Thursday, February 21, 2013

OMG! — Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati of Jagadguru KripaluParishat Are Nothing But Caricatures of Fake Hindu Gurus

New Hit Movie from India Exposes the Fallacy of Con Men and Women “Gurus” — Who are Disgracing Religion in the Name of God

Do these two look familiar? If you are a current or past devotee of Kripalu Maharah and Prakashanand Saraswati -- two very fake gurus and business partners -- you'll definitely be saying "Oh My God." These are characters from a new Indian movie called "OMG! - Oh My God!" It shatters the illusion of guru "holy men" oh so perfectly.

A few months ago, I received two emails from Hindu friends and ex-JKP cult members about a new Indian movie called “OMG! – Oh My God!

Both people said, “You have to see this movie.”

One added, “Kripalu, Prakash, they’re all in there.”

My curiosity was peaked. I had to see this movie. But it wasn’t easy to find a copy, let alone a copy with English subtitles.

Then I received another email recently with a link to the movie online — with subtitles. I immediately watched it. It was definitely an “OMG! Experience.” And I think it will be for anyone who knew Kripalu Maharaj and Prakashanand Saraswati and their minions from Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

For ex-devotees of these two scam artists, the movie brings home one powerful point: These two guru con men are nothing more than caricatures of fake Hindu gurus. The characters in the movie look and act exactly like them.

OMG!’s Cast of Fake Guru Caricatures

Here’s a quick overview of the cast of caricatures before you watch (and I highly suggest that you do, for yet another confirmation of the sneaky tactics of fake gurus and the gullibility of mankind to worship them). (Spoilers Alert — You might want to see the movie first to get the full shock.)

The Spoiled, Arrogant, Sneering, and Bossy “Leader” of the Pack. First, there’s the character who plays a Kripalu-like leader. Not only does the movie’s character almost exactly physically resemble Kripalu, he also mimics his behavior, including charges for things like his footprints and dancing for his blind-faith followers.

The Anger-Spewing, Constantly Consuming, Lackey Guru with a Belly. How many of us have seen Prakashanand blow his gasket? Uncountable, right? And that belly! We all know that Prakash loves his food — which had to be cooked precisely to his specifications, or else. Heaven forbid if his meals were late or not to his liking.

The Pampered and Sexually-Aware “Didies” and Female Preachers. Someone at Barsana Dham once described the female preachers’ lives as “glamorous.” Indeed, they were put on pedestals and treated like princesses. But not as much as Kripalu’s three daughters, who are all about material consumption. All of these women are also sexually charged. How many times have you seen inappropriate behavior between the fake gurus and their women? Uncountable.

The Crowd of Sheep-Like Followers. While there is a large crowd of people following the fake gurus in the movie, you barely notice them. Just like real life. JKP’s crowd of followers are nothing more than a smoke screen for the fake gurus, an important prop in creating the illusion of spiritual superiority. That’s the sole role of the crowd of followers who follow in the footsteps of Kripalu and Prakashanand.

A Pure Spiritual Message that Few Have the Ability to Hear

OMG’s spiritual message is a lot like what I came to believe on my own — after I left my fake gurus and stopped reading all man-made “spiritual texts.”

Free of any negative influences, I naturally began believing that God does not have to appear in any form, because God is already visible all around us in nature.

I related to the conclusion about guru-loving people versus God-loving people: “Faith and belief are very addictive. Once you are addicted to it, you cannot let go easily.”

That statement, in a nutshell, explains how and why so many people will always fall for spiritual con games and guru con men.

For an eye-opening experience, see this movie.

“Oh My God,” Indeed!

Note: If you have any problems with the link, go to this website: Push the "Hindi" button. Type in the name of the movie in the search tab.


  1. Hello Rishika,
    With all humbleness I would like to give you some I see you dont have any well wishers!
    Look I am not saying that you are wrong, your accusations maybe all right...but I dont think this suits you to degrade any person, whoever he maybe, like this!
    Why are you uselessly making your KARMA?? Life is short and there is no time left for any of us. I dont think you should be spending your precious time like this!!
    Please forgive me if I have hurt your sentiments!

    1. Shut your mouth Chandal before I shut it for good

  2. Hello Chandra,

    I'm curious about something: What makes you the authority on how a person should spend their lives? How do you know that God him or herself isn't guiding my in sharing information about a very corrupt organization that is hurting people and raping young girls?

    Frankly, I'm shocked that you think keeping quiet about such behavior is the sign of "good karma." You apparently haven't heard the very wise quote: "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." It's so sad that you and others won't do anything in the face of evil.

    As for well-wishers, again, I ask, where do you get your authority? There are many people trying to expose the corruption within Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. We all support each other.


  3. You are on the wrong way.
    You haven't found the way of truth.
    You are a blind showing path to another blinds.
    As good people see good qualities among others,you are just getting it in which manner you are thinking.

  4. Hello Avinash,

    Oh but I have found the way of truth -- and it's so easy, as I already knew the truth. Sadly, I let the conmen Kripalu and Prakashanand steer me far away for the truth. Luckily, I snapped out of the delusion before it was too late.

    I hope the same for you.


  5. Hi Rishika (Karen)
    I have read everything you have written.
    You do come across as a genuine person to me.
    One thing I want to confirm is:
    Can you clearly menation that you are not supported by any vested interests- such as christian, muslim grups to denigrate hindu gurus? I believe you dont belong to any groups now.
    Secondly, The Hinduism (wrongly called so, it should be noted as Sanatana Dharma) has nothing to do with the corrupt practices of these fake gurus. Hope you can clarify that you have nothing against Hinduism per se. There is nothing wrong in the preachings of Kripalu as well. It is based on scripture and literature.
    After being a vegetarian and a person who has been very kind to all souls, why have you become a meat eater now- happily eating hamburgers- It is your freedom but havent you learnt to live as a satvic person at the ashram?

    Lets continue our dialogue,

  6. Hello Raj,

    If I was affiliated with any group to "denigrate hindu gurus," why in the world would I have lived in an "hindu" ashram for 15 years? Surely I could have denigrated them without forfeiting so much of my life. don't you think?

    If you have read everything I've written, as you say, including my book, you will know exactly what I have done, where I am from, and why I am speaking out now about two specific very corrupt and dangerous fake gurus.

    I fully understand now that hinduism/sanatana dharma and Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat are completely separate entities. Anyone who would use any religion to further his personal goals - sex, money, fame -- is not a person of any religion. They are a complete and utter narcissist interested only in themselves.

    I became a vegetarian because the "gurus" (fake of course) taught that we had to be one to find God -- among other things, like not having sex. I learned that everything they said had NOTHING to do with God. "Finding" God doesn't require being a vegetarian anymore than it requires not having sex or sitting in satsang three hours a day (as I did for 15 years).

    When I left that cult I followed my instincts on how to live life and be spiritual. Number one was to be good to all people (except corrupt fake gurus). Number two was to be free -- this included eating foods that my body craved. I am more sure now of my spiritual nature and clear on my purpose in life than I ever was while in the cult. In other words, what I eat or don't eat has no bearing on my inner purity.


  7. Dear karen,
    I appreciate your views. But could you pls explain why 3 daughters of kripalu are unmarried while his sons are married ? I would love to have your opinion on that .

  8. Hello Prabhuji,

    Thank you very much.

    My opinion on why Kripalu's three daughters are not married is that Kripalu wanted them to help build his corrupt organization. Have you seen how they are incorporated into the scam? I have witnessed it all first-hand.

    What happens is that that message perpetuated within the organization is that: "Krishna always returns to earth with many of his divine associates." In this case, they are saying that Kripalu's children are "divine associates."

    The three daughters, in particular, are treated as if they are divine -- in fact, three or Radha's eight personal aids personified. The name of the first one helps perpetuate this illusion - Vishaka.

    If they were to have married (of course, ordinary human beings), it would have broken the illusion that they are "divine."

    These three women are very good at attracting followers -- when I was in India I saw people just clamouring for their attention. Each night after satsang, big groups of people would gather in their bedrooms sitting squished together. It was like a nightly party.

    I've also been told that Kripalu has slept with all three of his daughters by more than one person.

    Regarding the two sons, Kripalu wanted his sons to remain single as well, but they refused. The shorter one (I forget his name) was basically kicked out of the organization for a time after he got married. But now he is back in with his children. The taller son's marriage turned into a huge boon for Kripalu, because he has three attractive sons -- who are very good at attracting young females. (Interestingly, I was told my an older Indian woman that at Gyan Shyam's wedding, Kripalu made sure that he was the center of attention -- even riding in on an elephant before the bride and groom.)

    For Kripalu, the more people he has around him, the greater the hokus-pokus illusion he can generate.


  9. Dear Karen,

    Thanks for your clear opinion. I already suspected what you wrote -

    "I’ve also been told that Kripalu has slept with all three of his daughters by more than one person"

    This person is a devil incarnate. I wonder how an intelligent woman like you could have wasted your precious 15 years without seeing the truth ?

    I went to shyama sham dham a couple of times and also happened to meet this Gangster and his gang preaching rupadhyan and bhakti and what not.....I realised the whole enviorment was sinister. I tried to concentrate on what these guys were preaching and also sat in satsang for couple of times and then saw creepaloo coming out in automated wheelchair and fleecing people's money. I tried hard to digest their preaching that he is god incarnated and pulling your money away so that you can concentrate on GOD away from maya. But my mind kept on revolting and was not ready to accept. I realised very soon that this guy was a very clever conman and utilising his knowlege of scripture for his bloody benefits....
    I tried to ask several people several questions regarding conradicition in his teaching and his way of life ....but it seemed to me as if all of them were totally drunk refusing to see any reason. I just ran away from the dreaded place. I really appreciate what you are doing.

    best regards


  10. Hi Prabhuji,

    I came to the same conclusion -- I thought I was following God, but I was following the devil.

    He is a truly horrible human being -- and all of the people who support him have become as bad as he is.

    I wish that I had listened to my gut instinct. There were so many times that it was screaming at me to run far away from this con game. So many things were so repelling.

    There are a number of reasons why I stayed -- the number one reason is that I wanted to "find God" more than I wanted anything else. I"d tried many things, but thought this path was it. I didn't have enough facts for many years, because the organization is so good at hiding its secrets.

    Also, I had created my life in the Austin ashram -- I worked and lived independently as much as possible. I had no family -- so no real place to go, if I did leave. And I really enjoyed worshiping Radha-Krishna. I felt a strong affinity to the deities. So I tried to suppress my lack of attraction to the two gurus. I focused on God, not them.

    But then when all the sex, and molestation, and rape came to the surface, I knew it was over. I could no longer pretend JKP was anything but completely evil. I was compelled to tell my story in the hope that I could help others avoid wasting their time, faith, and money in this wicked con game.

    Thank you so much for your support.


  11. Wow! Great movie. Thanks for the link. I loved it!!

  12. Hello Mark,

    You're welcome. I'm glad to hear you liked it. It was very popular in India. I'm glad I could find a free copy to share -- with subtitles (well, a friend found it).