Friday, November 10, 2017

Preachers Speeches Exposed — Anyone Can Give the Speeches Spouted by the Preachers of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat Because They Were ALL Prewritten

If you are a follower in Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat, I’ll bet you have a favorite preacher. And I’ll bet you think that preacher is brilliant every time you hear them give a speech. You likely gaze up at them in wonder, imagining that they must surely be divine already. How else could they deliver such deep and meaningful words? Am I right?

I’ve got a secret for you—not a single preacher in JKP wrote his or her own speeches. The foundation of every single speech was written by someone else. When they were “studying to become preachers” (curiously their metamorphosis to preacher-dom was not at all a process of “divine enlightenment”), they all memorized the Exact. Same. Speeches. Sure they each add their own “personal” flair on each story, padding them with incidents from their own lives to make them seem as if they wrote them. But nope. None of the preachers you worship so slavishly actually wrote a single word of the basic JKP speeches.

How do I know? Because I have seen them all. At the time, I thought they were so special—God created insight into our live, soul, and the divine world. Funny thing is, now I see how full of fluff and nonsense they actually are. In my opinion, only the most naïve, least spiritually advance people would fall for this dribble.

The fact that the preachers didn’t write their own speeches was known by some people in Barsana Dham. One time a soon-to-be new preacher was told by Prakashanand Saraswati to give speeches every night for a week (the woman who became Gyaneshwari). She was clearly a nervous wreak while sitting up by the alter “preaching to us.” She was clearly reciting words she’d memorized. Every so often she would forget the next passage. She would close her eyes, clearly wracking her memory for what came next, while we all waited nervously for her to find her way. Finally, she’d resume spewing out words again—with no emotion whatsoever, mind you. Just like the parrot all of the preachers actually are, in my opinion.

Here’s a little taste of what I’m talking about:

Creation 1

“You have been told so far that the attainment of happiness is the universal aim of live, since every soul is a fraction of God who is perfect Bliss or Happiness. Since every living being is unborn, eternal and unable to remain inactive even for a fraction of a second, he has been searching incessantly for this happiness since beginningless time. Why is it that, in spite of our continuous search for this happiness since time immemorial, we have been unable to taste even a particle of it? We inquire into the reason for this and found that through the Vedas and the scriptures that happiness can only be attained upon knowing God. Hence, an attempt was made to know Him, but the Vedas and the scriptures told us that God is beyond our comprehension. 
 “He is Divine and our senses, mind and intellect are material. He is the inspirer and our senses, mind and intellect are inspired by Him. He is the illuminator and our senses, mind and intellect are illuminated by Him. He is omniscient and the individual sol is ignorant. Besides, He is the abode of numerous paradoxes or mutual contradictions. He is greater than the greatest and smaller than the smallest. He is farther than the farthest, yet nearer than the nearest. He is formless, yet he assumes innumerable forms.  
“He is unborn, yet he takes birth innumerable times. He is the father of all souls, yet He is known as the son of Vasudeva and Nandkumar or the son of Nand, Dashrathi or the son of Dasharath. (He is devoid of all sense organs, yet he performs all the functions of these organs. He has no hands, yet He works. He has no feet, yet He walks. He has no eyes, yet He tastes. He has no skin, yet He touches. He has no mind, yet He thinks. He has no intellect, yet He makes decisions. (Note to preacher – Use this statement sometimes, not everyday, as it shows the impersonal aspect of God.)”

And it goes on and on like this for five dry, dull, and boring pages. I cannot believe I ever thought their claptrap was “the secret knowledge.” Uuuggghhh!

They have dozens more speeches like this one covering the whole range of topics JKP uses to act spiritually superior to the rest of the world—including Creation 2, The World 1, The World 2, etc.

If you are still willing to put JKP preachers on a pedestal and act like they are gods incarnate after knowing that none of them literally posses any “divine knowledge,” then you deserve the memorized vacuous pabulum they spew out to gullible people—like parrots chattering in a cage.

You’re welcome.

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