Thursday, February 17, 2022

What About Their Two Brothers? The Three Greedy Didis Keep $1 Billion Dollars for Themselves

One would think that an (allegedly) spiritual organization that has raked in at least $1 Billion U.S. dollars would be able to spread the wealth around a little bit — even among its five children — if not for the good of humanity. But no.


Do you know how much of that wealth the two sons of Ram Tripathi (Kripalu) got when he died? I’ll tell you.


Each son — the brothers of the Three Greedy Didis — got the following:


·      2 crores — about $500,000 U.S. (one-half a million)

·      A car

·      A home


Multiplied times two that’s maybe $2 million total for BOTH SONS.


That’s like pennies compared to the what the Three Greedy Didis got.


Do you realize that $1 billion dollars equals 1,000 MILLION DOLLARS!!! And they gave the 2 brothers each about 1 million!


This doesn’t even count the fact that Three Greedy Didis continue to collect more money from gullible people. Every. Single. Day. (See yesterday's blog post.)


And that $1 Billion dollars is all hidden in a “complicated network of India-based trusts.” That is code for they are hiding black money from the government. 

Black money = Black heart. 


(Fun fact: I was in the room in India when Kripalu and Prakashanand Saraswati were discussing driving to Delhi with the Three Greedy Didis the next day to sign those trusts. At that time, I had know idea it was $1 Billion Dollars! I figured it out later when Kripalu was bragging one day.)

Look at them — surrounded is gold — just like their bank accounts. Not doing one single bit of good for humanity with all of their ill-gotten gains.


*This report is for educational purposes only — it's to help followers and guru shoppers know that all may not be as it seems on the surface at Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat.

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