation in the name of Radha Krishna, JKP people are misusing Sanatana Dharma. Finally as Karenji said any one who follows JKP is a fraud since he or she is a part of a very big criminal activity.

    100 million people believe a foolish thing but still it's a foolish thing only. If large number of people believe Kripalu as God or Jagadguru it's foolish thing only, not reality or truth and people who claim so are foolish by themselves.

    Only thing is that we can Pray to Radha Govinda to save those innocent people who are becoming the victims of JKP.

  12. tipu (real name hidden)December 6, 2012 at 1:00 AM

    one more thing. there is a person called billy meier. Just search him on google. I have read many books by him.
    He is just a normal person has also exposed all major religions. Is a swiss farmer.
    He says all major religions, gurus want your money , so as to gain control over you. Including lies by government.
    Stop this god non sense

  13. A genuine Guru always has a Guru and comes in the Parampara system (Disciplic succession). Lord Krishna, who is the Supreme Lord and is the Guru of everyone, also accepted a Guru (Sandipani Muni) just to show this principle. The Guru Parampara starts with the Supreme Lord Himself. However, KM doesnt seem to have a Guru and this seems to be a deviation. And a genuine Guru never claims that he is God but teaches devotion to God. It is said that anyone claiming to be God is no better than a dog. The true Guru teaches his disciples surrender and devotion to the Supreme Lord. He is always (24 hours) glorifying the Lord. The genuine guru doesnt have a trace of lust in him.

  14. Because of a few scamsters, we should not loose trust in the Supreme Lord or the process of Bhakti. It is said that this world is full of cheaters and the cheated. Love of God is very rare and difficult to obtain and if we want to obtain it cheaply then we will get cheated. I heard a few of KM lectures on TV and was really taken in because he DOES preach Vaisnava philosphy. However, the two major deviations which spoil the whole thing are : 1. KM claims that he doesnt have any Guru ( A person claiming that he is self-realized without a Guru is bogus) 2. KM or his followers claiming that KM is incarnation of God and indulging in all sensual activities. Any avatar or incarnation of the Lord has to be supported by the sastra....it cannot be made up whimsically. The incarnations of the Lord are already predicted in the scriptures and the next incarnation in Kali-Yuga is the Kalki Avataar which is more than 400,000 years away.

  15. Hello Anon,

    Thank you for sharing this. I agree wholeheartedly. When I was a cult member in JKP, it always bothered me that Kripalu said to love guru, meaning him, more than God, because he was taking us to God. I could not love him -- he wasn't at all loveable. Plus, I thought, I want God in his divine form, not this man, who's character didn't seem very divine at all.


  16. Dear Anon,

    Thank you again for sharing. Everything you say is so true -- and I appreciate you sharing this here.

    Yes, Kripalu claims he needs no guru, as he is the incarnation of Radha-Krishna. However, an old newspaper article from India after his arrest says that he studied tantric yoga from a guru near Chitrakoot. I think of anything, he seems to have taken his tantric skills to the highly sexualized, evil side of things. So he does have a guru, he just won't admit it.


  17. Dear Karenji,

    Kripalu might have guru may be a tantric guru but not a genuine guru in the traditional authentic vaishnava paramparas. It's sad to see the ignorance of the people even after seeing so many cases but still they go to such kind of bogus people. The conclusively we can say that they don't have proper shastric knowledge and nor do they are virtuous.

  18. Dear Rishika, I find the descriptions of roop dhyan/kirtan sadhana found on Radhamadhavdham website to be very appealing but I hesitate to get involved with a suspicious organization. Do you know of a reputable guru who teaches that kind of Radhakrishna meditation/worship?

    thank you for all the warnings!
    Steve S.

  19. Hello Steve,

    That is a very good question. I personally do not.

    Maybe someone who reads this post will be able to provide some advice.

    My advice would be to use your critical reasoning when going to any new place of worship. If they act like a scammy cult, they probably are one. If they are actually humble and sincere and don't try to control your mind and your wallet, then you have probably found a nice place to worship.

    For me, worship is something I do in my heart. I don't go anywhere.

    Thank you for asking. And you're welcome -- I'm happy to hear you appreciate my words of warning about Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat and other cults.


  20. Please help spread the word to anyone who will listen -- any media or government organization. They can start with taking Prakashanand into custody. He is a convicted child molester, yet he is living in India in plain sight.

  21. Steve S

    You can go to a site


    The owner of site Swami Balendu is however not a guru.

  22. Dear Steve,

    I have checked the site " http://www.jaisiyaram.com" provided by Prabhu.

    Ayurveda Yoga : Fees, 1 week – 680 Euro (approx 50K INR) seems to an expensive course to me. Please be aware while going to such organization, do your own proper analysis and if you feel its really worth of 680 Euro, then you can go ahead. The seems to me another money making guy.

    All the Best.


  23. I have read many blog posts from the author of that website. I greatly appreciate the work he and his organization is doing to expose fake gurus. I believe the group is legitimate, based on this fact. It is not at all like the fake guru organizations seeking to extract hundreds, even thousands, from people's pockets on an ongoing basis.