Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Former JKP Preacher Pops Up Married and Living in a Born-Again Christian Community — You’ll Never Guess What Business She’s In!


Can you guess who this is? One hint: Former mean girl boss of JKP Austin. Got to love the hat, "wife beater" shirt, and short shorts on this former Hindu preacher!

Well, well, well. Who do we have here? The Prima Donna Preacher. The Queen of Mean. The Witch with a B. The former Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat preacher, formerly known as Prabhakari Devi (aka, Priya Dasi, Sammy Tonnessen). Now renamed CORA!!

Ever wonder what happened to her? I did. She was a thorn in my side the whole time I lived JKP’s U.S. ashram. I was one of the people she loved to target.


I knew about what had happened to some of the ex-preachers. But this person’s whereabouts were a mystery. I wasn’t sure what had happened to her since she and her family were kicked to the curb by Kripalu Maharaji after the arrest, conviction, and escape of Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, the convicted child molester and escaped felon, now deceased.


I had heard that after being kicked out the family of four (mom, dad, brother, and one sister) had spent some time in New Jersey, then Colorado. Then the parents, Sondra and Adolph, settled in Idaho.


I also heard that the family was supposed to get mental help for their son Luke, who had been a preacher (Akhilananda), but had been kicked out due to his lusting after young girls (ironic much?). Frankly, he should have never been a preacher anyway. It was a joke. He was just a kid who didn’t want to deal with worldly problems in my opinion. So he hid out as a preacher.


CORA was a preacher who just wanted to be a boss. She loved nothing more than lording over people. And Prakash gave her a lot of rope to do so.


When I joined his organization in 1993, his favorite disciple and preacher was Sureshwari Devi (aka Meera Devi). But at some point, he flipped allegiances to this gal. I believe his favorite at any given time were whoever could best meet his needs.


CORA met several of his needs — from not-too-sinful, like working on the computer with him, to very-sinful, like: 

  • She had no qualms about doing some very dirty works, such as taking underage girls to Kripalu to be raped, and then threatening the girls not to tell their parents or anyone else.
  • Stalking another young girl to make sure she kept quiet about her many years of abuse by Prakashanand and her multiple rapes by Kripalu.
  • Not protecting her own two younger sisters from Prakashanand’s molestation and then lying in a court of law about it.


Funny thing is that I heard CORA was told by Kripalu to go out into the world and preach and establish centers where none existed. After all, she was allegedly a preacher, right? However, she really didn’t like preaching — or work of any kind. 


As evidence, she spent way more time in the ashram than she did out on the road, staying in multiple people’s homes and spreading the word about Kripalu and Prakash (the evil twins). A lot of her time in the ashram was spent hiding out, like at her parent’s house. She loved to watch movies and take long naps.


In other words, she wanted the life of a pampered princess and boss girl — she loved nothing better than holding court with her minions and telling everyone what to do. She seemed to believe she was already divine and already president of the whole U.S. arm of the organization (she only made it to vice president).


On top of that, she acted holier-than-thou. Like the rest of us were beneath her breathtaking level of superiority in all things Hinduism.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen!!


Guess where this gal is now? She is married to some divorced man with grown children, living in an area of the U.S. home to a large enclave of evangelical Christians (I don’t know if she is one or not), and running a FUNERAL PARLOR. OMG.


There are no words for how this news hit me. I was in shock that this woman, who loved nothing more than to boss around, belittle, and be mean to some of us sincere spiritual seekers while dressed head to toe in orange, is now planning funerals for Christians.


This just proves to me that all of the so-called preachers in JKP are all fakes. They are all just one small step away from living a very worldly life. They cannot help any of us on our spiritual journey.  


This woman, like many others in JKP, should be in jail — not living free out in the world.


I cannot believe I ever let this wicked person have any agency over my life.


I’ll stop here and let you absorb this reality in your own way. I may have more to say at future date.


I have not used her last name or location, because she is now a private citizen. However, she is also a former very public figure. So, I’m sharing a few more images of her now for education purposes, because she was formerly one of the key characters in this criminal organization (who only barely just avoided justice herself).

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