Monday, July 4, 2016

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat — Or Else! — An Open Letter to Loved Ones of Young Women Trapped in the JKP Sex Cult

Dear Family Members, and Friends of Young Women Living in One of JKP’s Many Ashram,

Have you ever asked your daughter, niece, sister, or friend if she had any sexual interaction with Kripalu Maharaj or any of the men high up in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat?

If you did ask, what response did you get? Was it a short, blunt, and dismissive “no”? Or was it a rude or mean response? Or was their response even abusive to you?

If so, I know why.

I recently learned from reliable sources that all of the girls at all of JKP’s ashrams are lectured nearly daily to keep their mouths’ shut. The lectures are given by female preachers, women high up in the organization, and even the three “didis” themselves.

What is drilled into their brains is the following:
• Never tell anyone about the sexual experiences you had with Kripalu
• If anyone asks you about it, deny everything
• If they pressure you, get angry with them or even abusive, if necessary

They are told that the sexual experiences they chose to engage in or were forced to engage in were all “divine grace.” And if they tell anyone they will “lose the grace” and “go to hell.” (Of course, they also know that their reputations could be ruined in traditional Indian culture.)

These are very powerful reasons for women, especially young women, to “speak no evil.” As a result, you are not getting honest answers.

As a loving relative or friend, it’s your job to persist. You have to realize that their silence, denials, or abuses are being forced on them. You must also be willing to “hear about the evil.” Do not take their lies for the truth. Instead, tell them you already know they did have sex with Kripalu, and that you still love them and want to help them get out of the continued abuse any way possible. Other women and girls have left. They can, too. But they need your love, understanding, and support. Be gentle. Please do not further abuse them. JKP has already done plenty of that.

You may ask yourself, why? Why is JKP, a supposedly spiritual organization, forcing your loved ones to lie to you?

First, you should know that the daily lectures given to the young girls living there are under the instructions of Kripalu’s three daughters, called “the didis.” They are Vishakha, Krishna, and Shyama Tripathi. Some say they are divine beings. They are not. They are material and greedy -- just like their dad.

They have A LOT to lose if young girls start speaking out about the sex abuses they experienced there. Here’s what they could lose:

Their “divine” image. Long ago, Kripalu created a fake “divine” world and family. He used this fake world to con millions of people over the years — all for sex, money, andpower, and because he is pure evil. It’s the three daughters’ goal to keep this con game running for the rest of their lives.
Their money. If the truth was ever known, the authorities could shut down the organization and give the victims the money. Also, gullible donors many stop giving them their life savings. Like their father, the didis love money and power.
Their freedom. They could be arrested for aiding and abetting a child rapist. Just as Asaram Bapu’s family members were arrested for helping him rape young girls, so too could they land in jail, because they helped, as did many many other women in the ashrams — even mothers and grandmothers. In fact, they are living in fear of this very real threat hangs over them like the Sword of Damocles.

If you have a loved one in JKP, please be fully aware of the behind-the-scenes torment they are living in every single day. Even if they seem to want to stay, they just think they do, because they are severely brainwashed. They may also be ashamed of what they did. It may be comforting for them to be around other victims. However, in the long run, they will be much happier out of the clutches of an evil cult. I just spent three days with people who have left cults and they all are so happy to be out of the clutches of one.

You should also know that just because Kripalu is dead, does not mean the sex abuse has ended. There are plenty of men — preachers, family members, and followers — who are more than willing to continue “gracing” the girls and young women. After all, JKP is and has always been a sex cult. Kripalu’s guru was a tantric yogi in Chitrakoot. Kripalu took all of the teachings of the dark arts and combined it with a sick sex addict. Then he wrecked havoc on millions of lives during his lifetime on this earth. Now his people are following in his evil footsteps.

All my best to you and your beloved family and friends trapped in JKP’s lies! I sincerely hope you and God set them free.


  1. Whatever has been said against Mr Kripalu is 100% right. He preached to destroy the happiness of innocent people. His philosophy is in question and about money extraction, He loots like no one.

    Extracting money under some pretext or the other, His deviji's , they all are very harmful and dangerous. They suggest "Udhaar Sewa" viz the worst and funny thing that can be taught to Hindus. Its very shameful how good Hindu families and smart people get trapped under him and they don't get anything from Him, they lose their parents, siblings, social status, money and above all moral values.

    Such victimized can't respect parents and elders in society and there is fight and quarrels in Families. Small kids are also being deprived of rich Hindu culture. And all this is a very serious situation which needs attention, but its also true He is brutal and knows no Humanity !!! ...

    Think what is His Tattvagyan ? ...when Humanity is missing in Him! Hope people understand the Truth and stop visiting such Rascals who destroys human birth making it completely Futile.

    Sad how so many are trapped and how much families suffer. Newly born Hindu kids are also in danger.

    Wonder part is, He is exploiting even after He is dead, with the support of his so many victimized people who don't know his rascaldom.

    1. Bless you Seemaji for reading my blog and commenting with very useful insight. Thank you for caring about JKP victims.