Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Many People Ask Me About JKP Preacher Mukundananda — Ask Me Anything

I receive many messages from people who encountered various preachers of Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. One of the most frequent information request I receive are about Swami Mukundananda. I know a lot about him thanks to insiders sharing the secrets — and I have it written up in a document that I can email to anyone who wants to know the truth. 

Comments from one person

One of the people who contacted me, wrote me back this message after receiving the insider information:

"I was unaware about how Mukundananda got that building and also about the trip of those innocent devotees to Mangarh. Thank you for sharing these facts.

"Anyone who serves Kripalu Maharaji is a big fraud — there is no doubt. Kripalu M is an epitome of fraud – claims he is Jagadguru. There is nothing new about a conman claiming these titles as well those of god. But the sick thing is 100s of thousand foolish people fall for these kind of things. 

"JKP has the most elaborate and devious curriculum for its preachers — that makes them experts of deception, looters of faith, trust, and whatever good that’s left in a simple trusting heart. 

"Man – once they finish with you, all that’s left within is an enormous emptiness. A bitterness so harsh – type of anger that could devour the whole world. 

"I truly feel sorry for all those trusting souls who went through this kind of heart-wrenching experience. I can only request others with this kind of horrible experiences to narrate their stories. Just come forward and if not possible to open up, at least try to alert others anonymously. 

"At least if we can save one innocent heart with our effort, the destiny of such a person is permanently altered. Don’t you think this is a good enough cause in itself?" 

Comments from a second person

 Another person who contacted me, wrote me and said this:

"I just wanted to say thank you for making your experience public. I found your site after attending a couple of days of Swami Mukundananda's yoga meditation series. I got a super creepy feeling just looking at the pictures of Kripalu they had on the stage and started researching him online. I found your site but continued to attend the program with a open but guarded spirit. 


"There were a lot of westerners at this program and throughout Swamiji never brought up money or even needing a guru. 'We're all on the same journey. We just take different paths,' is what he said. 


"Then I attended his retreat with the thought of it being about the experience and meeting people vs. becoming attached to Swamiji. The retreat was a totally different experience (just a few westerners) and definitely felt like a cult. On the last day of the retreat his talk now involved giving at least 10% of your pay to him. His people passed out recurring payment authorization forms. 


"Swamiji said, "Please donate as much as you like, but no less than $100 a month.' Then Life Membership Forms were also passed out. It was a total flip from the relaxed yoga/meditation program. WOW!


"I'm so thankful I did some research first and found your site because Swamiji is an extremely talented and convincing speaker and I could definitely see how one would give up everything for him. Too bad he got on the wrong path."

NOTE: For public education purposes to help you perhaps understand the fraud of this particular JKP preacher, here are some images found online. It shows the day that the person now named Mukundananda showed up at Kripalu's place. At the time, he was a Hari Krishna in that organization. But switched allegiances and Kripalu made him an high-up figure in JKP. The second photo is of Mukundananda worshipping Kripalu (even though his website doesn't stress that he worships Kripalu).


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  1. Please i also want truth email me about i also followed him since a year ago and i also dont want to ruin me as well as my family devotion in god just because of a fake preacher