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A Report Based on First-Hand Experiences of Kripalu’s Ex-Daughter-in-Law (republished from 2013)

This is Gyanshyam, Kripalu's eldest son, and ex-husband of Divya, a woman who's honor he should have respected and protected, but did not.

I had posted a very important article 10 years ago. It was based on a discussion I had with Kripalu’s ex-daughter-in-law, former wife of his eldest son, and mother of the three grandsons (we had a translator, because Divya only speaks Hindi). Within hours of posting the article, I was asked by Divya to take it down. She had received threatening phone calls from the eldest daughter of Kripalu, Vishakha. When that didn't work, one of her sons call his mother and requested her to ask me to take it down. As a good mother, Divya was not concerned for herself, but for her three sons. She did not want them to be hurt by the insight she shared with me. I did it only for her sake — so the three Greedy Didis would stop harassing her.

As I’ve recently reported in another blog posts, the three grandsons (Divya’s sons) are now safely employed in a range of business ventures. So, I recently realized that there is no longer any career risk to them for me to republish the article. I’m doing so, because I think it’s a very important piece of the puzzle of telling the world the truth. It represents an honest  first-hand-experience look into the evil corruption of Kripalu’s fake religious empire. As is proven by these actions to shut down this article, JKP is VERY concerned about the truth not getting out into the world.


As always, I’m sharing information I have learned to help educate the public, strictly for educational purposes. Dear readers, you are free to make up your own minds. (Note to Didis: I will not be taking this article down this time.)


The Original Post from 2013


I'm happy to report that thanks to a generous soul, I have learned many things about a very extraordinary woman — Divya Shukla. She is the ex-wife of the oldest son of Kripalu ("bharti bharya") and the mother of the three grandsons.


I have learned that when she was a very young woman, she did an extraordinary thing — she stood up to Kripalu after marrying his son. It was only after she was approached multiple times by him for sex (which she refused) that she learned how many women in the organization WERE engaging in sex with Kripalu (nearly ALL of them).


She divorced the son to get away from Kripalu, his horrible places of operation, and his awful criminal behavior — and that was at a time and place when it was very hard for women to divorce their husbands in India.


But she was guided by a very high level of morality. And, so, she left and raised her three boys on her own (apparently her husband stayed behind servicing Kripalu and perhaps engaging in the immoral lifestyle his father created). She also tried her best to get the truth out to the public — but she could not fight all alone against Kripalu’s money and power and scheming to discredit her.


Her story makes me think about all of the people over the decades who left the cult knowing the truth, but have done NOTHING to try to save the many young girls molested and raped on a regular basis or to inform the innocent and sincere spiritual seekers. I have known many preachers who left and did nothing to warn others. Two in particular come to mind: Sureshwari Devi (Meera Devi) and Prabharkari Devi (Priya Dasi) — both of these top western preachers, now called Mary and Cora, are married and living their lives with zero regard for the many others they lied to for years and left behind in the JKP madhouse. I think it’s a shame that some people are too weak or too selfish to help others, especially at the leaving them to be raped by the demon Kripalu.


Meanwhile women like Divyaji overcame nearly insurmountable odds to leave and to try to save others. That is true selflessness — something that is in rare supply in JKP. 


(P.S. During a trip to India, I had been told by an old Indian devotee that Kripalu made his eldest son's wedding all about himself, even riding into the event on an elephant — something the soon-to-be husband of the bride is supposed to do.)


Here are three comments made on the original article before it had to come down.


Arman O.: Individuals are so much weakened whilst in JKP that, people are using their final life energy to rescue themselves and maintain a life again afterwards. People trying to help others are extraordinary. Especially didis are turned into heartless zombies, feeling lucky after being able to have a life again. Also, many people still exaggerate the power of jkp, avoiding what they can do to them. My opinion is that anyone who still has enough life force after jkp is amazing.


Suren P.: Wowww. Kripalu seriously has no sense of self control. He seriously thinks he can walk on water. To Approach Your Own Daughter In Law, who according to Vedic Society is not different from one's daughter, for sex is worse than demonic. And what kind of a person is Kripalu's son to have tolerated his father's intentions towards his wife. Looks like the whole family is in the same boat! Disgusting!


Murali M.: This is a sort of enlightenment. Instead of organised path seeking, it is better to 'walk our own path.’

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